I am aware I am regularly being threatened by Scottish Ministers and I wouldn’t know about their case anyway since it is an old story of Daddy wanted to do revolution and you wrecked it while their children’s Daddy has been having his bum fingered to ensure he is never successful with his Books. It’s not a new story, they are finding out I have had enough of them too and yes they always like to speak of the retaliatory nature of my responses which stokes war but when I ask their Politicians to roll back those stupid laws that have been agreed on based on body language that suggests dominating me and is being made on an original provocation towards me that must not be discussed because their wealth and social equality is being developed on it – it seems the foolish men know no other form of self-confidence and I have no idea if they cannot hear me when I say it is hurtful. The supposition is usually that I do not think wealth inequality is a worthy cause but of course it largely depends on what people are talking about; I was there in 2002 when I attended Croydon college and it was wealth distribution that ensured I didn’t finish my study – same when I attended the LSE a year later and then I gave up employment to attend Greenwich after and that was where all hell broke lose all together and here I am in debt and a drop out having a difficult time at the jobs market because they have plans and realise financial well-being for me will shut their access down permanently and so they are always preventing me from returning to complete my studies all together; this is not a lack of wealth that another person created for them, they always do this and remember they have not figured out how to pay their bills at a later date then start to behave as though their victims were better dead for the things they will be giving up, it is not a problem others caused them and they need to be nice. There are those who claim all forms of wealth inequality issues is unacceptable naturally but I am not talking about their case just yet even though I have warned there will be a story on it and at the end of which I will put a handle on their matter and then know what to do every time it happens too but for now they understand me when I say they get about jumping on the back of some friends at the stock market ripping up people’s lives to make a lot of money quickly, when they had ripped that and there is an economic crisis, set off to seek a predatory way out that involves tackling single mothers with garage businesses, blabbing at me of the things involving extremism that will harm them if I keep doing what I am doing and how I need to put my life on hold for them to have what they want etc and it has come to that stage whereby it seems we do not get talk of Woman Career around here like we should, so I thought I ought to accelerate the process too which means people now have hurting bottoms and I am left wondering if I should stop.


Of course it is entirely natural that fat wife at home and sugar baby at work because the younger people have something that has not yet been handed over, alongside Political hate for young people whose successes tend to know everything and is not respectful of the daddies, tends not to allow people do what they need to when they need to do it, only when the condition appears to be one where everybody has something in a garage to sell to next door neighbour while yours has been sold without payment and there is a queue when it comes to success does he realise the criminals fancy him a lot and that he does not want to have a difficult existence, then the story of his stupid freedom becomes the most important thing in the world when your whole life has not come to a stop so that he might discuss such matters on a stage that will afford him the greatest civil rights benefits. Now the problem with me is that those who read my Books need time to read it which I now have to work for because of their stupidities as well as my readers need time to digest my Books, which I have to work for because of their stupidities and this has not yet had publicity built up on it so far, their whole lives have not yet come to a stop when I want to discuss my freedom and civil rights at a stage where sorting out these kinds of stupidities and its corruptions of involvement will afford me the highest amount of freedom and civil rights dividend.

Trading arrangements we have with China is to do the specific job of controlling organised crime, black markets and illegal trading, not to set the stage by which every Goon who wrecks peoples lives creating economic crisis can gain some communist opportunity through which to black mail us and get to wreck more lives to create trendy economic recovery and there is certainly no such thing as international responsibilities which are too big for the British.

