Now I am said to be completely unable to understand the plight of women. The truth on the other hand rather being that women are the most prolific in terms of activity when it comes to such things as making sure others dropped out of school and got caught up with culture and society goons, such that when over time the persons had become insane enough, culture and society goons may then have something to occupy themselves with – hardly the activity worthy of a group of people that make up over 90% of sexual assault victims. About sexual assault of which the tale is largely that of some quick hitting somebody and running away which adds up to sexual assault while what really happens is holding somebody down and inflicting tiny wounds all over their body, then run away and hope never to get caught, concerning which most people are confused when we know that all serious assault could have been stopped by the perpetrators, within the first five minutes but never was stopped by them and that sexual assaults always last more than five minutes in all cases; my point being that these people do what we see them do as a matter of a calculative process of hunting down somebody whenever they covet something of the person all together, most times it’s the politicians that show up to support them when they had failed to think about their finances in the process and women are the most prolific group of people who support them and tackle what they claim are small men who can do a lot of work but cannot defend themselves from violent situations, hardly the sort of activity that a group known to make up 90% of sexual assault victims should be engaged in the way we see them do. Then there are other results such as the Men who decide when I will be doing things for women and such fools will be engaged with such things on one hand, ripping up my whole life and career while they will be engaged with the business of small men who can work and cannot defend themselves from violence to ensure their pathological fear of work made them millionaires – in my case of which there is ample hate for me out there because the women don’t know to know these male goons are not their part of society, even when they cannot keep their hands to themselves when they get off the day job and claim my existence prevents them from becoming super stars, while the male goons are complaining about insecurity, claiming I am a violent person. The Politicians are like a page from future history or something like that, when they turn up at University to wreck the academic work to allow these goons access to my person, stand up on National budget day to announce Millions of pound for Education, employ somebody and pay them tends of thousands of pounds as Education minister and then make out I am difficult to get along with – same as the others at the Monarchy who know there are people The Queen does not want anything to do with at the Monarchy but when they claim I have done everything to accept liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel on the fields, its about me taking care of such persons and still they say the same of me too i.e. that I am difficult.

Generally however they rest it all with a sense that irrespective of what I say, I still have the upper hand in the matter, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that when they perform these deeds and I talked about it, the business of just talking about it then feeds into a case of their position if push came to shove, which criminal opportunistic twerps love to take advantage of and this shows no signs of getting better until it had ended horribly. We see the Media and Celebrity ones do the same in their own way i.e. the problem is that I am a failure trying to get along with successful people, while we all know it started with the business of Church people thinking they were powerful but can only build big churches for their Conveniences and civil rights, now it has progressed to the part where their need to show they were important while I never make the mistakes they made when they were younger being the fact that supports their sense of obsession with making a mess of my life for the purpose of being increasingly famous and they finish it by setting out that they have done these things before, the corruption of involvement based vandalism and are familiar with the consequences which have now applied but did not think it would have applied in my case as they were far too superior for it to with respect to me – so my view has always been that since they were superior and important and successful while I was not, they do need to give me my space and keep away, as what I do with my success is none of their business altogether if they cared. This then feeds into a case of how I omit the actual reasons that they target me, which reasons are that my Books appear to be an important thing in their great plan to set up an arrangement in the City with their names and that of their Sons on it but their biggest problem is the respect I will get if they bought the Books – feeds then into the story of how I fail to understand the plight of women, since this is another group that do not read Books. As for the Publicity matters, what we find is that I have a Literary Empire and use my social Media to manage matters whereby I broker equities with large multinational companies among others, where I manage anything I do with Celebrities picking up bits of my Public work to make popular culture that supports people in mainstream employment arena but people have decided I will earn nothing unless I started spending money on advertisement like they always insultingly and abusively think that other peoples lives are about them – no idea then what they think I am meant to spend money on advertisement for with what I have, ripping up my sales for their stupid needs but it seems that criminals are also aware the system works in such a way that if they wanted a share of my money and market they helped me sell the Books to get that share and every time they did these activities, the reality is that their careers were talking for the criminals.

