Now they say I use my religion to distract people from their jobs and careers which is utter nonsense, we are in such a situation because of years of religious people being taught lessons for their religion by civil rights corrupt media fools who have an involvement oppression to practice all the time - the problem with mentioning it is more a case of being the Christian who thinks about the possibility he could have contributed to the problem which is clearly not the case but then again, if I do get around allowing the idea to fester that I have contributed to the situation in some way, this nonsense will go on for eternity. It's not unusual to live in a Country where people make a deal with random members of society to move left and seek fame and popularity while those who can work for money enough times to make them a fortune carry on but I am not going to give me my own if I ended up in hell with them - I have dropped out of University twice because of their superiority insults and it has taken more than 11 years now to clean up and return to the academic work, so it is the last thing they will get if they got it; even when I explain that the reason I am not keen on celebrity and popular culture is not because I have so physically endowed I can work hard enough to make a fortune, it is because I am good at working for my money, even when I have gone on to mention that it is usually for instance a matter of a process where what you do to earn those pieces of paper that are signed by central banking leadership as legal tender to look after yourself at the shops does not involve another person getting hurt, which increases your probability of being able to decide a certain amount of money is what you can earn at the market place in your present condition, then go out and get it, I still end up in trouble being hounded and attacked and threatened with that big mouthed queer society and queer media and queer Politics. We are not talking about the Politicians in a grand way yet, only so far the fact when it leads to an outright clash with that stupid media and celebrity culture, I will definitely not make it into an answer for all my problems as it were; the Politicians will rather have been the ones who tell people to tackle me because I mess around with a personality they should be having, whereby all the scum that want to do it so wish to do it on my financial well being the whole time and after which show up to play parent figure and threaten me with that big mouth that queer politics thinks it can do anything about me until people start to think it is real when it is not. It's a simple matter; take a cross section for instance as the Politicians will go off to consult an area where they want to build a rail line and then the consultation will be completed and they will go to the parliament to argue over it, the rail line will be approved and built and I may set up a Bookshop around it, the Bookshop might be successful which means I pay my taxes and get a statement for it a duplicate which the government keeps with HMRC but it is the bit where I do not believe I have the energy to continue with the part that concerns what I think and how I can play a role in government that these scum take over my life for the whole time, so it is a case of given the right tools and measures their clowning stupidities can be made to listen to what other people are saying to them as well - as we can see it is hardly a reason to be persecuted everyday, dropout of University twice and say the same things to a group of superior insulting scum that show themselves in public places all the time for 15 years while they expect no consequences for it. I do not believe it is a problem either, like we hear them say I shut down their popularity whereas it is impossible to shut down where people took their GCSE and had childhood friends and went to school all together as it were, so I have to imagine that it is a case of an assumption that since the jobs they have presently which gets to their heads makes them think that they will be able to spend time on it when they have ended up with me as a job, I do have some warning to set out before then too. So I get told it happens because I am being bullied but I do not feel bullied and I am not the one that needs to complain about it everyday either - hence the other question of how I do it, which is a simple case of setting up an environment for it if they are so convinced it is a worthy activity to spend time on; the environment which will ensure everybody knows we are in a relationship and that they are bullies and I am the victim and its when they start to complain I get to set out questions too about whether they signed with me a legal agreement that says I am obliged to keep their secrets - we can see they are so stupid that what is happening next is that their children are bullying me too and so from my case alone, it is obvious that those children could have had a future where they were not stuck with people that will decide what they should do with their time but will not be having any of it which is very sad really. Hence there is another group that says I bring trouble on everybody by playing around with this madness, just as we hear the Politicians claim there is a valid reason for their actions; in terms of the latter of which it has always been a case of the Politicians who want to become the perfect expression of government Office satanism in this Country and we are not talking about the type expressed by their media goons which involves disobedience as a process of having a need to crack my protected heart all the time either - we are talking about travelling overseas to bring witch doctors into the country and then savaging people’s finances so the witch doctors when given any money might end up creating a state of affairs which suggests they have the power to make people poor or rich etc, playing into the practical jokes they want to get into government Office and wreck peoples lives with, which is where all the bottom chasing we complain about these days comes from but it gets even better as we can see they all look the same like the devil measured them with a ruler and ensured they were the same size a problem that can only be resolved when racism gets involved too at the other end, win elections on it. In terms of the former however we only come full circle