In the end they claim the main case is largely that I appear to be mentally sick which I am not; I mean I do like to think I am not as such i.e. does the business of people claiming their explanation for the fact they have an insatiable need to build me a condition in which there is me and there is my career and there is them between the two passing around abuses and insults and violence, right up to the point of getting the hand up my bum and leaving community croons to coo and boo abuses at me all day long in order to build their self confidence of gaining access to good looking men, until the advantage of age, experience and practice means that my career is not mine permanently and then gets taken from me anyway, means that I am the one who is mentally ill. We have not even started to talk about the fact when I walk into Church the problem with me is that I think I am a Man while my manhood had long been taken from me by stupid women who want to get along with the male population and it will progress to a point where I am being threatened for attending Church. Then there is the part about my Books meaning I am caught up with a business of experiments they want to conduct in order to find out whether they have the ability to oppress me, building stupid practical jokes that mean I get out of bed everyday to complain about civil rights over my Books, while reality is more rather that I have grown completely fed up with the prospects of having to tolerate their involvement with it – feeds into this case where they say it’s a matter of equality and rights but its an old matter of how I shall explain to people that I said something concerning Public matters the other time and somebody mocked me and rolled the eyes at me and it added up to their sense of equality and civil rights anyway, wonder if theirs is the comedians career around here and whether the point at which Politicians spent tax payer funds to help them out with their finances was the stage at which they were lacking money and self-confidence. So we find it will show up here because it has gotten used to the vandalism to claim I encourage women to do bad things without giving me a checklist of what those bad things were, only to pillage my whole life and stand up somewhere extracting money from my public image to look after women that will take the clothes off to make it stupidities happy and if I killed it they will say I killed the one that was fighting the battles I was too much of coward to deal with – the society ones on the other hand will show up to destroy everything here and then stand up somewhere getting violent to ensure people do not do the same to them and if I killed that it would be said I had killed things that were too big for me and have no limits – wondering if this state of mind makes me deranged like they have claimed. The other cracked up out of my league ones can never keep their hands to themselves or keep it off my academic work and finances and yet we know it wants me to look after public matters in a way that saves it from smelling like its loo because its body types leaves it defenceless against such things – so that what it thinks it has achieved over the years is to spend tax payer funds wrecking mine and building up its own and when I had become concerned about my invoices, get on media to claim that I am scared of its stupidities but scared of its stupidities was never enough, so it enjoys threatening me claiming my reaction was amusing, an example of how when they spend tax payer funds sorting out their personal and financial problems, it becomes the stage at which they were in need of money and self confidence all together; so its always been in the Family here, the business of years of my time being spent by idiots who want to be able to put up separation between me and what I do and then start abuses and insults that eventually over the years lead to outcomes in which people took the money and the career, claiming I was the type and it simply never, ever stops, followed by a lot of that big mouth blabbing nonsense at the most public places imaginable. Every time these idiots are asked to explain their actions, their response is always that I am flesh man who thinks he is really tough, but I am the type that society should be getting pleasure performing these sorts of abusive behaviour on; assessing then if it makes me mentally ill.


I am told that Prince Harry wants to replace me, which is nothing unusual as the case is similar to the one concerning a group of individuals that have always wanted to make the decisions for HM ripping up my finances because they think that when I have no money their hope that a better dressed person will become an Arch Prince will be kept alive, no idea why they have consistently assumed that there will be no consequences to follow the damage to my finances all together; what we have then being about the same thing i.e. “OMG Harry and Meghan” having a go at me like they had always planned and it will likely lead down a path where I put facts to them about a society of consent when it comes to the alternative lifestyle and when their imagination goes up my bum one more time, I will want to teach them lessons they will never forget too. I understand the side talk of my terrible upbringing is on the cards but I never had a bad upbringing and do not think a person with bad upbringing would have been able to tolerate what I tolerate in any case – my parents were divorced but sometimes it played out as a blessing due to the fact my Dads various relationships since he became a serial monogamist taught me much about women and I could always go to my Mum and tell her I did not get any money from my dad even if I know she knows I did. So what happened with my academic work was my Mum as usual wanting me to leave University and get a real man work for a living on account there were more superior twerps in Her Labour Party that will be better off passing some superior exams in school and I have reached a stage where they need to pay for it – my Dad would normally have supported everything I did as long as I could explain it to him in every part that will make sense, otherwise he will likely organise family politics where everybody thinks I am a loop until I changed course.

The messy state of my academic work is something my Dad always said about it being better I did it myself as I am always beating myself up without reason and hence this was a major part of my life - apparently, I felt frustrated for a long time but he was right.

