The coalition does not intend to arm the rebels to take over the country necessarily, that will upset the social system in Libya the result of which no body can predict. The prime function of the operations are to ensure that the Rebels are scary enough to keep Gaddafi from murdering them and if arming them comes into the equation, then that will have to happen.

The idea that what Gaddafi and his people have been saying has made any sense is a supposition that has no foundation on fact; we all know that when somebody shoots another person who is unarmed the reason behind it is a lack of respect for the person, which has degenerated to the point where he cannot respect his right to be a living breathing person not a dead one. So there are always those balances in society which ensures that when you are the most powerful and also realise there is somebody that can put up a good fight, it also prevents you from doing the wrong thing and doing a bad thing:Tyrants on the other hand exist in other planet, so they always do everything to take this away in order to be the one and only for the bad thing, then suddenly don’t want to be known for the bad things because of other things they want to be one and only for as well, so it goes on and on and on. Pro Gaddafi people complain women were abused by members of the rebel forces, I have no doubt it has happened:-it was bound to in a society where He has been one and only and has all that militia and military loyal to him, there are always going to be women who will take advantage of it to abuse and insult any man they like to push them to the point where their right to life cannot be respected and for no reason whatsoever and there will always be some men who cannot stand it.

The notion Gaddafi is listened to is not an application of a process of stroking the ego of a great man, it is the fact he did not just fall off from no where, he came from somewhere; he is a leader of a certain group of people still and it is the rights of those people that are being respected by the UN, NATO and the Coalition.

The idea everything to ensure people have a normal way of life will die at the doors of the Libyan dictator, while others like him will survive does not actually apply; that would only have been the case if all of them were about to resort of copying the Libyan dictator's style, in which case if they did, whilst it would mean that they have chosen secure self improvements, it would also have meant the Coalition knows everything about their defences because there has been so much time spent at the Libyan dictators place to study them.