when people claim I use my religion to distract them from their jobs when they have been warned endlessly that none will peddle my faith and public image and personal life without consequences enough to ensure it never was all together, while each time I talk about what has resulted from it, another group shows up to tell me what to do instead of get a Book, shows up around the business of a half priest when it wants to spend time with popular culture instead and so it becomes too much to ask when I tell them to stop socialite taking pictures of themselves on my public image to display through magazines at the shops which cause me to feel myself every time I get off to buy what I need until they build it up to a stage where they are selling my Books too and then they find their dreams lie with popular culture while they are selling Books for an Arch Prince by building publicity around it a queer Politics and queer Media and queer society issuing stupid threats the whole time and even as we speak those comments that prevent my Books getting sold have been made again via a means that they claim is a job that gets to their heads.

It is an example of the kind of situation it is said I do not handle comprehensively but this is largely a matter of people playing up practical jokes with me to a point where they can play up practical jokes which deny me my income, of which it is not clear what motivates people towards suh behaviour but we now know they have been getting about telling lies which amounts to a threat that others face that they can deploy as leverage on Media and at Government buildings and this is what they were tackling me for today i.e. to cover their tracks but I had no wish to discuss their tracks being covered or not if I was able to discuss Government Office wickedness instead building up from a story of how I use my religion to distract people from their work until their bottom hurts; hence there is now even more practical jokes to mess about with and when they say it is fandom for the way I handle these matters it is no longer enough - fandom for the way I end up with financial complications when there is nothing wrong with my mental health or my Books or my Business that is, fandom about their inability to pay attention to the job that is the one thing that is getting to their heads; so it is not as if they are unaware that staying off my case and taking a break instead of showing up here to discipline their mates and reserve punishment for me that I will face no matter how long it took with that big mouth, is a good way to cure their nostalgia, it’s just that they have got an ego and hence one does not make it easy for people in such conditions. They do speak of people who are not Monarchists and it’s an old story; the Anti-Monarchists who always do very provocative things - where dropping out of school so I might end up with a personality that concerns famous people while I am not famous in order to be persecuted and attacked violently through means of throwing about problem and blame transfer is a joke, so is the process where they need slaves but do not have the money to afford them so a British Citizen that the government will not pay attention to the way they do immigrants that are rather always at risk is custom built for all kinds of abuses and insults, the things they want to do with their time but is now building up complain on National Media because it is taking up my time as well - so we see them pick up rocks bigger than they are and try to roll it up a hill all the time and you only need to from popular culture and media and celebrity support to becoming the new Arch Prince while I am not anymore everyday take a picture of it and wait for the Americans to talk about freedom so you might point them to a frame you must have made. They say I need to resolve something about calling people stupid but it's a matter of 15 year cash flow problems because Germans lead when it comes to claiming that in broker of equity with a company, you have been extracting an income where the families of the managers should be useful, right up to advertisement made on my public image and public life - it's a matter of dropping out of University and not being able to clean up after because it was all about your tummy - a matter of feeling as though your front door has been built in because another person thinks that when you are unable to attend your job it is a form of competition which he claims is what he needs to do because he is the person with the money and annoys you so because that is the time your Landlord shows up to increase next months rent and demand this months rent at the same time, the hassle; so I do think that people a putting their comments where their money is, need give me another word for this nonsense or keep their mouths where their own money is located. I can give a full account of where the point began at which Politicians decided to deploy a whole parliament and treasury as a means that allows them to rip up my finances, so that these goons might show up on my concerns to count pennies until they made millions that they might not be the idiots they are; this is all what happened after they had made the money and not before; then we hear them revert to the insults that there will be children given birth to who will come into the world to demand the same things and I had better gotten used to it with that big mouth. Its an old story where I am meant to be convinced that I am wrong when I think Women do not wreck people’s finances - whereas the reality is that people are always talking about women and if she got close enough to take money from me I can cash into that and they always know this is a possibility so there is no Woman who wrecks people’s finances without the support of Men; the idiots who claim to be male feminists complaining about the evils that women practice as well the whole time, which has no basis on reality - what they are referring to being a collection of really silly women that show up on people’s concerns to ensure that they can bully the person into fighting their enemy which does not make any sense whatsoever but you only need find out what your girlfriend will think about the fact you have been paying attention to it, provided you have not been beating her up, to see where your problems are really located. So they say I am alright but