The Politicians are really fond of this tale of how the proper elected British government relates with the world which has nothing to do with my type all together, it causes so much anger because it is incredibly rude, as we all know they were there when the Queen’s Speech was read and have their own business to mind but then again which is an old story about Politicians thinking they are an enigma when they are just another person’s child on the streets, getting into government buildings to restrict peoples finances and enjoy the reaction they get when people feel undercut at their basic instincts. It is not actually a difficult thing to handle them either i.e. find out where their extra sources of income are and where the diplomats keep those shops and warehouses and you will be well on your way, do it right and it will only serve a process by which you got into University to pass exams and get a top job as well – I do not for my part intend to go back into University with a sense of assumption that not taking out practical activity on such things is actually the way to complete my study and I have warned them to note they had better not followed me around this time as it were. The matter itself is not a crisis, it just the way they make themselves and then come across with pre-developed ideas about what others are concerned with everyday; whereby there is proper elected British government getting along with the world, which is not my type as such and generally means thereof that they are unofficial chiefs of the rude people and make me want to get ready and pull their intestines during election day.

Much the same as the story of Julian Assange and how I simulate ideas about being Royalty until I start to act like one and take things over when we all know he knows so much about the law he is stuck in the Ecuador embassy over charges of sexual assault – just like they ripped up peoples livelihoods over passiveness of government surveillance but are not the scumbags getting all the jobs at CCTV security employment, which also means others have no right to feel good. As for explaining what my life is; it’s an old story where people like these assume lots will happen to me if somebody calculates them into a corner and harms them seriously for these insults whereas the chances are that nothing whatsoever actually will – I am a 36 year old diplomat that has to attend school and has a life from which those who handle his security must develop the means by which they embody the security and get the job done and then there are the Court people and celebrities who are not part of that world on the aspects of it which concerns public image – after that, there are Women who do not want to get into relationships over Loyalty to me and others who get into relationships because they get together with some mean to beat up people who throw around insults like these; so obviously writing Books does not hurt you but I do nothing about all these violent attacks because I simply do not wish to do anything about it; it does not mean thereof I am likely to tolerate them for eternity as such.

So they say Politicians actually want Parliament to be a conducive place for government – I wouldn’t know anyway; it can be if the shop floor does not become the wheeling dealing stage for every barely criminal and criminal goon I have denied of organised crime business which has forced them to get off using their money to run legitimate businesses as we thus did need their gun as it were, to get out of the recession, being that not everybody wants to play around with the bit where one way or another economy is giving and taking money from organised crime – it was a good thing I should say but when they want to deploy this position as a means of persecuting those who have stood up to them Politicians can also decide to facilitate it for them or not if having parliament as a good place for government does actually matter. I personally couldn’t care less; it is possible to work out of economic crisis without using such methods but I cannot stare out of my window onto the brick wall next door without my head being full of violence and questions and of course it is not actually the writing of Books that hurts my tummy and my bottom all day long either. They do say it has taken me all I had and all my time to get to this stage which is utter nonsense; the celebrities were supposed to get it right but each time they deploy my Business Empire property to entertain the world, they set a stage for a property I could never have had and make it impossible for me to sell my Books; I have had to start all over again and it is obvious I am working with more American than I am with British ones as well, perhaps I will then sell Books and create a means by which the British ones can be replaced by the fans too; I know they say they will fight this but I am clearly mentioning it on grounds I want people to change my mind as it were – bearing in mind the number of time Church duties meet at the precise point where a celebrated idiot needs to leave me alone and return to their families for a while around here. It’s much the same with the Politicians who have no clue what their jobs description is blabbing at me about which one is my type and which one is proper elected government and yapping after that of how the answer to all things is apparently to threaten me with that big mouth they have got – they never have a sense of what they must do whenever we see them get entangled with what matters, which is pretty much every day but then again of which other peoples leadership is never good enough as well. So they say that even when I say such things I do not respect the rights of organised criminals but we all know that the point at which I should start to get this kind of attention was the one where I traded with neighbourhoods and then Towns and then Cities and then Nations and reached a point where I had some fame for what I am doing and not publicity built up by media fools who want to divulge it to somebody that is more worthy to begin with – so they are now the ones spreading the Gospel of Christ when they do not want to as well, it’s exactly the same amount of disruption that they cause here. The Media ones take it too far and that is why I drag them back to where they make a mess and force them to set it right so they can get around the world complaining and seeking privileges of injustice. As it stands for instance, everybody has been led to believe I am preparing the world for King Trump but the truth is rather that these are idiots I detach myself from each time I have been doing very well at Government work and my Academics and I need to ensure this happens for longer periods of time, especially over matters of finances – they do say it becomes ever so difficult to understand the British but they are being really rude, beside these actions I have taken, they would have in an otherwise eventuality been telling their civil rights lies with profits attached at this stage.

