We hear now that black people want to punish me for my involvement with the British Monarchy but I wouldn’t know about it anyway since it is also obvious that I want to punish black people for ripping up the finances of my Royal Estate and Literary Empire by being a global market mob justice nuisance; it is always more important than getting a job obviously because their victims can be made to do something about racism while they sort out their stupid financial problems with civil rights. So they think that having Politicians tie down every facet of my life for them to build a history of getting confident at hurting me has come to mean they are predisposed to punish and I think they are bluffing as well. I mean when did this whole matter of society men and their insults become reality anyway, how did my own skin colour become a curse to me on account they exist when it really isn’t a curse at all and who is really in charge around here? So the basics are simple; noise making all over is good but standing in front of the Arch prince to tell him the world is an evil place and because people always do evil things for women he is a loser and always will be because of course it has to be the invention of route through which I will get punished by them with that big mouth as it were. Mostly of which it’s a simple case of dealing with twisted and evil people that have removed everything that suggests their behaviour towards me is wrong and everything that may suggest they need to stop it because I am a Christian that their wickedness wants to harm on account they find it amusing to do so but then again I am still content with the fact people cannot tell the difference between Popular culture and the rest of the world today as a result of my actions. It’s the same old story where I am a man and as a soon as I am done with foolish men who have a need to bully me because they think they are more important, I am automatically caught up with the women ones but the reality being that they are not and live for that whole process where I am expected to lay a government office at their feet so they can make gay from it – so in terms of the punish, the real question is whether they think they are leading as it were. It has never been a problem but they have to understand they had destroyed my academic work extracting their gay, have not paid for it and there is no way that I will be punished by them in this life or the next life with that big mouth as such – so I have very think patience for any rubbish from them as a result of it. I hear talk of the gay I have extracted from people’s lives as well but that was never a matter of their insolence and what they get to hold together for me as well either – the one I extracted from their society as a whole was a matter of the same question, I did it on a push comes to shove basis as it were, so let’s see the fingering my bum what the fuck they can do about it too. I don’t like them in anyway; there simply has to be a satanic way of getting money by not working for it while extracting it in a destructive and abusive and torturing way from the lives of the religious and this story of a problem they have with the British Monarchy is an excuse that makes my chest feel like it is about to explode because it has nothing to do anything when my finances lie in tatters as a result of their involvement like we were mates – those stupidities we are forced to pay attention to by Politicians , reaching a point where it breeds popularity. Why does it seem to them that it is and should be easy when they are targeting a Christian anyway? I want them to get off my Books and clear my space and it does not matter if the Books are about them either – now they know what the insults of their popular culture girls feel like too as it were and we await what they will do about it, not talking of Mr Obama in the US that does anything about the economy and freedoms of his Country by stifling my Book sales – that is another one all together and it is building up too.
We have to remember always this silliness about the guy at University and the semi literate guy doing his job and the semi literate it into with a thing for the sense he has a culture and society and must invent stupid things he rallies a hungry crowd to think is the meaning of investment when he sets out to insert them into other people’s lives; and of course I have always made it clear my Empire is not their spare resources – they need to Politics talk about their own lives and their own problems, solve those and clear my space, not yap about their girls getting involved with me getting to mean something they will punish, it suggests extreme violence by which I can also afford their block head Politicians the absolution they seek.

