Of course I am aware the story told about how I have been bent into a condition whereby I am seeing what the Republicans and Anti Monarchists or even Scottish Nationalists have been talking about but then again the compared ease with which I resolve problems they have not all their lives just means they need to pass more insults at me. So that is what they all think while the reality is that I am aware on the other hand, contrary to popular disposition, that everything done and said of me in Public is all made up, so there is no such thing as getting into other peoples mannerism and thought process – so what really works with these kinds of insults is when I enforce my purposes around the ones on the right being the ones that were beaten by the job high fliers on the left while the ones on the left were beaten by home and community people on the right, it works every single time; it is cruel of course but I have had enough of this stuff and want them to leave me alone. It’s not a complicated matter, just the simple one whereby if they kept the cultural problems associated with their millions out of my concerns, there would have been no problems at all in the first place but we all know this is half the problem because even if I do take up those matters and resolve them, I will end up with a reputation that goes around picking things off peoples business to get rich and then when I get about my own problems at business they drive past me and stick their own in like I am a piggy bank they will harvest later and then have a real problem with me writing and selling my Books for a living simply because I will make a living doing so; hence obvious that beating them down all of the time is the only way to protect my livelihood and maybe academic work too and at this stage I am very, very livid about it all and do not wish to have them tell me nonsense about being bent into a condition that understands what they have been talking about, it is definitely looking for trouble. In the end the reality has always been that if people work for others and are always bringing cultural problems into the establishment, then the reality has to be either that they love to do such a damage or that they have their own business which is actually more important and this is not what is happening between me and my brokers, what is happening is ego insults from entrepreneurs about having enough money to buy a Royal Estate and then telling me my actions are cruel when none of it really is any of their business all together; I have tolerated it a decade and a half and do not wish to anymore, it is not going to change and I need to move on. They do say I put cultural problems on the lap of my employers all the time and of course it has no basis on reality or truth, such a claim; what is true is that my Employer will have created certain shenanigans that result in those things I want to talk about when I speak to friends and family about work for instance and so that is what it is and anything that turns up near or around it from an external source is looking for social networking website, which of course does not make the owners famous as it were. It is said that I pretend to be the victim in the matter but the fact is rather that I actually am.

So the problem with the EU is that the Government wants to be able to govern and control people and it is incredibly annoying as well since the real problem was always the behaviour these block heads have to stop on other people’s lives and property damaging of which gives them a lot of fin sensibility that is good for their personality; so when it was fun for them was when they decided when they wanted to stop it, when they decided they would never stop it in a condition where the outcome was that they did not intend to cause me harm; so if they want to feel that getting elected means being able to control the Country I suggest they need to stop these kinds of fun when they have not yet damaged my academic work and finances bearing in mind normal human beings behave in such ways consistently on a daily basis. Then there is the question of the behaviour exactly i.e. I have written my Books and may have taken steps to expose it to the public before it was written to a certain degree because they needed it and now I need a certain period of seclusion to prepare, before I start to sell it all over again and what they are fond of doing is extending that period in a matter of years because the way I will react and feel frustrated will be amusing and whether or not I co-operate with their needless needs no matter what they have as we all know, they will become even richer and have everything they have ever dreamed of, wherefore the fact they never did before I came along was due to the fact I had failed to co-operate in the first place to my delight – nobody knows why people feel the sensibility they might kill those who badly handle their livelihoods while at the same time treating other persons lives and property in such ways, all I know is that I have my back against a brick wall and know exactly how they want me to get out of it too – their stupidities need to stop when it has not yet damaged finances and academic work, so they don’t have to kill anybody with that big mouth: I mean the whole thing always plays out as the sense that they know where my Books are and my tummy will therefore never do anything I want it to do because they own it yapping all of the time and so they can get on National Media and roll out paragraph after paragraph of my Books without buying them in order to sell stock markets and do advertisement and so this sense that their Empires and Millions and livelihoods always means that the cultural problems associated with having a business must always come from their livelihoods and end up in mine and even when I take those matters up and resolve them to write my Books, nobody knows why they damage the sales as if I signed a contract with them that says they can touch it either and I am really fed up with it at this point, while they have a difficulty understanding that I am – so that every single time I think about the problem properly, what comes through is the fact that unless these guys and their sidekicks that turn up at Public transportation and Media are in pain over this matter, I will never ever protect my academic work and finances and business and will therefore never ever get any project finished, any sales and contract process completed. The other side of this story being that each time I raise the matter, they are certain to put up that behaviour at me which says I need to assess how much power they have got first before I give it a try but then again of which if they had that much power they would not have been chasing me all the way to the EU – I have to wake up every day to that nonsense about those they want to control and I am sure they understand how irritating it is at this point as well. So kept us replay out the facts as it stands i.e. they said their stupid insulting money will not run out and so far it has made celebrities very rich and I have warned them about what will come of a process where their insults in my direction gives rise to a celebrity routine on their part as well; so that the reality is that the stupid Money has now been shared as it were and no celebrity is going to damage anything here to give them a stupid sensation that they have won anything, so that when that routine had begun nobody will be surprised when I am keen to find out what they are made of as well. The fact on the ground is that these guys are not chasing this power over and controlling me EU and back – back and EU thing that they love to do using Public Office that is their personal and private property, ruining my finances and building that stupid confidence right up to the sky, in order to turn up at my Literary Empire and cling to it to build their personal wealth to dizzying heights because there is actually anything they can do about me – I am really fed up with it now.  

I did take steps and risks to go over it 9 years ago, about the fact that I am aware they are thinking they will do nothing at the Offices of their various insulting Empires, if they can sacrifice my Royal Estate to make their 21st Century Markets instead. I did inform them that what they are supposed to do for a recession is put aside their assets lest it gets damaged and go back to building relations with consumers – I am not responsible for the fact their limitless money is now running out and whoever created them the idea that I need to do them favours because they are the ones that can create revenue for the Country must have been as insane as they are: They do say everything I have said has just been taken over and subverted by people who know a better use for it and those people is still they all together - its utter nonsense because these are the idiots who want to rule others; we all know theirs lives are run on one basis only i.e. always been seen doing something to be powerful, developing a paranoia of those who have what they do not as a sensibility that helps them manage any disruption to their stupid power and then attacking me along with opportunistic idiots who attack me for doing anything about them immediately after, claiming that if allowed, I will take away any little power that they who have suffered injustice developed for themselves and I have made myself clear about favours I need do them and the insanity of those who suggest it and the fact I am really fed up with it as well.