The Libya crisis must be managed by the America side the way they see fit according to the needs of their society, in the UK it will be managed according to the needs of UK society as well; the situation as it stands is that most of the problems in these places where there is UN mandate to do something, is largely linked to European societies. Hence America takes a back seat in the matter for now. I for my part have been clear about the fact if people use my securities to create products (legitimate and illegitimate products such as guns which are sold to gangs, such things of which I would never approve etc) at the end of the day, their statement is that it is just a product and if their statement on the product goes beyond this, I will have my share of the proceeds from it one way or another and their businesses and corporations will be subjected by me to remitting the cost of the opportunity cost based decision I will take because of it, likewise if any buys their products and makes such statements too; they will pay as well and then they can all get together to do whatever they like. As far as I am concerned it must stop and one way or another it will.

As for media trouble makers it is clear that I have beaten them up so badly they don’t know which way to turn any more; left or right. Hence their powers always lie in conflict zones, where they can spin violence and mock people and attack their health because they are statesmen; in the end it is clear I don’t like to get into a fight over women and they never use their ears.

Where it affects government here in the UK is that they think they are friends with my Queen but I am waiting after those years of destroying my finances and academic work to get haciendas out of my life and failing to create jobs because they want all the money in the world for themselves, for the day they will go too far choosing her friends so I can get my go ahead in a big way over that their insolent world of men.

In the end all there is for now is a collection of rich people ripping me away from my own life and habitat to saddle me with the fulfilment of all these dreams of things I will like to do to rich people when they hurt me and when I write books about it, poor people refuse to buy those books which they ensure others cannot get access to anyway. The British Head of State had to back track to get businesses onside once again. Thus for me they all know what they have dished out here and at some point I will stop giving out the warnings that are meant to keep people off my income so I might close that opening that allows fascism to thrive.

The method by which I calibrate this is when I use the copyright sign on my writings which always results in claims from them I am the joker that things people will respect copyrights to my work that I give myself, but since I do not use this sign on everything I write I fail to see what the joke is by the way.