The story of the Labour party tends to need settling all the time and I am not just going to go to the main point for my part either – it has to be taken in bits, taken for a long period to do financial damage and offset all that nonsense about hurting people and covering tracks by doing what is supposed to have been done to give those people justice to them, in order to stand in public places celebrating villainy energy to do things with for the Nation all the time, about which my morals and personal life are now needed to make their stupidities look beautiful but the main reason they are violent towards me will remain the same however i.e. I can never stop people tapping some of my energy and running off to get rich with or even tapping it to drive their cars and clean up their homes with as they do and guess who is all interested, if it isn’t British Mum who likes to play my Baby has returned to me whenever the wind blows on the doors of her home and of course we are here because all hell has broken lose because of it which makes me wonder what they supposed had been happening all along considering that the financially well off British Mums had gotten interested. It’s like I have to deal with their provocation and a process of being beaten every single day – the provocation I don’t respond to which they then build up on media to cost me everything and start again the day after laced with lies about how I used their own first and it will lead to an outcome whereby I take that society and culture and popularity and they will have to come to me to get it back and then it will stop especially for black Boys. The Politicians on the other hand are just really disobedient and like their people cannot leave me alone as it were; one moment they will face a thousand and one bad emails from constituents because of me: half of which I have provoked and the other half of which just want to hurt them and the next moment they will find me while I am at work and send their goons out to check my private parts by making a statement on media or on any public places. Then we hear the complains after, the followers like the leaders and vice versa. The Industry ones like to chip in and remind me it all happens because of how much lack of regard I have for their insults they channel in my direction all the time but I have no idea what they are playing at either – we all know they comprise of nothing but very disobedient men on the left especially when they have women bullied by it as well and very stupid and destructive society men on the right especially when they get their hands on peoples valuables and personal life treasures and they always consolidate their power with stupid women doing strange things for them to provide them with spiritual power, which has come to involve spying on me and reading my Books as I write them in order to know everything about my Books before they are even published or sold which of course tends to mean they never will be because they have become other people’s property; so these guys are not news to me with all that nonsense about a process whereby each time I tell people not to do a particular thing, they turn up and open my security up by doing it but a little bit and sit around getting rich by the same game which they have been playing with m y aesthetics and public life since 2002 and have never once paid for it in cash yet as it were.

So in terms of sharing what I know however, there isn’t much to it; same old minority nonsense which nobody really can get their heads around – the Muslim ones are the most volatile at the moment but the blacks are equally as much a problem. I can get about serving the people that come into a shop where I am a security guard for instance and when a Muslim walks in, my job has to change to a process of being a womaniser about which I must follow his leadership and use my own to do it so I can keep off other peoples wives and yet if I serve him the way he is and serve others the way they were being served, he has a problem but if I did serve him the way I serve others, then I open him up and that means soon enough in future he is going to return to my shop to suicide bomb something; so I do let them know I could really do without their custom as it were. It’s the same old story of making the majority comfortable while taking personal responsibility for the minority but these are some One needs to do without at all times.

Some of these things can be traced right back to the shipping yard where the goods got exported and imported and so on and this is the part that has to do with HM service all together; being an Arch Prince and having such massive influence in the Naval community – it seems to have been the case that people expect me to turn up as a security guard in a shop to live under the shadow of what they know because they are bigger or small but powerful shops and it is simply reality that things do not work like that all of the time. I mean for instance smaller international traders always have hurting bottoms and we all know it, we all know the reasons are that they are dealing with very large and powerful competition from all around them but when they come to the shop to buy things, are they exporting and importing at that particular point as well? I mean they have become quite fund of claiming I work with discount shops to put the rest out of business and make people jobless but don’t ask me why (I do get asked if I feel as though my actions are concerned with justice but it is not about justice, it is not even about whether or not at this rate the male population will run out of their insults on my account, its about the fact Black people actually want to kill me and have continued to stalk me and remove everything that implies I am a person to that effect, hence I am still the Christian that provokes them for not being beaten down when made into a sin offering to the evils of the world that will let them live and make them rich and they want to ensure I am immersed in their problems until I get murdered to ensure they have a statement which makes it all go away, with serious consequences that they are now trying to use Politics to under attached to it, it is their children that love to play the other game that they have copied from the Politicians of handling my possessions, provoking me and claiming I used their lives and property to solve my problems first, which is the same as the politicians attacking every moral people in the land and doing first the things that may be done to them to bring about justice, then get into government Office to make laws that imply other people especially their victims are criminals in the making: this is what I mean I will soon have yo confiscate that their stuff, right up to popular culture and media and society and politics and they will have to make it personal with me to get it back, so I can use their lives to fix my problems first in order to deserve it, while they find it funny since they are a handful of grouches).