Now I am being told that not only I am delusional based on some cultural detachment that allows me to think of doing things I wouldn’t dare to contemplate if I lived in places where people had the same skin colour as I do but the Politicians are also telling me it appears the whole thing is developing into a war and there are questions as per whether I know what I am doing. In terms of the former of which my Royal Estate now lies in a mess because somebody has a relationship with the Monarch and there is no real connection that can actually be made between the two, same with me losing my academic work, same with me losing the support of City Centre people who give their support to my business either because they have something to lose in the sense that I am so similar to them they feel obligated or I have got something they need on account these idiots feel like making statements on a regular basis that I walk around like a character through whom they might lose their inheritance and so have I lost my academic work too and no real link can be made because whatever inheritance they have, what ever relationship they have with the Monarch and these things – the only link that has been established is that I have never really responded to them and so they think they can do whatever they like with me and any of my effects, as propelled by a very stupid media to do so. We have now reached a point where it got off to defend British interests in Russia but it has no respect for me and people who fancy what I am doing in Russia feel that its behaviour risks their lives, so they ensure they are protected and somebody gets killed and turns up here to blab nonsense about how diversified the Monarchy is becoming, of which be that the case, nobody knows why they are seen showing up around the armed services all the time as well. In terms of whether it is becoming a war, I really have no idea why people get involved when I can fight my own battles anyway; these idiots like to handle and read my Books without paying and the reasons for it is that they have already got a job that they want to improve on and you would never find anything so stupid if you looked hard enough – so their student Union leadership insults telling me what to do and showing up on that media to promise me violence because their bottom got chased the way their insults cause society idiots to chase mine so they can create a fight for me and feel like women, is becoming ever more intolerable and the American ones who talk rubbish about how I provoked them by writing a Book that civil rights money loving scum could not crack can turn up here and talk rubbish about a war when they have the fucking guts for it too – no chance not enough have died on my account yet, shall I teach them another one that they will never forget in a hurry. Its been 15 years of the same sermon basically everyday over and over with the attitude of the same group of people and it is said that there is nothing I can do about a Court in which the Men can invite themselves when they want to be free from the problems associated with the fact they cannot leave culture and society where it is located on account they want to deploy it to bottom whip and tummy whip members of the public to get what they want – a Court they can breeze into, take over our lives and security, provide it for us and ship our bottoms and tummy, pillage everything we have and use it to make celebrities comfortable, then build security guarding companies to protect the Celebrities but already the fact that these fools are having to deal with officiators and societies of the federated systems from overseas is the reason they are unbridled corruption talking nonsense about a war with their fucking mates on whose work and public image they like to make sense of their stupidities to the Public in order to become more important with – fair to say enough have not died on my account yet, the Arch Prince have never asked low lives for respect and does think it will be fair if they kept off his case and cleared his life of their involvement but with respect to the war in itself, this is an intellectual property administration business and if its whole purpose will be security against Men who own me and can use me and do not do very well with rejection otherwise they will become destructive, then so be it – I wouldn’t be human if after 15 years, the same group of people, it was still business as usual; Hollywood Agenda didn’t end very well and that has been added to my CV, can only say it is getting better and better from here. In retrospect, I am unable to see what the problem is with the idea that if my Literary empire opens new markets people buy the Books to access it – what they prefer to do instead is handle my property as leverage and hurt everybody to put pressure on me and make me sick to the stomach then decide what my public image that they want to confiscate to trade with instead of buy books and broker the equity to create little products that make quick millions from the oversight of big companies and that means somebody fundamentally wants to tear up financial systems and steal money and yes in that sense I can understand why people think it is becoming a war, however I can assure the world if I have to, that it is not a cultural detachment that makes me think I can do what I like taking those stupid risks and assuming their insults and abuses does tend to determine what I can get up to if I wanted as well. The real problem in this matter is the media and the media only; it is the group of people who on account of a job they have already got spend all day making sure one is unable to protect himself with his own pocket money, from people who want to use others as a flash in the pan to get money off the population which does nothing but anybody, allows them chose what they want to work on instead of a job and makes people Poor, then makes the Country poor – I find myself in a situation where a reading my Books without paying, issuing threats and encouraging crowds to do the same as well day, seeking out beeline insults and excuses and blame from where they can find it, where I am saving them for the last; some industry idiots handling my Books to tackle Politicians and vulnerable people making me breathless always seems to take up the time each occasion, so it seems that the day I physically clash with the Media will be the day that all problems will be resolved, so I might put out information and run a Book shop in peace for a change without getting stuck up