Statement from the Office - Re: The Spring Budget Statement at the House of Commons

14 March 2017

Uncertainties which need clearing up

To which it applies to my position, that the uncertainties are not so much more than a smoke screen with a tendency to become a self fulfilling prophesy. Every Political party having its own placement and platform by which to make financial decisions in a way that will allow it meet its manifesto obligations, the only thing that appear to encumber economic progress in the UK continues as that which involves actions which Politicians have taken to prevent people from simply getting on with their daily tasks.

Fair to draw from popular mood that we are not a Nation of people who think about how we must get about paying our way in the world when we are between the ages of 18 and 35 but the prevalent affair of Policy at Parliament is largely that what happens between the ages of 14 and 25 really belongs to the Politicians as their property to use the way they see fit. At such a juncture of which they would have ascertained that the matter has become such a difficult situation for me, while in fact it is simply the reason we have ended up with a two part state of affairs at Parliament as well, involving a condition where it is either popular culture winning the day or Politicians dealing with hurting bottoms instead. This I have expressed in many ways including when I have mentioned a seemingly popular habit that people have of creating a trend which involves my personality being something people can take part in, so they might feel safe from their fears and a statement I have made that it is not actually how my Books have been described. I love to put a face on it for all because it is the way to see to it that while all these things are taking place, we still have a Nation and we still have a Nation frontier to look to as well, which amounts to a physical step I might have taken to ensure they do not find it amusing if I spoke about the Budget too as they clearly want me to, considering that they are expecting me to speak from the point where they have given freedom to popular culture people so as to create conditions in which I am always having to react to their whims but the Politicians are rather clear they do not themselves want to be in the same position.

I am aware it is said that my position on popular culture is also an example of how most of my activities are still geared at creating wealth and social inequality but I doubt if anybody can actually marry the two situations whereby on one hand somebody makes popularity music at my Public image in a condition where they knew a Police Office we worked undercover and has been divorced recently from a partner he or she actually cannot trust, which adds up to a tribute, while on the other, the same tribute itself has already given rise to people acting to peddle my public life and public image to get rich quick as violently as they possibly can. It is therefore a matter about which Politicians have no wish to provide leadership as they are far more concerned with making and existence as difficult as possible for those who simply need to get out of bed and attend to a livelihood on a daily basis, speaking for their part of what the upper class does to preserve its elitism - which what is referred to is a matter of seeing a person on an instance driving around the latest Car that has been created and advertised on Media, from which he expects respect from those who are walking down the pavements on their own two feet because he has, adding to a lifestyle of teaching his Children they were meant to be famous and that not being famous because attending school was more important was a service done to society which will be paid for but in a blink of an eye, find him cling to my concerns if I am paying attention to a Lady who works a Classical Music Career, while enjoying the Hospitality of another who has been handling some of my concerns at the world’s Diplomatic Community: hence the primary source of annoyance will usually have been that he interferes as he is heading somewhere all together being that his understanding of right and wrong was never flawed from the very beginning.

It serves a conclusion to finish by pointing out the fact there is nothing wrong with the Western Economy as a whole, save the need to manage the crisis, where people have taken their stock market and banking monies off to a safekeeping in China, in order to return and work the rest of us to boost it, which applies as some form of punishment for actions governments have been taking to clamp down on Tax evasion and other market anomalies - we have now after 8 years found ourselves in a position where the do as you please door to China is closing and they are on their way back but first of all need to ensure they can continue to have their lifestyles as usual, which is the reason we all have a fight on our hands. I am having to deal with a condition where the description of my Books are perverted into something of my personality being spread around to cover people against their fears, whereby it is never clear what stage they got off their lives and families to desire me to that extent, even though I have heard them speak of my body type being the reason I am not intolerant to what they are unable to bear and it would be nice if they would thinking themselves invincible or not, get involved with my products as described.