I am told that Prince Harry wants to replace me, which is nothing unusual as the case is similar to the one concerning a group of individuals that have always wanted to make the decisions for HM ripping up my finances because they think that when I have no money their hope that a better dressed person will become an Arch Prince will be kept alive, no idea why they have consistently assumed that there will be no consequences to follow the damage to my finances all together; what we have then being about the same thing i.e. “OMG Harry and Meghan” having a go at me like they had always planned and it will likely lead down a path where I put facts to them about a society of consent when it comes to the alternative lifestyle and when their imagination goes up my bum one more time, I will want to teach them lessons they will never forget too. I understand the side talk of my terrible upbringing is on the cards but I never had a bad upbringing and do not think a person with bad upbringing would have been able to tolerate what I tolerate in any case – my parents were divorced but sometimes it played out as a blessing due to the fact my Dads various relationships since he became a serial monogamist taught me much about women and I could always go to my Mum and tell her I did not get any money from my dad even if I know she knows I did. So what happened with my academic work was my Mum as usual wanting me to leave University and get a real man work for a living on account there were more superior twerps in Her Labour Party that will be better off passing some superior exams in school and I have reached a stage where they need to pay for it – my Dad would normally have supported everything I did as long as I could explain it to him in every part that will make sense, otherwise he will likely organise family politics where everybody thinks I am a loop until I changed course.

The messy state of my academic work is something my Dad always said about it being better I did it myself as I am always beating myself up without reason and hence this was a major part of my life - apparently, I felt frustrated for a long time but he was right.

I am told that I really do not wish to settle my financial problems to end this business of being a shame at the Monarchy while it means people are abused, none of which makes any sense as the need to ensure I am making money tends to mean I do not even make the ones that will help me pay off the Bills all together let alone get rich but then again I abstain from food a lot and do not think that my problem problems were the main concern here as well – the main concern is the existence of cultural and society evils about which some people at the Monarchy and various other ‘OMG Harry and Meghan’ goons in the City told everybody they were better human beings and could behave differently thereof, hence the evils we see them exhibit are necessary even in their opinion, besides which it is difficult to see how it helps them replace me while this is the question that applies in terms of their feelings towards people who support me all together. Terrorism issues feeds into this – the Muslims do it because they think themselves superior to others and we know Muslim women cannot stop blabbing nonsense on the Streets about Black people wanting their hearts because they know there are violent people in their religious communities and of course the Men cannot have enough of how the municipal issues comes to me through to my bedroom and ensures that they have somebody to bully due to the fact their whole lives are about work, claiming I walk around like I want others to affirm that I am a real man, the result of both situations of which had already gotten then making out I am likely to become a victim of religious attack very soon, while there are tales of a need for me to get involved whenever they had committed a terrorist activity on Media. It’s the same with all the racial groups; that their lack of integration is an indication of a flawed sense with respect to what they consider to be the right and the wrong things to do – such that the reality being that they claim to own the Country which is impossible as they cannot own the whether around them that determines their skin colour and the way their body behaves, right down to their sexual activity all together; meaning the important things as a respect for peoples relatives i.e. parents will contribute to the system and return somewhere to enjoy their retirement and you should never attack other people’s parents if you have parents yourself to say the least – the point is that these guys hate integration because it means government getting people to rub shoulders with them and then when 6ft black guy faces off with 6ft racist, he starts to talk about his place on Media and a Public image which eliminates everything that those he considers to be inferior would deploy as a means of managing or getting away from his discrimination and all other forms of ideologies that will follow or copy it, which I find very annoying but when they start to blaze my trail for instance, I feel as if I am about to explode over their Stupid Student Union leadership nonsense. I do get told this is a very relaxed way of viewing the matter but I am largely only concerned with Muslims and other groups that I am able to get along with, I have to be relaxed and to help people feel relaxed about this, what the rest are doing does not make any sense from this Office; it’s meant to be that way just in case the security systems harmed them.

They do tell me that I am out of my depth with the matter which I am not; if I got out of bed to decide that what I must handle over my Books everyday were culture and society trouble makers and any Celebrities that had gotten involved, I would have had about three weeks of working on handling them financially as well and at the end my Books will sell but it will not be the way I wanted to sell it – worth noting as a matter of usual outcomes when silly Liberal and Socialist Politicians get into Government buildings to help them spend other peoples property on themselves. For those who are always getting close to Royal Families to tackle me by however, its usually an old story of the fact I picked the neighbourhood that appears to be their greatest gain, to help me work this Office and to write my Books in a way that ensures I did not think there was an oversight sometime in the future – its not really a neighbourhood that people who want to be modern, to get around the city and befriend Hollywood and the best things that happened to British and English culture what to get involved with as such but we know their involvement involves the business of making sure that every culture and society git that gets off claiming my life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities because I see to it what I know ends up in their minds lest I pay the price for their stupidities on account of freedom and democracy all of the time, which I do knowing that they are only as famous as where their local councils are located, have something more than this to play around with and hence what they are complaining about for it really does not make any sense whatsoever. For those who wish to help me, I am only helped if I work my Books and complete the academic work that allows me the disposition to keep an eye on International diplomacy matters as applicable to my Office and I am not certain they can help with this either; if this is a disrespectful way of asking, I did assume it was rather obvious that I am not.