So I do get asked if I believe myself to achieve much by generally getting around being as rude as these people are but I am actually not being rude, what I am doing is documenting the rude and the ones that have cost me will be the ones that those responsible get to pay for as well and the only time in which they will not will be an occasion where I am allowed to concentrate on my studies or if I fail my exams can put my hand on heart and say that something I didn’t do with respect to my studies is solely responsible for my failure. I mean normally I do not have to respond to it but what actually happens is that Politicians rip up my finances and give them money so they can taunt me after abusing me and then get off on Parliament and Media to tell me where I am supposed to be and it’s an old question they never really answer on the ground about how I am being attacked in the neighbourhoods because I have never been seen doing something bad by goons who would applaud me if I picked up a gun to shoot somebody considering their existence is a very useless one with a little bit of respect left apart from vice and excess they actually cannot afford, reserved for those who will pay for it – eventually culminating in other meaningful questions about how these idiots ending up around my concerns because their mates are doing better financially actually constitutes their fucking rights. This will then let me remind them which one is not their usual racism and set about starting my own as well because they soon take the whole subject into one about their lives and families being used to fix public problems and people must be picked at random and used to do the same as well in order to make them feel good and important. I do not think it is a crisis; just the question of whether I think being just as rude solves a problem getting answered very clearly. They would say that even this does not satisfy their case as well but I was actually not expecting it to for my part anyway; it is as though the problem with racism is that their Parents got rich with it and are now trying to deny them and hence it makes me develop from inability to stand those who have other ways of making use of me so as to preserve their superiority, to a point where I am making them produce answers to the questions of which is their usual racism and which are the ones developed because I have achieved something new. The reality is that I will always find out anyway and then document the rudeness; their problem is that asking leaves me the choice to say a yes or a no and they need to ask and let alone my choices and pay attention to their own. They do say that there is a way they can get away with it which is utter nonsense; the smallest and most insignificant of those would be the one where I cannot put my hand on heart and say that something I didn’t do was responsible for my failure at University; the rest are pretty much stupidities that propel people to grab other people’s property and build an empire with, that their victims will understand better than they do. So does it mean I am playing the race card? Of course not; it’s the extreme left and extreme right and both are usually manageable most of the time, the problem is the third factor of greedy people who always ensure they steal what they want and kill what they like and so on –I have been clear about people building popular culture empire right across this Royal Estate from the US to Japan again, if they have the guts for it – otherwise mostly, I am running the show. The one issue that continues to threaten me and create the sense I am not in control is male journalists and television personalities; I have done a fabulous jobs with crime rates, so they will use it to bend me to their will, same with government and industry trouble makers and same with celebrities and no amount of times I tell them it is completely unnecessary dissuades, we have only just reached a point where I am coming to that ground at which handling Media fools becomes something which makes sense. For now apparently one of the greatest motivation for a process of acting to ensure Industry and government trouble makers as well as criminals and celebrities overwhelm me is actually the humour and this will only last for as long as when this starts to hurt; the Court and access to it is female only – they are not actually as stupid as they make themselves out to be and certainly can hear what other people are saying to them. So it’s like when they say I have started off badly with the Trump Presidency as well; it’s an old story – where the Trump Administration is concerned, it’s a case of the hurting bottoms Obama Administration which was about to be replaced by the abusive Democrats will go to any lengths to achieve their aims Hilary one being upstaged by the American people, which the Democrats believe is surprising; as for me personally, it is an old story of antagonising the British leading to destitution and murder and it seems detaching from these kinds of idiots all over the world, especially in the US are what we see as those points in time when I had done really well at academics and Government business; it is working exactly the same way it normally does i.e.. I have placed myself at a spot where my primary position is to ensure that President Trump makes what he promised happen whereas the truth is that, it was actually one of those times when I really excelled at Government business because I had detached myself from them – they are obviously back again and I am not really hitting or beating my high score as such.