I am told that I really do not wish to settle my financial problems to end this business of being a shame at the Monarchy while it means people are abused, none of which makes any sense as the need to ensure I am making money tends to mean I do not even make the ones that will help me pay off the Bills all together let alone get rich but then again I abstain from food a lot and do not think that my problem problems were the main concern here as well – the main concern is the existence of cultural and society evils about which some people at the Monarchy and various other ‘OMG Harry and Meghan’ goons in the City told everybody they were better human beings and could behave differently thereof, hence the evils we see them exhibit are necessary even in their opinion, besides which it is difficult to see how it helps them replace me while this is the question that applies in terms of their feelings towards people who support me all together. Terrorism issues feeds into this – the Muslims do it because they think themselves superior to others and we know Muslim women cannot stop blabbing nonsense on the Streets about Black people wanting their hearts because they know there are violent people in their religious communities and of course the Men cannot have enough of how the municipal issues comes to me through to my bedroom and ensures that they have somebody to bully due to the fact their whole lives are about work, claiming I walk around like I want others to affirm that I am a real man, the result of both situations of which had already gotten then making out I am likely to become a victim of religious attack very soon, while there are tales of a need for me to get involved whenever they had committed a terrorist activity on Media. It’s the same with all the racial groups; that their lack of integration is an indication of a flawed sense with respect to what they consider to be the right and the wrong things to do – such that the reality being that they claim to own the Country which is impossible as they cannot own the whether around them that determines their skin colour and the way their body behaves, right down to their sexual activity all together; meaning the important things as a respect for peoples relatives i.e. parents will contribute to the system and return somewhere to enjoy their retirement and you should never attack other people’s parents if you have parents yourself to say the least – the point is that these guys hate integration because it means government getting people to rub shoulders with them and then when 6ft black guy faces off with 6ft racist, he starts to talk about his place on Media and a Public image which eliminates everything that those he considers to be inferior would deploy as a means of managing or getting away from his discrimination and all other forms of ideologies that will follow or copy it, which I find very annoying but when they start to blaze my trail for instance, I feel as if I am about to explode over their Stupid Student Union leadership nonsense. I do get told this is a very relaxed way of viewing the matter but I am largely only concerned with Muslims and other groups that I am able to get along with, I have to be relaxed and to help people feel relaxed about this, what the rest are doing does not make any sense from this Office; it’s meant to be that way just in case the security systems harmed them.

They do tell me that I am out of my depth with the matter which I am not; if I got out of bed to decide that what I must handle over my Books everyday were culture and society trouble makers and any Celebrities that had gotten involved, I would have had about three weeks of working on handling them financially as well and at the end my Books will sell but it will not be the way I wanted to sell it – worth noting as a matter of usual outcomes when silly Liberal and Socialist Politicians get into Government buildings to help them spend other peoples property on themselves. For those who are always getting close to Royal Families to tackle me by however, its usually an old story of the fact I picked the neighbourhood that appears to be their greatest gain, to help me work this Office and to write my Books in a way that ensures I did not think there was an oversight sometime in the future – its not really a neighbourhood that people who want to be modern, to get around the city and befriend Hollywood and the best things that happened to British and English culture what to get involved with as such but we know their involvement involves the business of making sure that every culture and society git that gets off claiming my life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities because I see to it what I know ends up in their minds lest I pay the price for their stupidities on account of freedom and democracy all of the time, which I do knowing that they are only as famous as where their local councils are located, have something more than this to play around with and hence what they are complaining about for it really does not make any sense whatsoever. For those who wish to help me, I am only helped if I work my Books and complete the academic work that allows me the disposition to keep an eye on International diplomacy matters as applicable to my Office and I am not certain they can help with this either; if this is a disrespectful way of asking, I did assume it was rather obvious that I am not.

There is this other question of what my aim from it all was; a simple matter of the fact we had achieved this great result in which cultures and societies were getting along with each other, as ever, we also know that the last time we left this in the hands of these people and their Industry we ended up with two world wars in 30 years; so far what we have suffered is only an economic crisis of indescribable proportions, complete with features like things that happen because people are communists, Communists we can always tell because of the smell due to mixing Industry with Government that Communism exists on all together, since which I had ensured they were working for their own money and they had elected some socialists to the white House and there were less overseas wars because of it, while they bellow all sorts at us as we fix it: so this has to be taken out of their hands and placed in the hands of Governments and Monarchies, once complete, I too can get around with my own Family members to any extent that I wanted. Europe is a little different in the sense that it is a deeper relationship that is about relationships parents have with their Children; such that the Children look after certain interests and the Parents do the Jobs and the Business, so there is bottom chasing involved but we know what it is and what it means and as long as people do to disturb me it is never a problem and does not cause my tummy issues, in much the same way they can expect not to be disturbed as well.

It is said I have been appointed to Government Office in what must be the most crude and rudimentary form of abuse of power and position by the Monarchy that has ever been since the dark ages or something like that especially by the Scots but that is never true; they make a big thing out of problems associated with disgruntled Royals and members of the Establishment, do not ask me why but what happens is that we are selected as the best this Country has to offer and in that Capacity given the right to make it better along with The Monarch at our own Private expense, so discrimination from Scotland while people spend my possessions there is completely uncalled far and it is not everybody that think The SNP is not a scam in any case either. 

