I have been told I am a character who has nothing but has so little respect for the women who are on course to provide for him going forward and its incredible to think that they were unable to see that I would be capable of predicting that they might say such things. What happens here being that whilst they spend time stifling my Bookshop to get around tackling people in my life, the people they tackle are supposed to be a network of Equity brokers and workers that I have had for the best part of 12 years so far and it has now proven to be a problem I can handle easily, regardless of whether or not I had any money. The business of handling my life and concerns in such a way that I end up running my Bookshop according to their own schedule, due to years of insults associated with how they might use their money to decide how an Arch Prince lives his life, will likely be the beginning of a process on my part, to invent some very insulting activity that applies to them, through which they will live their lives the way that I want them to with the stupid money in hand.

It’s the same as the idea that I should help on drugs and social Media, which has never been an emotive issue as well i.e. I do not think that Government regulation of social media will solve the problems that come from it, I think that Government regulation of guidelines for employees and employers of social Media companies will – it may be seen as completely beeline but when somebody has been given a task to handle a free to use available to the Public on open invitation platform, for the purpose of drawing up income for the Company that owns it, is not beeline at all, it is almost a license to do anything. The only way that its need and or ability to hurt people can be stopped, is a process where we demand and are given evidence of regular contract termination when Social Media Company employees fail to follow guidelines that we have made their employers set out for them on Public safety. The drugs issue is an old story where we find that most of the business of me getting attacked by popular culture goons and entertainment Industry big wigs, it is due to what I have done to protect myself and others within my authority from the organised crime products and there is nothing more to it than that. The entertainment tycoons think they are a tool for dominating those who want to get involved while they were inferior and I think all ties to me should be severed which has now created this battle between me and the famous people that were addicted to my personality and it needs to stop as well.

I do get told when I say these things is surprising but it isn’t at all; this is what happens with Royalty – you are successful enough to square up with the Millionaires if you had to and then the possibility that if you are trusted with a Commission that can allow you run parts of the Country in your authority through private expense will have existed, facilitating the possibility that some other person of high authority may look upon you as a worthy recipient. If you are given a Commission, you then get back down to the culture and society trouble makers bits and do it well enough to merit a credit. I don’t know why people find it so difficult to see that the idea that as toys go, I am not it, is probably based on reality – I don’t know why they are unable to see that handling me in a full time job, like when social Media people say that I have not talked about the fact if social Media became powerless, people would use it as a cash cow, while the reality is that they enjoy the company of their dot com millionaire freaks than the do the rest of us who are ensnared by their social platforms and we know that these dot com millionaires and people associated with, understand that any success on social media is fundamentally based on what you did in the first two weeks of getting involved, which decides what people think of it and how people got involved with it as such, hence I have for instance ended up with a certain kind of followers that make my whole life toxic, preventing those who are really interested in what I am doing from getting involved because their businesses are based on taking advantage of and abusing people, which is largely achieved by deciding the kind of history that people should be given for showing up on the platforms. I would then be told that I am trying to mould the social media to suit my purposes as well, which is utter nonsense as they are all companies that understand very well how to turn free things into money at the market, which invalidates this story of people taking advantage of them, the way they take advantage of the Business I have which has showed up on their platforms. Hence it is more about getting my Business out of this trap and making sure if I moved on from all those ideas on how I will be spending money on social Media, my Bookshop will be stifled until they were rich, they did not get to follow me around where I went.

The rest say I have done thing to handle culture and society trouble makers successfully which is very rich coming from a handful of goons who only understand beating up mentally disturbed people as the only way to handle them – knowing I have a leadership that does it the right way, have mired my whole live in a shove piggy shove gimmicks that will set to enhance their sense of privilege which is clearly not going anywhere hence the frustration and intensely abusive behaviour. Its never true I have done nothing about culture and society trouble makers either – the reality of it is that most people think that this business of shutting off access to popularity culture and the ability of society trouble makers to engage with the corporate world, is something I have developed on a temporary basis but it isn’t at all temporary, I am set to push higher their ageist financial desperation that started since the economic crisis. The reality about Government and Public service is that its not enough for people to understand that you have the ability to solve a problem, they ought to know that you have the ability to solve that problem, otherwise you will be squeezing balloons the entire time; for instance it thinks my Office exists to cover its arse while it fools around with social and sexual corruption which wrecks my academic work and finances through Media exposure and then when its bottom hurts I came through right way – so it knows I am capable of coming through right away but his history will become something I have made into a Book to make a living by, so that he might keep away from it and if he does not accept my terms, I will sell the Books anyway. I understand what I am capable of you see, so creating and pushing up ageist financial desperation that started since the economic crisis seems extreme but a process of making sure they worked for their money and it’s the working for money bits that is paying off enough to feed them the financial support that ensures I am never free from their insults has been built to accompany it – next I will require their services to help pick on the Celebrities until we heard stories of famous people killing themselves. Otherwise it’s a simple social and sexual corruption being a tool in the hands of very destructive and abusive people that get others waiting for decades to make the simplest of decisions that allow a process of getting round to building own savings as well, in order to hold head high and walk down the streets with some dignity and there is no real reason behind it save enjoyable misogyny – none stops them getting their social and sexual corruption and I am not completely fed up with them stifling my Book sales. They target me simply due to the series of unfortunate publicity that their stupidities created and hopeful its fame will not complain now I have got the work cut out.