So I used to think I only ever do well when I keep the Americans out of my concerns but it so turns out what they have described as a position that says President Trump needs to make his promises happen, is actually successes being envied which emerged from a process of having located the real people I need to keep out of my concerns. It’s an old story where the blacks say I like to act dangerous and tough when I am not while it has nothing to do with that i.e. it’s a matter of somebody spending his youth on drugs and similar stuff and when he grows up, sets eyes on me and starts violent lasciviousness concerning his kid on whom his future depends and whenever I do not co-operate find myself being ostracised from black society and its food and drink and sleep patterns and so on, whereby they are really good at their forceful ways of making others into vagabonds as it were; so it got to the point where they will build that popular culture empire and stretch from US to Japan across this Royal Estate if they have the guts for it too. The Whites however say they want a republic Britain but we all know that when they started that story of a need for me to be dominated before life can begin it was 2001 and they could have stopped it 4 or 5 years later but refused to because it was important to make me sick and then the sickness will be a matter of where I shouldn’t go and what I shouldn’t do and air I shouldn’t breathe to change my quality of life and ascribe to themselves, now they are complaining and want a republic Britain more than ever because they have lost everything and their disobedience is not as profitable as they had thought: I returned to the US at 21 and its not 18 or 19 where they will say you are still a new adult, there had to be a way to make these fools understand I needed to hit the ground running and start to build my financial confidence right away and yet what I have is a wasted 15  years because of their destructive nature and corruptions of involvement and they are the ones complaining. I do not think it is a crisis as a whole, it’s the one where it is possible I do these things because when a person drops out of University it actually does change their behaviour; so in my case it was impossible to put hand on heart and say it was something I failed to do that caused my failure but it was possible to put hand on heart and say that the number of society Men showing up on the streets and roads to play with me as they drive by contributed; hence they want a republic Britain as a result of my actions and it makes me wonder what I will do next as well.

So people say I am an enemy of socialism and Marxism and its utter nonsense; the reality is that when I have spent years working on something, I reserve a natural monopoly to earn money from it whenever I put it out in public, to any extent I wish, right up to the point where I am so openly wealthy that I then start to attract fame based problems and only at that stage does wealth inequality issues actually concern me. We never see socialists and Marxists spend their time dealing with racism which always only ever comes from their ideology, in the same way we never see Liberalists talk about the problems in their own lives because it is better to wash yourself off other peoples own instead; so people can share at a point where I am not wealthy enough for fame and fame based problems if they are not going to get around pulling my insides with incredible rudeness; every other nonsense on this matter has nothing to do with it in anyway whatsoever – worse case and I will get personally targeted by socialists and Marxists and they will rip up everything and go against their own ideology in order to amass wealth by which I can be curbed as a person, this will then have constituted some form of News but the question will never change i.e. I own a Business Empire I break it up to broker equities and sell Books for a living and they must have one good reason to explain clearly to others about why such a business cannot be financially successful but it is not up to me to do it for them instead.