The Part about wealth inequality being a real issue on which Politicians can win or lose elections which I partly engineered will never be noticed by the Scots, the one they notice is what corruptions can be dredged up with foolish men seeking to recover their youth and be free again on the basis of Individuals at the Monarchy that are unhappy about what it costs them to make the Nation a better place so HM can take all the glory and nobody knows why they are always on my case anyway when I am actually not a Politician. There are many other disparities between their made up version of reality and what is actually truth but all of them hinge on what I really do and what they make up from the activities of those who want to do such things as create their own version of poor people to sabotage anything that is done to help people out of poverty and into jobs but it is their need to cling to my Royal Estate that express the true evil that is called SNP.

We do hear that rather than speak of incompetence I am comfortable with branding the SNP evil but of course the reality is the same old story of an entire Political party waking up certain evils that have been put to sleep in the sense that is a stupid evil lout that was more concerned with teachers anus and penis and partying and clubbing and being friends of gang stars wants the possessions of those that look like kids compared to the gangsters she can always have it and it has now been taken to a National level because of their party, so it is theft and robbery that is in a place where it is beyond the law and those involved are in no position whatsoever to speak of incompetence that they clearly know nothing about. The threats are all very well of course; I am doing what I can here to make them see why they need to go home and maybe shut down that contraption they call SNP but these threats will always mean they can live in the real world like everybody else or die in it because it is the same Policy I have for all of them, whites and blacks and Asians and blues and greens and so on, threats mean I will do them again and there is nobody here that will respond to their needs because they have got ill feelings in their lives that others are supposed to handle to relieve them on being inferior to them as a result. So I suppose the threats happen in a condition where they know the outcome will not be about Politicians provoking me all the time to steal idea of survival for them as such, the knowledge that I can gather the resources faster than they can, as well as I can adapt faster than they can and I know their stupidities have always been developed around seeing those who will never go down without a fight and then starting them off, so if they don’t respond it means it can grow to any level that it wants and hence also I am sure they can see we are all adults and will not grow up any further – we are all at this stage waiting for death and they can let people be and live in the real world or they can die it not threaten me and get used to doing so. There are two factors to this matter; the Politicians that talk nonsense all the time about how these fools are free to do whatever they like in Scotland as the Scots are far less superior to the English then complain now they are getting burned as well which is quite amusing to watch and the other is these stupid self harming punks regularly handling my public life and my books to learn things from me and feel they can threaten me and everybody knows what it will look like when I start to ensure they cannot have that anymore – the need to secure those who buy the books, any public place in which the books end up and of course the very premise of writing it at all in the first place; the threats will not do where the gangs and criminals and drug dealers are as compared to where their academic work should be that they can fathom as we can see and I can think whatever I like of the SNP, it is up to others to decide if what I say about how it affects me is the truth or not.


So they say I interfere most of the time and have not really got a clue what I am talking about; utter nonsense of course since it is impossible to actually say such claims are true when others are making me wait for years while they make use of my services because they do not know what private creative equity broker and intellectual property administration business is, however which really like to get involved with it. In the end all parties can work it all out when they are honest and that is what really matters at the end of the day, something they who are out of my league will never understand.

Hence it is said that my behaviour is appalling but nobody really can tell why I behave in such ways, whereas everybody knows that the only group of people who are making money in the conventional way of offering a product in return for a payment in their world are Pop stars selling Music CDs that maintain their sense of consumerism and its extreme decadence, which has nothing to do with me but wants to splice into my Public image and blame me for the difficulty associated with their incompetence because they know that on Media they are getting away with it for a period of time that runs into months or even years. The rest however live in a world of dogmatic obedience to secrets of wealth teachings that means they are a menace to others as money vagabonds getting a piece of the pie all the time. So they have all got their world figured out, pros and cons and the pop stars etc but the part where it has something to do with how nothing works until what I own is damaged and claims I am not who I am is made as who I am is the only thing which stands between them and any process which might help them spend any property of mine in public places which they have laid their hands on recently - this is all the sort of leadership that externally complainant Male Journalists and Television personalities want to provide and it is the only form of leadership that they do; hence not actually true that my behaviour cannot be explained as people need to grow up and get a Book.