There is this other question of what my aim from it all was; a simple matter of the fact we had achieved this great result in which cultures and societies were getting along with each other, as ever, we also know that the last time we left this in the hands of these people and their Industry we ended up with two world wars in 30 years; so far what we have suffered is only an economic crisis of indescribable proportions, complete with features like things that happen because people are communists, Communists we can always tell because of the smell due to mixing Industry with Government that Communism exists on all together, since which I had ensured they were working for their own money and they had elected some socialists to the white House and there were less overseas wars because of it, while they bellow all sorts at us as we fix it: so this has to be taken out of their hands and placed in the hands of Governments and Monarchies, once complete, I too can get around with my own Family members to any extent that I wanted. Europe is a little different in the sense that it is a deeper relationship that is about relationships parents have with their Children; such that the Children look after certain interests and the Parents do the Jobs and the Business, so there is bottom chasing involved but we know what it is and what it means and as long as people do to disturb me it is never a problem and does not cause my tummy issues, in much the same way they can expect not to be disturbed as well.

HM The Queens Bench-The Admiralty

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, August 23, 2015, In : Armed Forces and the Land they defend 

We hear now that black people want to punish me for my involvement with the British Monarchy but I wouldn’t know about it anyway since it is also obvious that I want to punish black people for ripping up the finances of my Royal Estate and Literary Empire by being a global market mob justice nuisance; it is always more important than getting a job obviously because their victims can be made to do something about racism while they sort out their stupid financial problems with civil rights. S...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, March 8, 2015, In : Armed Forces and the Land they defend 

Of course I am aware of the story I am expected to blow up and commit suicide or something but I wouldn’t know anyway, there are issues at the control of these fools that can cause me to but it does not stand a chance; I mean they do feel it is in their nature to look for trouble naturally but over this matter of the fact I have not invited somebody into my Court but they can feel me the same way my Court does when I watch television and make all kinds of trouble even sell off our temperame...

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 The issue of fairness for existing population of UK resident when it comes to working out what happens to those who come in is not a great and massive issue; no sane person will have likely gotten off to wonder what he will do with himself at 19 years of age during or around about his 17th birthday. So in actual fact whatever any fool does with immigration system to bring in voters from overseas so they can win elections should never have an effect, except that what makes the difference is the temerity to handle your person and property and cause damage to it that will make their plans work and I am game for it myself too at present. I mean women who want to be able to take advantage of me for a living and young boys that are at their disposal in case I think it should not happen that way who are retarded because they are made to be, do they think I am their mate following me around and each and every one of my concerns with their intrusive insults like they do? The other part where they have not really done anything to harm me is just as well of course since what economic growth means is vandalism of the livelihoods of those whose personality you want to deploy for your greatness, squandering of the incomes of those who work for it because they set a bad example that brings about oppression and an absence of freedom, getting on government office to ignore what tax payers paid you to do in order to chase around those you want to become a story of what could have been no matter how impossible it is to make them into such things and endlessly cause them distress and destruction to what they own and their lives as a whole and of course competition with communism – these are things an economy needs, things that people do when growth is their priority, things that people do when they need to have money and when they need to be famous. There are opportunities and contracts carpeted all over the Civil service and the public service to get rich from apparently but the one they want is my Property during International Tech Shows, CES, Auto Shows etc, they like to say it is something they need for the future of their stupid children and like to work it out on the basis of when they spend tax payer funds on themselves and it shows I am inferior because I did not get any and this is where their problem starts of course, the tax payer funds they spend on themselves meaning more than it really is and of course there is at this stage no longer evidence that they buy Music CDs people make abusing me because they do not know how it is made, what there is, are evidences of the benefits of the support for cultures of vandalism and their fame and fortune arrangements. 

They do say I support government austerity of course and there is really no such thing; here in the UK The Labour Party which is the socialist trouble makers we have spurning other scams such as the SNP for instance made the NHS and the Police force into a job creation racket and so there were to structural changes to ensure the waste of public funds works for the government of the Country, unlike when they did with the creation of a New Supreme Court because people were on their case and I myself had developed my own grey areas for abusing and attacking them and getting away with it too, this therefore has meant each time the Nation decides on a different leadership but their own the incoming government will see these two institutions as unfit for purpose and that level of stupidity and waste of tax payer funds by a collection of selfish, twisted and spiritually evil and greedy idiots who spend all our time telling us about nothing save standard of living issues and austerity could never have gone on for eternity anyway . I don’t think it’s a problem because I know what I am dealing with; it’s always a story of how they have some money and how they get to add some more money to it by taking advantage of somebody and then comes the question of why ever on earth taking advantage of somebody every single time, which is what expresses their true evil and twisted nature all together i.e. the primary purpose is to satisfy a desire and if that desire is satisfied the stage will be set for civil rights to help them get rich while they get to hound others until people work for it for them but the part where they want to be rich and famous all together always comes as a result of the realisation that a condition where they are seen as losers can end because you are an adult that simply have no opportunity to stop working for things and when that is combined with their need to get off and create grey areas that allow criminals to make money, they think they are feeling the hand of history on their shoulders and I for my part do not know what their problem over my books really is anyway, I don’t know what they want from me save the understanding that if they kill off the sense they are losers just like they love to mess with the legal system to create grey areas that allow criminals to make money and a problem they have with the state of affairs of the law, if they end the sense they are losers people will not mess with their need to get rich. Its as they say; whether I have no other thing to be concerned about save slapping down socialists all the time but again the reality is starker i.e. assassination of peoples leaders hooray that is a socialist ideal, encouragement of paedophilia and sexual abuse that will cover their desire for it when they are being restricted both through public attention that they have been seeking and got over the year and other things that ensure they cannot hide hooray that is a socialist ideal and it goes on and on and on and you can list them if you wanted and it is always okay for them to get on media and challenge of course except we will hear the complains when I kick them too.