chose who chase this case about money and make a mess of everything but it's an old story of seeing people show up at Industry communities to have a go at me - so it seems that going there is like going to a Cake shop and there are those beautiful cakes everywhere and it's not that you have not got money to buy one, it's just a question of whether that was your order, hence the bottom hurts and so because it goes there to have a go at me and make a mess of my life, I need to get it stuck with its own wealth distribution stories complete with talk about the plight of poor people and the money problems. It turns to a case where I am able to talk and reverse the effects of course, which we know has criminal ramifications naturally and plays into the gimmicks of the Politicians about how I need to be held up somewhere, detached from my personality and rehabilitated into another one so they might make use of it, becoming thereof a story of whether or not they have secret societies and wear frocks each time they attend to pretend they control the City and that it is their Offices alone decisions are being made that affects the lives of criminals. The rest of the time is a story of how many times you get to tell black idiots who claim you are unable to make the difficult decisions, of a behaviour that happens incessantly but only does because you share a skin colour with them otherwise you have no clue who they are, makes you feel physically sick all day long and as for the difficult decisions, we have not yet reached a point where cracked up out of my league will be superiority dealing with community croons chasing his bottom while I raise publicity about his body type yet but even so the reason I do not do anything is because we have been to that place before, where they will claim it's about doing what I am supposed to be doing because they hope to secure a share of my life by getting killed at the hands of racists but do not get anything, thus somebody gets killed on my account and I get away with it cleanly - hence worth pointing out they have started again and everything I have done today has not lasted 10 minutes before the Americans had moved into the place where my Books are to pillage my life and anything I have with my Girlfriend to make popular culture for money and pass around insults concerning what I have brought upon myself and talk more nonsense about which difficult decisions I am unable to make with good measure - it is not an unusual story all together either i.e. the trouble with leaders have always been that when people do the right thing they do what they know, when people consistently do the bad things the challenge is to educate them - apparently they do not think there is a reason people are always asking me what they need to do to end up with a mind and temperament like mine obviously therefore cannot take difficult decisions over telling a certain group of scum I have ignored for more than a decade, to a point where they need to control their tummy every time my name is mentioned, continuing with the same behaviour that makes me sick all day long as well all together. I have personally never seen an economy as irresponsible as the German one; I mean I have been patient with the unbecoming process of somebody setting up an Intellectual property administration business in the UK while it is freedom for the Germans if people have black markets all together and the patience has now been rewarded by a case of handling indolent British, complete with stories of how they now know everything about it and were chosen by destiny to be the ones who did it and I am set to get stuck it in all and keep up with any violent thing required me and it's clearly not the same Country that has been single handedly responsible for building two world wars in the last 70 years alone. It issues those threats at me all the time when for instance there is nothing propelling any Country to encourage large trawlers to get all over the Atlantic and clear it out of fish in order to ensure Europeans have it cheap, so that they might own the worlds 3rd biggest economy - nothing encourages them to set out a Policy of global war on poverty by a system that allows those who have money to bottom whip and tummy whip members of the Public which can then be unleashed on privileged people and if they wind me up these two alone will do all the damage I need while I put it up on social media and ensure it gets completely out of hand like the crap I have to tolerate everyday around here; it is the same ideas they have about integration which created Brexit and caused the collapse of the Greek Economy all together as it were.

Now they say I have made everything so mixed up and confusing and people do not know what they are doing anylonger; the truth rather of which is that I get stuck at the Civil service for one reason or another because they are a bunch of bloody cowards who look for all the time, have media to play with and each time they come up against the tail backs of other people’s careers since their whole lives are developed around insulting people, what happens is that they ensure the problem affects everybody else. For my part in the matter, their media job generally means get around with scum from private security industry who will gather information on me that you can play around with, so when my bottom hurts and they have not provided a reason we edge closer to a stage where they are going to end up giving me closure for it too, starting from the point where I take steps to ensure that their goons are having to chase the life they have lest others take it from them and thus show up on the media jobs all the time - other steps would include a lot of things I have done to ensure I am not bullied by those who watch their media outlets from the third world and that especially is going to get increasingly worse, if for any reason to ensure they will not be beating up anything on Television with that big mouth; obviously the whole matter has become a conversation some perverted money loving civil rights social corruption that becomes career criminal when nobody is watching because they will not stop making sure everybody else is affected in order to publicly and culturally attain something by which to blackmail me and make me breathless to chase money by; the goons are apparently making enemies and we are