with violent problems and running them for a deal. Its like I have no right; achieve mine to the very top and then I will get stripped of the finances and brought down so others can get there too – cleanse self of violence through work and then pick it up again without money; yap, yap, yap topping up their rights, my rights is the one where it was not said I was selected as one of many sheep to be slaughtered to look after important guests; fucking idiots need whole Parliaments and National Media and Civil service to slaughter one sheep – I mean the Europeans do not think those who need to put up and shut up while what they are doing to bring stability to the world via industry tears up the livelihoods of moral people and it’s difficult to locate where they will take Scotland off to when they break it away from the UK anyway; they always say I omit the main problem that concerns me damaging peoples income levels and that it will be a nagging problem until it is resolved and what we are looking at is one where they think they have put themselves in a situation that allows them do whatever they like with others and are allows following me around, so it has become quite obvious that I will never find a home to rent where I can just sit down in an Office and write without smelling like my Toilet the whole time and the idea here is that they think they will not be passing around any information that I want them to pass around for me as well, they think when I want a story from it I will not get one – then their Politicians will claim I started it all while the reality has always been the fact that the more I do not want it is the more it becomes a main preoccupation for them; so the bone of contention they are talking about is the fact an Arch Prince has no business with the media, their insulting demagogues is just a need for advice and there is only one which has to do with the fact that whenever people are as evil as they are, such people always have problems, I am fed up with seeing them around my Books and my Public image space and I will never stop using their security systems for my own purposes. Its an old story where if everybody had to make up their minds, these fools will bear the brunt of all punishments because the Monarchy is important to me and what I do matters to the Monarchy and their stupidities that makes trouble for everybody is the only thing that stands out – given the right tools and property measures can be made to let others be. So, it seems what they expect is a process where if the Queen says don’t do the Media it means they are powerful and that power must be respected, so I am only hoping they will not be getting after the Monarchy if I do their own all together as well. so the reasons it persists is that I am messing about with people who are more powerful than I am suckling me to experiment on whether standing up in public to mess about other peoples jobs with their jobs until they ruin it makes for a one off or a power they have which they didn’t previously realise they had and could be the path to other forms of greatness, provided I am reacting to it on a regular basis; the reaction of which is born out of the stupidities that handle information I put out to run a Bookshop with – still blabbing at me its powers with a big mouth, expecting no consequences, expecting business as usual. So I am usually told I need to deal with it empathetically but there is only information to relay that it has always been about the fact I have no business with media and Media will not stop clinging to my finances in order to create me a fight – so it usually hits the ground so to speak, when their bottom hurts the way they hurt mine because I have to create them a fight too and they need to tell me that when they are angry it matters, when I am it doesn’t with that big mouth that is never going to discipline its mates on TV anyway; they say that even what I say comes with risks but we all know the only risk is a process where I spend time and health to build a product and another person shows up to spend time and health building a process where he does not have to buy it after the time and health he tried to spend building an alternative failed; so it’s a given the right tools and proper measures as a way of solving a problem situation since none of it would be happening if their stupid civil rights and freedom did not mean they could keep an eye on me and follow me around – we do say its not as black and white as people buying things when they need to and selling things when they need to but sometimes it is and they do say I am guilty of the same thing while the fact is that I dropped out of University because they will not stop showing up at Industry Communities and Public places to handle my property and form money gangs talking rubbish about how nobody knows who the hell I am, so when their bottom hurts and their divorce wife of many years, it starts to get serious, shows what they know about those Industry Communities, while I have done their own and looked like a ball at the other end because they are so superior. Much the same as when they tell me what I said about people defending National Interest from Russians was not the way to do it but its not a matter of regular National service, this one is about people doing things I was too cowardly to do for myself and have since done my stuff indeed as it were – we have not even started talking about Media blocking Mobility of ex-service people because they are fans of those goons who sell them the class A drugs. In the end there is a case where I will end up playing my games into the trap of the Russian President but we all know that will never happen; it will always lead to the same gimmick as there has always been i.e. are there British people living in Russia and does not mean I cannot breathe for the sake of Industrial blackmail, are there Russians living in the UK, does it mean Mr Putin cannot breathe for the sake of world peace and I shall try to make it cheap and cheerful and to run on social media completely out of control – just as absurd as the whole situation is. It feeds into this case of me acting at odds with Asian Allies which is not really the case – the prevalent attitude in Asia is that they are always deploying peoples lives and work to get things done and when they do it better it means they worked hard enough to do it better; what is messing it up over there is what Europeans believe they want to use Asians for and I have mentioned before that the Fashion bits especially