They do say that my work is not up to scratch and it is utter nonsense; when I say my work is not up to scratch, I am referring to the fact I have not yet put all property belonging to a Business Empire on an inventory system that is Publicly available to all, meaning that they are still able to make money from abusing the intellectual property and business image of a company that actually deals is providing that sort of security for others. Their business however is to buy Books and mind their own concerns but since that is not happening, therefore making it difficult to simply put Books associated with Government and Royal Office on the internet and make a quiet subtle living from it, they are bound to complain a lot more on a global scale. They do say it is a matter of lifestyle, which is another point at which they get involved with my Business but we have never actually seen British Government taking steps to restrict the Finances of American Government operatives like Mr Obama and his fellow black friends have done mine - what he now thinks constitutes my problem is that it has now meant that he has to protect his daughters too hence the ignorance and envy and every other rubbish between causing financial problems for other peoples Government operatives have paid off - not quite the 'Music is my friend got killed and you have no idea what I have suffered' that we are used to but the effect is just as good.


So the great idea I have messed up everything does not actually add up, we all know that if we became a Country that the US tends to bail out with Aid the results will cause the US itself lots of instability due to the number of people there who hate the British, so what we are left with is a lose traditional co-operation with US Security services but the problem with that even as they have acknowledged is that it has such a vast amount of systems and networks that it cannot do without, which the Terrorists are using too, so it is not actually safe, what we get from our close co-operation is Russians turning up to play bottom hurting games mostly, which is to suggest if they took a fight with the British we will likely bolt and disappear from the face of the earth, so that was the whole dumb students that do well in school story from Communist territories through to South American States stuff about some British Country that needs to be reckoned with, which does nothing to address the fact they always see us as a target when using their own lives and what they have in their Countries to get rich quick had failed or will not be as rewarding, therefore meaning they tend to interfere with everything we do especially our International image and then make up stupid stories that allow their insanity to become profitable if we did allow it. Point being that we have got the bits about people coming to the UK to keep an eye on the way things work, like some transit they pass through in order to make quick riches and success when they return to the US or to other Countries it a security risk that allows terrorist access to the population, this has been covered – so have the trade routes, so the only thing we do not control at the moment is c-operation with the US and we can see that the FBI and CIA can only help in terms of the best equipment available to those who are at deaths door regardless of the fact they have been ill for months, which is inadequate for a small Island in the West of Europe.

It’s all very well Television personalities calling me an illiterate extremists all the time, I must say it makes me very infuriated since they have not yet run a Country in their stupid lives the last time we checked and as ever it is the male ones that are stupid and a bit off in the head which nothing gives you the right to sit around dreaming it had gotten beaten up by somebody that they are worried about – the Women ones that have needs as well is their conundrum at present and they have not yet had that resolved before securing feelings of being a daddy figure by appointing themselves to tell the world about my person all together. I have to deal with the Media and with the Celebrities just the same as I have to deal with these other ones, so I am a bit lost as per where they get off thinking they are better human beings and more so in this context ever so frequently: reality is the same old case – the racists are stupid people but stupid with respect to fame and fortune stuff and will get to find out what talents you have through incessant abuses, just so they can sit down somewhere and hunt you, then create a diversion you become concerned with and spend all their time getting feelings of self-improvement that will facilitate their own fame from your creations and rejecting you at market until you are physically sick for it too – the Media ones are stupid for collecting information from other people’s lives to glorify themselves with and it comes to a stage where they have to do it on this Royal Estate knowing it will expose a Royal Order to the world and that it could be picked up and copied by terrorists who use it to kill soldiers of the British Army but the idiots are still doing it while telling the world what is missed about me is that I am an extremist, considering they are not dead yet so far and therefore cannot keep it shut a foulness all of the time as it were, wasting the words on me until the real ones get the better of them again as it were.

HM The Queens Bench-The Admiralty


It is never true that I do not like my own life. I know I am the only Celebrity Royalty in the UK and probably the most popular in the world. I have been trying to escape from the rich and their Media and advertisement which is largely about he who has taken their thing giving it back to them and not what products they have put out and services it might offer the consumer, with the result that a process where I do not care if they are creating jobs by their activities looks very likely to give rise to raw hatred for them, especially considering the abuse of consumers and their lack of manners with which they get rich and irresponsible as though it is not a desire everybody wants to fulfil, never mind the fact they are the ones with products and thus the ones that consumers should abuse in such ways and what else have we for the last decade at least and am also determined to get away from them too even now. The reason this issue comes up at all on the other hand is another story entirely - that of the fact that people cannot use or more so keeping trying to make use of my books without obtaining a copy of their own and there is of course no possible way of making that clear except common sense pragmatism. 