So, I am told that I am a character that goes and really goes, and I would never understand where they get the idea its what I am like from. What happens is that they fail to understand my botched academic work over their foolish practical joke and more so the fact they had not become overtly successful people from it that will stop bugging me since, has such consequences as one where I become a character that can make sense of the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of society and culture trouble makers, to sit around shooting up my own stress levels all by myself – it does not make people happy enough to tolerate more of the practical jokes and these are the facts they are finding out too. I mean some of them say I pass up slavery and slave trade issues but I really don’t; we all know none of us were born during that time and so have no idea how it really worked, my guess is that based on what we know of human trafficking today, it was absolute horror especially for black people who were traded as slaves – what these goons do with it is the same stupidities we see them exhibit on racism i.e. they have been fighting racists their size when they are bigger than you, thereby keeping you alive, deserve more privilege and your income margins and these sorts of gimmicks being played up around matters of slavery and slave trade is that which the Politicians and other leaders will not naturally want to be a part of all together. We also know that it must have been a huge problem for white communities as well i.e. they had this lifestyle somebody had invented for some reason and it was about having your own black person, so they had black persons in their homes whose names they don’t know and whose family they have never met and knew these people could be dangerous if allowed to as well but it was the new lifestyle obviously, so there was a lack of direction and there was pure suspicion going on in the locality while this new accessory that was considered to be the main problem bore the brunt of it – for the blacks on the other hand, I guess it was largely a matter of going out shopping and then some people turned up to shut down one end of the street and then the other end and that was the last time they saw their parents until they died in an existence which was pure horror; none of us have experienced this sort of thing let alone lived in the daily pain and suffering and the cut throat Politics that went on with it as well, so we would never know and it does not do to talk to people as if you were there looking disingenuous endlessly. This said, the reality of the society we live in is that there is a part of white society that wants to make profitable the history of slavery and slave trade and the part of black community that thinks it is a bummer has been clear about its position as well and this is the real way in which we should think of slavery and slave trade issue or any other forms of racism associated with such things, not take sides. I might be told that having said such a thing I have played the game the Politicians have wanted me to naturally, which is utter rubbish; it seems that unless I embark on the business of making sure I fill in their own rest gaps with work endlessly that is not going to pay them as well, their behaviour at the legislature will never improve and there is nothing more to it than that – their problem presently is that their bottom hurts and they think they hate my guts for it, in much the same way I like to make out it had something to do with the Monarchy, so I get to ask them about their bottom every time they offend me.

 The popular and celebrity culture twerps with their fashion fools will claim this is another instance in which people can handle my health, cause me pain, handle my Books and earnings, having seen what I can do, want me to serve them with it in a condition where there was no contract or any kind of contact which was a dream come true but the same condition applies as they are complaining about private security industry that means their bottom hurts all of the time – I see them brag that big mouth all over the place, the main point at which criminals run me down because my Royal Order means I am good at fighting back and know nothing of looking for trouble, which they want to learn from as well, as stupidly as possible and I understand their ability to churn my tummy because of it has become their most prized possession too, all I am saying is that the smell is what happens when they do it and is the responsibility they are supposed to take for doing it – touching me because of this smell will likely drag it on to more serious consequences as it were; it needs to smell its handy work as it were and stop blowing off that big mouth unnecessarily. I do get told I hate and tackle every person that has supported me on this but we all rather know what happens goes beyond trapping some kid and working him on social issues to the death which is not what they have been able to put beyond their stupid fantasies as such; they love their private security industry corruption and cannot have enough of stirring up the juvenile kids in a bid to create problems for me that helps them look after its career prospects and this is why we clash because they play their own parts churning my tummy and helping me out every time they see me, as stupidly as possible, especially the Public transportation goons. The Point is the sheer criminal content of characters that get involved with me and have no plans to buy my Books in the process – generally it means the Books solved a problem and the audience cannot access it so it does solve the problems but the problems never get solved, however which it goes beyond this and is not really a big problem for me as they have made out since the point at which Politicians spent tax payer funds on their financial needs at local community quango, is not the stage at which they were in need of money and self-confidence – this is not their lives and I do not write their Books, failure to comply means that self confidence is not the only thing I will completely destroy around here as well and the Politicians alongside the Celebrities can follow me around at the academic institutions again obviously, find out if I am never going to ensure they got the trouble that they sought from it. They do speak of reasons behind these actions naturally but the only reason behind it is that they want my income margins and if they took it a business of Intellectual property administration with private equity as main agent will not have been destroyed, so it’s a stupidity they believe to be their civil rights getting around Industrial communities with insults about how nobody knows who I am all of the time – this other nonsense about filling in my rest gaps with social issues work is a gimmick that cracked up out my league loves to play and blow off the big mouth because it thinks its worst nightmare are those who pick a fight with its stupidities during carnival. So in the end its an old story, that if my wife was pregnant or had recently given birth, I would want to take a Beer from the Freezer and sit down at the backyard letting it all drip away – obviously I have to imagine that if she is a white person, this must be possible as well, hence never really mystery that when people fail to integrate, it is really a flawed sense of what is right and what is wrong at work.

