So officially my position on racism is very unclear but it does not need to be, there is no racism going on only people being so ruthless over matters of greed and money that others have decided racism was better since it is an evil they are familiar with, so that when told it is racism they accept it when it really isn’t. So when I say they are looking for proper racism since it is clear when it comes to money they will use absolutely anything I know what I am saying because of course the need these fools have to adopt a disposition where they are fundamentally intolerant of anything that makes them uncomfortable while they assume ownership of other people’s lives and property and even personal space means that the use of racism to make money is not out of the question for them. Personally I like to say there must be a way I can get around to my own concerns without having to deal with their frustrations, their problems, the evils of their society and their needs and since they have no plans to comply, they end up complaining about that stupid culture and society instead since I have no plans to put up with it when it is not nice to me as well. The complaint is that I damage it of course but it is largely a matter of psychological warfare with them every single moment as it were and the journalist ones specifically turn up to get involved with my personal life – I mean their need to handle me violently and win awards this year gets to that point and they never ever listen not least in terms of not drawing diagrams of Mohammed let alone cartoons, to talk nonsense about freedom of speech and so it becomes a matter of the fact when people wreck your finances and chase you around over some ruthlessness of theirs concerning money matters, it is something about a piece of you they seek breaking you down every time and whenever they feel they are up there issue threats with a big mouth which threats is the point I usually have enough for them for my part too – so as it stands what annoys them about me whose personal space they are using to make their great journalistic selves comfortable and whose personal lives they are deploying for any purpose they wish black and white alike is that when I look at them they get nervous and so we have this condition where they have no plans to get out and get lost rather than hang around and talk nonsense alongside those cry of the devil complains we cannot be free from all the time. So what I am saying is that it is not racism. Its rather simple i.e. when you want know what their problems is you have to think of it in terms of where they spend their media money that ensures they assume you buy the equipments to watch them with so they can talk through to you looking for trouble; you have to think it in terms of where they have holidays and that therefore means they can meet witchdoctor somewhere and ask for power that will make a revolution successful which of course is the basis for all the violence we see them wrought in bubbles where there are no rules that they have created around my person and possessions, so it is obvious as a public life begins to emerge from this career things will get a lot worse. The fact they are beginning to move it down the path of racism does not surprise me as such; it’s the same old story about hero killers who cannot do anything about the bad guys doing the evils that is in their nature to do for personal gratification and we all know they have a problem with women too which is the part of them I don’t want to be aware of for my part as well. They do say I say so but have no way of explaining the things we see young people do – which means they are so far out of touch with those they bully to make money and win awards that they are not aware of young people complaining the Country has become very unsafe for them all together and it’s not just a matter of paedophilia which is not that far detached from their Television nonsense either – I mean if you see a large stone in a air coming in, if you don’t push somebody that will be hit out of the way you can warn them to duck and cover but these idiots just have a need to handle you and hold your head up against it because they are making money and winning awards and then issue those stupid big boy threats as well and this would make sense to anybody who hears me say I don’t want to have to deal with any of the evils of their society and will likely hurt them mortally before this matter improves and I stop getting targeted by it and by their disobedience as well.

They do say there is an impending danger following me and now I have realised it and gone off to do some of the things that it demands that I do on matters like child abuse and Islamic extremism but that does not bother me in anyway – just a case of he who thinks he has a working class wickedness that can take me on turning up to find out if he can put an end to all these yapping that we have to put up with all the time, until then they need to put their money where their mouth is and keep off my book sales as well. I hear people say it is widely thought that I am an evil man but that is not an usual issue; it’s just reality that the claim God does not exist and the devil does not exist is all false and I know it and they know it, except that they are in service of the devil and I am not – so we live in a tolerant society and people can serve which masters they want and for us Christians you don’t mess with peoples choices as commanded in the Bible but it is clear their choice involves pillaging my Christian personal life and public image and reputation, so the first part of this was to detach them from their master the devil so they can decide which ones they are doing by their own decision and in each occasion we find that they want to do the devils work on me with their own hands and that is what this is all about; so they complain about their culture and society but their strongest means to psychological warfare they are so fond of that is then followed on by threats is largely developed around hurting people that are loyal to me from a distance so as to develop that sense it is in somebody’s interest I don’t get a job and or sell my books as well – so I cannot actually see why they complain anyway. For now their working class wickedness needs to keep to the job and the payment of the taxes as it were. The prognosis has always been as simple as the fact that while they are minding their own business a Christian or religious person can just turn up and say something really wise they had no choice but listen to since they are not deaf and that it changed their lives when they didn’t want to change their lives and it is war from religious people but half the time you sit on a Computer writing a book they are searching you endlessly and reading your thoughts by teasing you and exasperating you to a fault to build that zone that you must avoid if you want to do well academically and not get stupefied into being an idiot or losing your mind, which becomes harder and harder to avoid the more Politicians are sympathetic to their stupidities – they say they do it because everything that has never before been heard or seen belongs to them. So I have had enough of them and so far have decided to get into that zone to find out what it is they can do and they have responded with tales I am some guy with horns and a pitch fork and an arrow tip tail. They seem to have enough of me all the time my anus and penis and tummy and head and chest and so on endlessly but I did get into that zone that I did not create and they don’t teach at Church and I was not born with which is taking over my life as it were to find out what they will do and have since been writing books too – have enough of me they do, it is insanity beyond comprehension and they have not met people that will set off a social case in which they should be treated like rubbish yet as it were, they want to take over my life. It is ever so difficult to see how being a Christian should mean people can savage your academic work like they wish to, hard to see how it means they can do whatever they like with your finances and employability – they are having enough of me and its a story you couldn’t make up as it were, after all I normally just get off and cut up 14 years of my time and waste it without reason or purpose; no part of it is unusual, an atmosphere of idiots messing up everything in your life could only have been created by those that are as close to you as family not some random idiots on media, so it is one of the clearest indications they are insolent and abusive to a fault and that is all there is, nothing like the assumption I think they are celebrities and recommend them as role models. They do try to rally young people that will do their filthy violence for them along the lines of how I have no respect for their successes as celebrities but its nothing new – they have none for my Royal position that they claim will exist when they recognise it and so I think the idiot who told them they are famous must have lost his mind and they know without a doubt that is what I think of them; so it has never been a difficult matter to resolve, just the reality that if they might want to stay off my book sales and my employability and my general financial well being or accept that if they are planning to win awards this year and that it means I should be writhing in pain they need to stop complaining.