It is not true either that I wish to get away from deep commitments at the Monarchy, just really busy with work at present, do not want it all mixed up for me and nothing more. Besides which I could never possibly imagine that commoners will want to buy my books; the idea of parting with their money which then ends up with me and so their obsession with me especially those that name themselves the fathers of the boys and those that do the fathers of the girls has only but the one purpose of destruction and nothing else.

It is not true that I am a snob either, I know I have friends and Allies not customers and so the very basics of my instincts depends on not being a snob, however being trapped somewhere by the lower classes has no meaning because they cannot be of help to me in anyway and do need to stay outside of my financial affairs. I am not suggesting it is an unusual matter; it is the same old matter of foolish men who want to be able to manipulate your income and make their whiles workable in order to ensure you are caught in one form of violence after another for them to find out things they want to top themselves up with in your life and love to punish you because you have got things, the Politicians who figure they want to be able to do as well what you do instead of do their jobs but before that had become a main issue their preoccupation is that of savaging your finances to leave you penniless and of course finally the incredibly stupid political fathers and their lazy wives and children who make capital from it on media.

Of course it is said action I take to hunt people down when they do things I have not authorised them to do with my property at Pornography industry and at the Ports and the media and Asia and India and China and Japan etc is a beautification of what is actually a collection of acts of disobedience on my part. The reality of course is that I need a holiday away from them since it has always been a case of the fact it is not that I wasn’t feeding well and resting well while people wreck my finances in order to ensure violent idiots can lean on me while I deal with racism to ensure they do not lean on others and those kinds of things but the fact I never had the money to have any such privilege at all in the first place; I can understand they are terrified I might endear myself to those people they use to abuse people for power and to make money with cultural filth as their own version of what economy and economic recovery means but I have had enough of them and they need to stay away from me and my book sales. I understand they claim they are detaching me from the British Monarchy where I do not belong but until now, the fact that a Person is the Monarch of the UK means they are excluded from getting involved with anybody they want and more over doing so makes them into a curse for such a person and it is never their opinion that you want to know why that is the case because it costs you so much and all there is to show for it is their foolishness too - they are on a roll at all times until you do them as well so they can create conversations all the time too. Its mine, all mine and by the way of which this is not my disobedience, it is their own and they need to get off my book sales as well. I am aware of black idiots and their philosophical religion all over the place too; those never listen and in the last decade or so they have worshipped what I own instead of God in their new modern decadent homosexual like churches where they hate theology because they like the Holy Spirit and at the same time think I should invent my own way of carrying out the instructions of the Holy Spirit at the same time and therefore cannot leave me alone – the base reason for that was that claim they owned me and are more aligned with the US and since I became British have since had access to the answer to everything in life which they must have as well. Its the same old story trying hands of things the idiots cannot do all around and finding enough insults in them to familiarise and take it out on me looking for promotion where they do not deserve it. This is their disobedience and weakness and not mine and it is the same old issue too where they need my leadership but will not hand it over and stay out of my finances.


 It is said I am one of those who support the idea soldiers should be deployed at combat and then convicted for murder and this is not the only issue but the other of course is that I know so much about the military but I cannot be seen getting involved with it; for the former issue the realities first of all is the matter of where the lines are drawn and that is a bit of an elaborate answer than it is given credit for i.e. not only does the soldier have to bear in mind that even if the Ministry of Defence has a detached feel of its employees which I do not encourage personally, he or she cannot have a detached sense of his or her service, for civilian employees it is a case of ignoring Health and Safety regulations and we all understand what the risks and Hazards of doing so is as well and none of us is going to get off and suggest that we find those things that the media and Politics versions of such corrupt individuals do to be pleasant especially when it prevents us from enjoying our own lives that we have worked hard to build as well which of course is not what I am talking about here, as what I am talking about instead is that when you are convicted for Murder the truth of it is that every possible reason in this world as to why any person would take another person’s life does not apply to you, that you have simply killed another person and made a clear decision to cause the person to cease to exist but to be convicted of murder by Court Martial is clearly not something that the accused has put a lot of effort into achieving as it were. I understand a campaign for leniency but I do not appreciate the idea of extraordinary circumstances in which Soldiers operate as the reason for it, it can be a factor but that is where the line is actually drawn i.e. they may be terrorists and insurgences yes, but the reality about them is likely to have been that they show off the violent side of them all the time and so when it comes to actual combat become clumsy and inept even though they kill people, hence the question being what the point was at which a professional soldier became like them first of all and then decided to take it into his hands to kill them like they kill people later – it is a matter of very corrupt individuals who have detached themselves from their service and of course have done so and probably gotten away with lesser crimes for a long time never mind the fact their attitude just like the back stage media versions is that they must always be right over areas of other people’s lives that they are perfectly certain that they cannot be especially religion; hence previous good character is a more acceptable reason to seek leniency on the matter not extraordinary circumstances in which soldiers operate. On the matter however of how I know much about the Military but am never involved; it has long been a matter of a lack of respect for what others do for a living around here with regard to the certainty that we will wreck their finances and seek the powerful thing to do and not the right thing to do thereof which I will never tolerate and we are not talking about all those things they do to abuse others and ensure people cannot enjoy their own lives they have worked hard to create either, I am talking about the fact that we have had a history of the way in which I answer such questions around here and we will stick to it.