not talking small ones. So it feeds into the case with the EU where they say the Politicians are playing silly gimmicks but the reality is that there will be a huge hole in the EU budget and the economic zone could collapse if the UK leaves without some form of agreement to take part in some International and Political relations ongoing - so the EU does not want to show that one Country is more important than the collective and hence wants to settle a deal with the UK - a deposit financial so to speak and then a signed commitment after that but that said, the reality is still that of the Politicians negotiating for their business friends, so that we tend to end up with the German Chancellor seeking a coalition for government that is called the Jamaica deal. The main issue around this matter still seems to be one of which people claim that I encumber their mobility - and it is a lie that has no meaning and no purpose and shows up around my concerns unnecessarily i.e. I wonder if it means they wish to talk about their pigozzi German interest insults that mean the ferocity and frequency with which people finger my bum in their imagination because their women are uglier than I am and therefore makes a mess of my life and career that takes years at a time to clean up, followed by a condition in which my whole life is factorised by the way I look thereafter; it feeds into the old story of how I find it easy to handle them because I hate them while the reality is that they are not babbling at me being the ethnic minorities of Europe that have power to stir nazism that will kill everybody if I had failed to comply with their needs anymore because they know I will sack their clubbing and partying lifestyle for it as well for instance among many other forms of pointless and needless abuses that put people's whole lives and careers on hold without reason or purpose all year round. I do get told it is a big problem for me while it is not; the problem is that I am stuck with not pointing out the pigozzi insults and running a Bookshop while there is nothing wrong with me, even my mental health and therefore I should not be having financial complications to worry about, so I am certain it is possible for their lying stupidities to travel to the US if they wanted to, without bothering me, clear my space and stop getting people listening to their lies at my expense. Its the same old case of going from having to express the fact I do not fancy financially well of psychopaths to talk nonsense at me about the extent of my powers for interfering with my concerns and being told off, to dealing with a Country that has an economic interest which involves going off to pick up and carry out culture and society it has found in the Course of establishing a relationship with consumers, to tummy whip and bottom whip those who are better looking than their women with - complaining the whole time about the fact it affects them which is supposed to be another person’s fault too. So it has happened before where they blab of others encumbering their mobility and got the first world war going with Americans fighting Mexicans and I want them to interfere with finances and tell their lies somewhere else, without me drawing attention to the pigozzi insults. Speaking of the big problem of which is a matter of Germans building problems because of the need to copy the way people react to it, self loving their insanity to such an extent, especially bad for service people because its a case of having their stupid fun on one hand while people lose their lives on the other the way that we do see them give their own to the frugal. I understand the Media ones who never stop talking into me and into my tummy and setting out a stage where the most worthwhile and amusing thing to do for the day is to find out if I have broken wind or not, claim it was important for somebody to grab me by the scruff and make me get things done which is utter nonsense - no such thing has ever happened at the hands of a collection of scum who were complaining earlier that the reason they strike my bum is that I am being told to stop, that it is the Royals and not their society that wants me but that my attitude is now creating an outcome in which I will get into trouble either which part I end up in at the end. What happens is not just a perpetual pain in my abdomen but also these fools spending everything I do everyday in order to ensure they are in a position to make me get into violence for their convenience and then they claim that a safer way would be that if they did not like me and told me to move over to the left it would have been alright, except that I think it is insulting while the truth is that I think it is okay but the insults are a matter of where they are coming from when they say it. As for being deluded that I am wanted by the Royals however, that was an old case where I would have had a good relationship with the Royals if I was able to decide others could not invite themselves into my Court - so we see they want to take their stupid fashion pictures on it, we see they want to chase their media salaries on it, we see that the Women in it have a problem with the Camera Men and their agents take over my Public life as a tool for finding them work; so we just recently got to see what would have happened if I thought that journalists getting involved with me was getting them into trouble with their managers and camera Men - so we got that close to a process where people lost agencies and Media management positions because a Royal Office took it from them. What I am left with now is the old case there has always been i.e. all the women getting sexually assaulted and sexually harassed tends to suggest I have a lot of women to sleep with as a Royal with financial problems myself; so the process of having a mistress because I fancy her personality which does a certain thing for me at society and wish to give her some Heirloom as well but its one that any Mistresses I have at the Monarchy would believe is too low for them thus I find such women at Media and the career of journalism, gives way to a process where my relationship with mistresses are mostly a matter of the women I sleep with in order to get into trouble with these idiots who harass and abuse them: it is such an effective way to manage the problem because it tends to me that these fools have