The Central concern with respect to this matter is really about how I have no idea how to do what I do academically. It seems I must then ask people especially those who go along with such things to come up with an academic means to this process of moving from the economy of the past to that of the future so that we can get out of the crisis; for if they are able to save out lives we will be eternally grateful. They always think that when the markets and the currencies are stabilised that is the end of it, it is not; that is just the beginning. The younger generation are growing up and doing so fast. Take for example since the events of 9/11 took place in the US a child that was born in that year will be preparing for their school leavers exams which prepares them for high school which is the point at which they will take their first life changing exams; the GCSE and we still have not done anything which has brought the financial issues under control let alone prepared to answer their questions when and if they ask us about the kind of life they must have and the kind of world in which they must live it. So typical example is a child has 5 GCSEs Mathematics English, Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry and Physics; they know as a block they are prepared to be scientists they can study anything fro Engineering to Medicine but as soon as they are 25 their choices have become very limited and as soon as they are 30 they have only one. 

Of course they say I say that because it happened to me which is utter rubbish. Nothing of that sort happened to me; I became settled about what to do with myself at 19, the rest of what followed has simply been a formality-when I study it is to help me to what I set out to do not provide me with a future. What I am saying is that I do not fall into the category that need to study finish it get ready and have a future, I fall into that who must carry out a long process of a lifelong study. Which of course I will be told means I can copying older men whom I have no respect for, which again is utter rubbish because while they were getting off to all sorts in school, I was getting entangled with social issues because people were manipulating me, so I can tell them to take up the academic work and do it themselves, while I choose my own time to do it depending on whether the point comes where I need it. at such a point of which they can leave me alone or they will simply end up at the other side of the scale so the more weight I add to myself to be grounded the more lift they get.

The problem really is the Politicians and when they are finished with the destruction set out touring the world to secure their chances of getting rich which they could always have done without involving anybody else.

When I put things this way it is always said I am full of problems up to my neck and stuck somewhere the answers to it of which comes in two forms; the presumptions which have to do with whether they are talking about Politicians and their hunting of me, while they can see I have got those exactly where I want them, or indeed the pedophiles that they can see now have enough hate for me to keep themselves distracted or indeed the stupid and sadistic men who know we have an economic crisis and will use it to give themselves as much pleasure as possible whom they can see if I went off growing up I will completely have failed to become a bully as well at the other end, maybe they are talking about girls that use and dump me in which case they are not aware it is not yet time to do their stuff for them as well i.e. they do those things because they think they are feminists and it will improve when I move into that their stupid right and dig it to hell as well. The other side has resonance with what has been happening in China; where instead of telling the Chinese there are three kinds of people in their country-the Leaders and the Law abiding people and them the rebels, they tell the Chinese what stories they like and build up perceptions to come round here and bully people with, the result being that in order to ensure rich do not crush the poor in China we have inadvertently played a major role in China boom and it is not clear exactly what they expect me to do about that now. They have ruled me for as much as they like with their rebellion and so will I rule them with the law as well, no such thing as full to my neck with problems. In the end I suppose it eventually boils down to how old idiots who make such things up in the form of excuses as a selfish young person that is trying to make a living under their supervision, not caring about other peoples fame and when other people are getting attention; with respect to me of which the big matter is how wrecking my finances in order to have me and this boy who takes penalties from them each time he misbehaves which interferes with their fame because I will not work as a team when trying to make money has become an arguments which means I will not take revenge for the damage on account I have gone along with it and of course specifically to the matter of academic work, each time they always know better I am likely to leave it for them and eventually it will become something serious when people are too old for academic work but a conditions has been created where I am not interested for what the sexual insults of their women are worth and am still keen on them doing it for what they have done to me as well - the sort of stuff about which you happen to get to push people with their corruptions especially media idiots to the point where you push them until you end up killing them.