I am said to have gotten myself into a lot of trouble at the Monarchy and it seems that no 24 hours may go by without idiots clinging to my income margins and bringing it up especially since Prince Harry got married and had a Child. I am not in any trouble whatsoever; the truth is that we have those fundamentally evil nonsense where community croons hang around the neighbourhoods wanting people to get off the religion and academic work and get involved in gangs and crime, which will make people look like characters that can attack others whenever they need to be comfortable from another person’s work on account that some people have penises and others do not, while working for money simply does not appeal – so the criminals chase me down one way that suggests this is the only Royal work there is in the whole world, the Police chase the criminals down another direction, the Media fools who get involved with these things and issue those stupid threats they get used to will get the criminals chasing me down another direction and for some reason that cannot be explained the Royals are chasing me down another over it and the worst thing I have ever said about Prince Harry is that he is a Statesman and not a Soldier. So this is all in the past now, I am not interested in any ideas people have these days, since my academic work and the Books I had written to support my Estate lies in ruins presently, its all in the past now and I want my space from these gits, blabbing nonsense they really cannot back up will not help, we cannot be having this conversation about me getting into trouble like the parents drag me out to sit around responding to their mental illness while Political cheer on and the stupid children have developed an effrontery try and get me into a criminal situation all day long like that without consequences, if we are confident that the foolish insults and abuses are the way to live our lives, we have to accept the consequences are that criminals will be furnished their stupid statements they make all the time and the Armed Forces will continues to be as frustrated as they currently are – I am clear that I want my space and I am certain it was not me talking gibberish either.

I do not think it a matter of extensive conversation as such, its not; I have been clear they have made their position obvious about where I am supposed to end up as something that probably irritates them but I do not see how or why it involves handling my property, expecting me to forgive the damage because that was their right and then showing up here to calculate me into a condition where I had to do violence to survive and set about announcing on media, something of me getting into trouble, while we know the point at which the Government spent tax payer funds on their needs was not the stage at which they were in need of money and self confidence and if I calculated them into condition where their lives will operate at a disadvantage to them and at an advantage to power I wanted to have as well which I can do, we all know the tit for tart will never end. So we find that they show up with the popular culture and Celebrity culture and when they are unable to detach it from Government business they begin to threaten me and build up daily publicity about me getting into trouble, complete with attention brought to bear on the fact they wreck everything around here getting gangs, criminals and hoodlums as close to my person and living space as they possibly can all day long and that the surprise of me churns my tummy, which will really get it going in their view – it sounds like a wish to me and I have had enough of them too. The complain made most of the time is that people get punished on my account which is utter nonsense; we all know the most popular of these claims are about the disposition that exists between Russians and Americans and that their punishment comes as a result of the fact that they tackle me in a specific way that ensures government operatives have to question and reassert their authority all the time; they have not drawn a link between their behaviour and the punishment that was dished out for them, they have drawn a link between my existence and the fact they were punished for the behaviour.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, In : The West 

The men and Politicians stuff is really not half the problem here that they believe and want everybody else to think they are; the facts about it are that when you have become unemployed in traumatic circumstances what you want to do is take your time and during that time it will be financially difficult and pull yourself out but what they then do with government assistance is set out series and series and series of activities that are designed to ensure that there is this career they find ou...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, October 19, 2014, In : The West 

I see I am being chased around by matters of sexual abuse and my view of sexual abuse must be ascertained all the time because it ensures there is at atmosphere in which I am predisposed to being sexually abused; I wouldn’t know what it means when they want me to take a stand on some case of the treatment of women when we know these are thieves anyway seeking to extract an income from my possessions – reality being that only a very tiny aspect of sexual abuse involves those who are perver...