The Politicians have said that I have used the internet to evade all the obstacles that would have prevented me from keeping a Royal Commission being the low life that I am but it is utter nonsense – what I do with myself have always ran in the Family; my Dad was the Rector of  Polytechnic and his Dad was the Headmaster of a High School during Colonial times, my Mums Dad was a Headmaster of a more prestigious High School than the one My Dad’s Dad was a Headmaster of during Colonial times, so I know the career and academic world back to back, every stupidity that makes them such a bunch of incredibly destructive an educated idiots of other peoples lives and property. The case is that I chose the internet to do my work by, I though it flexible enough to let me avoid most of their stupidities and not long I was complacent about the extent to which their insanity would take itself and they had done lasting damage when I was at University, so I could decide I wanted revenge but being that I had already planned to work in the internet, it was flexible enough to let me handle their madness as such, so it really has nothing to do with the internet when the fact their stupidities exist generally means that I am unable to remember the last time I dressed up properly and travelled off to somewhere important without being followed around and the outcome being that I smelled like my loo, as stupidly as they can get. They do claim it puts me in a difficult position naturally but we have also seen them brag about such damage being done to peoples lives working in terms of their worst enemies being those who show up later on to take back careers that had been taken from them with that big mouth and so we find the Managers and CEOs who want to employ and get around with playboys and playgirls that show up here to fool around with my concerns until they caught their breath alongside their community idiots and continue to fool around still, blabbing nonsense of how when I get away with handling their Celebrities it is a sign of luck until it goes horribly wrong; so for now its simple fooling around with my concerns until I end up with an eating disorder, my tummy ulcer gets worse because I developed haemorrhoids, while they catch their breath around me like I am in an effing situation all day long as their energetic stupidities can go, it has nothing to do with the internet and they are not faring too well either – I am very well aware on the contrary that as long as people spy on me, my work will go out before it is ready, end up in the wrong hands and make trouble for me and everybody else but the idiots responsible are clearly part of the Monarchy as well which is why the Politicians cannot be free of complaining about it for the part I have to play in the matter, besides which what their stupidities love to chase about all the time was never their own public image.

I do get told I can handle these matters but prefer to play with it and leave everybody in misery, which is rather beside the point; I want these guys to pick up jobs at the Armed Services not get of my case and move about handling anything – they have themselves even come to a stage of telling me I had lost Royal Allies when they are the ones making a mess of every small business woman that does not appreciate a process of them becoming so incredibly important while working for Her, on account they have been messing around with me and the result of doing this is this out come where their bottom hurts due to the fact ethnic minorities look like they need their own task force before they were able to behave properly. They have been informed endlessly that there are Families at the Top of British Society and there are Families at the Bottom and both spectrums are essential parts of the Monarchy but it’s never important. It feeds into this case of the threats and harms that people face on the Internet which is a matter that is wholly about the fact the safest way to work on the Internet has always been to meet and get around only with people that you have previously met, mine is a bit different, since I have these Companies I have brokered Equity with and when they see my Profile they will follow it, likewise will I start to follow them one after the other until I follow them all at some point for my part – the dangers are that somebody works in Google or in Twitter, he has this Cousin that wants to be rich and famous, so he grabs peoples Public image for his Cousin, or wants to express the full extent of her twisted little mind’s ideas about homosexuality, so will pillage the Public image of a Statesman to build the personality of a Celebrity working behind the scenes and leaving as much public municipality chaos as possible, when they find I am trying to sell my Books, they destroy it and find somebody’s Books or Music CDs to sell on my markets instead – so its never really some ill raised person with very bad behaviour insulting and abusing people on social media causing the harm as they claim that it is either and so have I warned them that doing mine will mean that I find their own in the real world and break it too, which is what they are now complaining about. I have made it quite clear if marketing Companies wanted a share of my market, they would help me sell my Books and get it, I do not need to spend money on any stupid Advertisement when I have a Literary Empire, a Royal Office and Broker Equities with Multinational Companies, this should answer the case of their incessant insults about how the British Government needs to control their out of control son.