two cover-ups to look after with their fame of insanity and one of those cover-ups exist at my convenience. On the whole they will never be free of me and the need to talk into me and Churn my tummy, cling to my Book sales and squander my finances for personality improvement will eventually ensure it becomes an outright confrontation that I clearly will never take steps to ensure becomes an answer for all my problems as well; they are free to write sex stories about me and sell it to the pornogrpahy Industry, I will try to click some free pornogrpahy websites to find out where they have been selling it too, they are free to write my life and sell it to popularity culture music makers, I will be picking up on everything they do to ensure it is as uncomfortable for me as possible but they are free also to cling to my public image, savage my finances and practice processes of being more important than I am, considering it means that when they want to, they will never be free of me as well. Its never true I hate everybody and everything, just true their hate for me goes deeper than clinging to my public image and finances to practice being more important pushing me out of my studies, it goes as far as a need to see me become tiresome to three American Presidents so far, so its a lot of hard work they put into it, shows they are able to work for their money and I should never let them have my Public image - so its still a case of my ball got tossed into the den of the gang next door and I recovered it safely one way or another, hence I must get into a gang fight now that a sense of its possibility has been created and it seems that the problem will not be solved until there is a clash with the Media which I need to be prepared for. The part about the Politicians being the one where they no longer tell me that its my fault going up against people who are more successful financially as it is now obvious we hear vile nonsense all the time about me and I never sell my Books because it is reporting news on my tummy as insultingly as possible and making popular culture music charts of my tummy as well as insultingly as possible, then issuing threats for it to end the day everyday; so I get told I delay the process of doing something about them but I am not the one causing the delay, if I speak of it they will claim I am encouraging oppression but what is really happening is that they appear to need leadership all the time and cannot seem to do anything by themselves and do it without making sure others are writhing in pain or complaining and it seems that a leadership will be cooked up for them very soon too and then they will have my public image that way and use it to get famous as the deal that was settled to prevent them from doing revolution against the Monarchy, which will show I am very common, while the most important aspects of their insults are money mad civil rights goons showing up on people’s doorstep as equally as those can be ferried in a bus into their media studios and homes where their families will be aware of what they get up to for a change if need be. We are here they say because I expect others to fight my battles for me but we are really here because my tummy hurts all the time and it means going anywhere smelling like my toilet, it means being perpetually tired, it means not sorting out my academics and finances and I think they are able bodied enough to work for their money and need to clear off my Public image space - not talking about the one where they get told that those who sacrifice their lives at the services look just like they do and it means they have to find somebody on whom to discharge their whatever; that would be the one where it was other people’s fault they were giving military personnel extra problems to think about and then got some into their lives too. I understand the Politicians want to teach me lessons on the whole and I couldn’t make it out anyway; the Politicians are not going to teach any stupid lessons, it’s about tolerating the vandalism of an idiot who got elected whose salary is safe while he thinks you have no right to find a means of legally paying your way in the world, making excuses that these activities are meant to ensure that criminals and barely criminal goons do not access money by which to hurt other people but is now wholly being spent on a Christian who attends Church and does not want to live on welfare, right up to a stage where a new state of affairs has resulted and there is risk it will become a permanent way of life all together - so it will continue and the finances will not be good enough for the self seeking petty bullies and the academic work will not be good enough for them and the business will not be good enough for them but in order to prevent a process where its stupidities sit in an Office and ring a friend to ensure you never ever get employment, revenge will suffice. The other ones who blow off their big mouth where it is not needed all over media and celebrity and popular culture will be the idiots that always want to provide leadership for others when their existence has become a threat to them and their families - from the same of which comes a group of democratic and liberal scum whose whole life is about paedophilia and the antagonising of young people whom they claim have achieved more than they have, making use of my Books without paying for it to create problems for me and seek seniority conveniences, while complaining about the fact I have set myself up in a such a way that a continued behaviour of that type means any problems they are trying to resolve for themselves gets worse and worse each time the Books have not been paid for and others who want to buy have not been gaining access while they become obsessed with not leaving society and culture where they find it, explaining their stupidities all over my achievements and public image and telling lies at Politics and Industry to set out pictures of their stupid selves expressing a case of how they are watching me get out of the mess all the time and this is when they are not taking naked pictures of women to get their stupidities out of the mess that their deviance has gotten them all stuck with, thinking they are either famous or will end up getting married to somebody that is when they fall into the category of the most useless that are not showing up