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Phase 2 of the Libyan Crisis

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, March 24, 2011, In : The West 

The Libya crisis must be managed by the America side the way they see fit according to the needs of their society, in the UK it will be managed according to the needs of UK society as well; the situation as it stands is that most of the problems in these places where there is UN mandate to do something, is largely linked to European societies. Hence America takes a back seat in the matter for now. I for my part have been clear about the fact if people use my securities to create products (leg...

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 The issue of fairness for existing population of UK resident when it comes to working out what happens to those who come in is not a great and massive issue; no sane person will have likely gotten off to wonder what he will do with himself at 19 years of age during or around about his 17th birthday. So in actual fact whatever any fool does with immigration system to bring in voters from overseas so they can win elections should never have an effect, except that what makes the difference is the temerity to handle your person and property and cause damage to it that will make their plans work and I am game for it myself too at present. I mean women who want to be able to take advantage of me for a living and young boys that are at their disposal in case I think it should not happen that way who are retarded because they are made to be, do they think I am their mate following me around and each and every one of my concerns with their intrusive insults like they do? The other part where they have not really done anything to harm me is just as well of course since what economic growth means is vandalism of the livelihoods of those whose personality you want to deploy for your greatness, squandering of the incomes of those who work for it because they set a bad example that brings about oppression and an absence of freedom, getting on government office to ignore what tax payers paid you to do in order to chase around those you want to become a story of what could have been no matter how impossible it is to make them into such things and endlessly cause them distress and destruction to what they own and their lives as a whole and of course competition with communism – these are things an economy needs, things that people do when growth is their priority, things that people do when they need to have money and when they need to be famous. There are opportunities and contracts carpeted all over the Civil service and the public service to get rich from apparently but the one they want is my Property during International Tech Shows, CES, Auto Shows etc, they like to say it is something they need for the future of their stupid children and like to work it out on the basis of when they spend tax payer funds on themselves and it shows I am inferior because I did not get any and this is where their problem starts of course, the tax payer funds they spend on themselves meaning more than it really is and of course there is at this stage no longer evidence that they buy Music CDs people make abusing me because they do not know how it is made, what there is, are evidences of the benefits of the support for cultures of vandalism and their fame and fortune arrangements. 

They do say I support government austerity of course and there is really no such thing; here in the UK The Labour Party which is the socialist trouble makers we have spurning other scams such as the SNP for instance made the NHS and the Police force into a job creation racket and so there were to structural changes to ensure the waste of public funds works for the government of the Country, unlike when they did with the creation of a New Supreme Court because people were on their case and I myself had developed my own grey areas for abusing and attacking them and getting away with it too, this therefore has meant each time the Nation decides on a different leadership but their own the incoming government will see these two institutions as unfit for purpose and that level of stupidity and waste of tax payer funds by a collection of selfish, twisted and spiritually evil and greedy idiots who spend all our time telling us about nothing save standard of living issues and austerity could never have gone on for eternity anyway . I don’t think it’s a problem because I know what I am dealing with; it’s always a story of how they have some money and how they get to add some more money to it by taking advantage of somebody and then comes the question of why ever on earth taking advantage of somebody every single time, which is what expresses their true evil and twisted nature all together i.e. the primary purpose is to satisfy a desire and if that desire is satisfied the stage will be set for civil rights to help them get rich while they get to hound others until people work for it for them but the part where they want to be rich and famous all together always comes as a result of the realisation that a condition where they are seen as losers can end because you are an adult that simply have no opportunity to stop working for things and when that is combined with their need to get off and create grey areas that allow criminals to make money, they think they are feeling the hand of history on their shoulders and I for my part do not know what their problem over my books really is anyway, I don’t know what they want from me save the understanding that if they kill off the sense they are losers just like they love to mess with the legal system to create grey areas that allow criminals to make money and a problem they have with the state of affairs of the law, if they end the sense they are losers people will not mess with their need to get rich. Its as they say; whether I have no other thing to be concerned about save slapping down socialists all the time but again the reality is starker i.e. assassination of peoples leaders hooray that is a socialist ideal, encouragement of paedophilia and sexual abuse that will cover their desire for it when they are being restricted both through public attention that they have been seeking and got over the year and other things that ensure they cannot hide hooray that is a socialist ideal and it goes on and on and on and you can list them if you wanted and it is always okay for them to get on media and challenge of course except we will hear the complains when I kick them too.