couldn’t do that Fashion to save a life if their own lives depended on it – unbridled corruption it is obviously; such that it owns me like an item it can damage if it is unable to use bottom whipping and tummy whipping people because it has some money to spend, if my friends say I have a body type that can tolerate bullying. They say these things are done to make me fight for freedom around the world but we all know that it’s a stupid leadership that American Democrats are providing around the world to pillage books that civil rights money loving scum cannot crack – the reality of which is a story of things I do at a half priests office which the Monarch relies on for support that means she can govern by Law without making too much references to the Church and some is being exported to foster British diplomacy considering the fact the Monarch does not respond to foreign powers but does get involved with the rest of the world; so its another of those cases where I will have to mention that enough people have not yet died on my account making sure it is not the preserve of the privileged few as it were. So the effect is usually that I am being forced to rebuild what I have damaged of European and American business connections but we all know Europeans put cheap food in European markets by setting up an arrangement with Russia while spreading stories that the British do not want other people to exist in Africa and the American democrats are always confident their stupidities and vandalism will make them wealthy if they can build popular culture pipelines on peoples Estate and can build one here again if they have the guts for it; it does come down to a process of keeping an eye on the relentless ones especially in Europe taking pictures of their girlfriends a splash out of my Public image and displaying it on social media, then wondering why I have found work for them to do which will not be paying them as well – nobody really knows why they never take their own pictures for it, so we can find out as it were. Its never really as messy all round; the reality is still the same as ever i.e. time and again set to find a way to build a security company in my personal life, pillage it to make celebrities comfortable and provide the celebrities with the security services, unless it finds out that people it bottom whips and tummy whips cannot stop whipping his own and moving it out to the left as well because I pillage that society and will sell any good bits I find – they speak of a nagging point that will not go away unless addressed and the reality of that is that I do not have this Office to myself; yap, yap, yap we hear all the time but they have to be up and doing too since I do get out of bed everyday expecting to deal with it until I see a change. Its is possible to reason with them if I came up with a point of reasoning otherwise which I am unaware that on exists; what happens most of the time is that I have taken my company and broken it up to broker the equities with those who broker with me and sell my Books for a living – so student Union leadership character telling people how to exist thinks he stereotypically hates people like me and cannot stand me on the streets, stand the sight of my Books, stand my social media profile but wants to come up with an excuse to extract money from it all the time, looking for trouble and when its time to take me on what it really wants to do instead of tackle everybody else on the planet to put pressure on me, then show up to make me deals and ensure I cannot breathe; the story is that I am insane to break up a Company and broker the equities for a living but I was hoping to pass exams in University and get myself involved with Asset exchange advice, even so I dropped out in 2008 and this is 2017 and they will not find somebody they actually have the ability to hate until it goes completely wrong. So the problem that actually pertains to me is one where the Democrats are always providing leadership that calls on a crowd to keep off my Books and get involved with what they are doing to leverage money somewhere and make it profitable, its always stifling my Book sales with Government office and calling me names complaining about what I have already done on global media but it will never stop doing it all together as well – eventually it is leading to a waste of my life and work for a process where in order to avoid working for money, they are prepared to preach wealth inequality and betray themselves with the way they have been making a living hence its always going to be a double standard with them as per whether Women are safe or not, as per whether Children are safe or not and so Obama and Biden didn’t get re-elected so they can make all the time in the world to spend on me obviously, good for them for as long as they are not yet complaining about it too. they say my relationship with communists is destabilising the world which it isn’t; what happens is that Obama shows up to provide the world with the most separatist White House that has ever existed in US Political history, then Trump wins elections on a platform that promises separatism; so it becomes a question of when they will say whites this way and blacks that way tearing us apart and then going off to do something about the racism on the right and violent criminals who work for tyrants as well on the left – however which the separatism is not what Mr Trump is doing at the White House for now which does show there is little to worry about so far and so they tell me I am throwing away opportunities to advertise and sell my Books if I wanted to but just like if I sorted out the issue of constantly being career bullies and abused by Mr Obama making excuses on time, they will have the time to apply other options, so I have to handle it the same way that dropping out of University in 2007 and not being able to clean up and return to it in 2017 works, to ensure they are past it too – in this case the prevalent sense is that I am on social media to make money but I am actually there to find profiles of people and Companies that Broker Equities with me, so that I can best deploy what rewards I get from it to sell my Books and I would be doing it if they were letting me run my own Bookshop the way I need to: they complain about it most of the time but half that time I still do not have this Office to myself (the relationship with Communists is costing them money and that is how it should be - needs to show up here if it wants my Books, not to create its own statement).