at sales industry and media and popular culture clinging to my property all the time - yap yap yap its not going to do anything and will very soon want to start thinking about not threatening me as well. I do get asked what it is I want which is an old story of the fact I want nothing to do with them and those stupid pre-conceived ideas about things at other peoples expense that ends up expressing itself around distant violence and blame culture as though its stupidities were talking about truth or reality to cling to people’s public image and finances the whole time which allows it makes friends with media and industry fools and tell lies all the time, about which my bottom hurts without reason and we are set to see these stupid threats take up my time and end them up where they give me a closure for it instead. I want nothing to do with them from a half priest office - the worst case of all these nonsense is not when I am cashless and bottom whipped and tummy whipped by every fool that wants to feel as though they are important, it is when I end up all stuck with them and the process actually makes me some money; so we can see there is work to do on that with their Britain first and black communities, none of whom wish to spend time with shop managers where their friends are if they can spend their time making trouble for me instead, with community croons talking rubbish about me not doing the violent stuff where I will not win resulting in insulting private part chasing distant contact that their stupidities can run with as though it were fact and make use of my Books without paying. They always say this will be impossible after all my big mouth but the blacks will want to know that the only thing I share with them before they get off dying for my civil rights instead of fighting for it, is a skin colour and the question in their case is whether that was going to be a problem - the whites might want to know its about stupidities they claim works for them like reality TV shows about housewives for instance which does nothing but destroy people’s lives and take money off rich people and poor people while their local idiots will not allow people concentrate on anything else save their clinical insanity and physical ugliness, which they claim works for them but will never pay attention to a half priest that says it is incredibly stupid from his position if they can get involved with me and appoint themselves to decide if I think homosexuality is a good thing or not and am prevented from doing my academic work or sorting out my personal finances, then complain about the results of where they are stuck at being revealed to them due to those incessant threats while the media ones cannot leave the culture and society where they find it even as they are the ones complaining. They do say nobody knew this was what my view of the world was but I am sure they have been aware of the effects that they and their friends from overseas have money loving had on the high streets - since it has been obvious I do not have the same problem mental state that most leaders have in the sense that we always tend to think those who are doing the right things know what they are doing while those who are doing the wrong things need to be educated - so when I say they need to stay off my case as I want nothing to do with them, clear my public image space and stop the advertisement and media and popular culture fame and fortune that is all about my tummy as well they say it will be impossible with all that big mouth I have been blowing off; it goes without saying nobody’s money loving civil rights looks like that and their insanity especially that of their foolish women fingering my bum and calling me a coward when they are in charge of security at the shops is getting on my nerves - it happens in every Country when the majority think that they are superior to the rest, the idea that keep a mind that is in agreement with white preference is entirely false; we can all see that today the only reason to walk into a factory would be to get job, nothing about observing them pick up rocks many times their size and try to roll it up a hill, after which it wants to tell government operatives what to do with an Office to make middle sized gangs comfortable, which is what this is all about. Much the same as the Politicians laying out my whole life as a means of making money and issuing those threats each time I have only just carried on and they have had to deal with an interference and we see the same stupidities play out over Brexit negotiations too, where its all about making a deal with society that kids with empires that can be confiscated will not be able to beat up so as to be predisposed to sit over some quiet millions and each time it issues those stupid threats at me it's about teaching me lessons with a big mouth so I am unable to concentrate on anything else. It leads down the one path only, all of it; the one where I am stuck somewhere while they make me solve their problems in order to obtain conveniences and those who actually want my Books not having the access needed, supported by paedophile burdens propagating democratic leaders the whole time; goes beyond the fact that they will never be free of me because of their need to cling to my Public image and show up on media to practice a way of being more important than I am. They do say I did not always think that their reality shows were stupid but we all know it's a matter of the fact the Public likes people it can go to for fortitude in times of difficulty and it is the making use of and destruction of this fortitude that brings about the insulting social gimmicks about the way things are which is expressed by striking peoples anus and penis all the time - usually the reality TV shows are initially perceived as their own way of making use of it but this is always the result once they have gotten on a Public image to make money or indeed whatever else they had simulated; hence there is nothing wrong with the Books or with me or the Business just people are unable to approach because of my feelings and what people are doing to keep it bad - incredibly stupid of course but usually when they claim it works for them you cannot argue with it, the part that means clinging to me all the time to tell lies and make excuses on media and social media is another story altogether.