I have been told that my case with people have not yet improved and yes it has not, the only way that we will make progress it seems bearing in mind the need to play practical jokes at my expense is so intense that I dropped out of University over it in 2007 and have not been able to tidy up and get the career running up until 2019, is to ensure that people complain about me and then I get to tell them what the reasons are, such as when they say my case with them is not yet done, I should say they now really needed to stop following me around telling me what to do.

The boasting that there is nothing I can do sets out all sorts of things. Firstly they spend their time running a career which means they are always barging into peoples concerns to inform others of how important they are, mix, mix, mix and they may mix it up like that and ask the Police for an opinion if they wanted as far as I am concerned, for my part, they have made it clear they will not stop following me around to tell me what to do and so have I made it clear we must now make progress through a means whereby their families are no longer blissfully unaware of this nonsense, they got to complain about me and I got to explain what the reasons were. It brings up other facts about the way that I work which ensures that those who have dirverted their attention from the Celebrities they love to pick on and spent it on me instead, saw me spend time shuting down access to popular culture and Celebrity culture to deal with everything that happens because they cannot stop inventing ideas on whether I should be seen getting into trouble with people on the streets, while the culture and society trouble makers have always thought I should be out there pinning up some beautiful women they may get into a relationship with as trophy wives and then once I created my own processes to ensure I did not have to deal with too much domestic abuse we find there is a problem with the entire arrangement – what I am going to then with the goons that continue to issue threats is set out a proper public campaign to support women in this Country, so that when they spend their time making hell for everybody as usual and the process of women who have to baby their husbands to bed everyday builds a community of females that gets them complaining that women are bad, so when I ask for a check list on account I am being threatened over such theories and they started a fight, it would really make sense of the other female goons who help them out with their need to abuse people as such and like to spear head every stupidities associated with the disrespect for my personal and thinking space to express something that suggests they have mean cunts between their legs and pretend the system should support them if they thought I ought to pay for their misfortunes, setting out clearly where they should be making friends and more so spending most of their stupid time instead of spending it on me. I usually always see the two as the same, its impossible to do one without doing the other; impossible to stop the domestic abuse at society without shutting down access to Celebrity culture and popular culture, impossible to stop people ripping apart my career to steal trophy ideas for being famous and rich while my Office got to cover their backsides as they were busy with it without preventing the domestic abuse.

They say there are people who don’t like me very much at the Monarchy and yes there might be but what is really happening most of the time at Buckingham Palace is that its not longer wholly controlled by the English who corrupted it to such an extent that Celebrities regularly showed up there to become so confused they ended up wanting to hire the venue for their weddings – so if people from Scotland think they should have had rights on a thing and my actions were responsible for loss, they will feel bad about it naturally, what else may express a form of ill feeling is not big enough to secure a useful response. I have been told I appear to have been prepared for everything of which I suppose I have prepared to a great extent for what I concern myself with naturally, the outstanding part is still this business of being 40 years old but not having the means to establish a relationship with others because those who curate Royal relationships are unable to control what happens with my personal life and its wholly due to these goons following me around to tell me what to do all day long, which they will dispute but I don’t think it can be when they are getting the most practical jokes from it daily either, however when they do point out other Royal matters such as the way my Office has been developed to fit with the Royal Family being a contributory factor, it might then have made sense. It is all about the women you see; I am currently in the service of the Queen and marked out to get into the service of the Duchess of Cambridge later, which has on several occasions been a point of what was seen as a feud, I am not yet fully aware of what is to happen with the Duchess of Cornwall but I suspect that is in progress. So the one item left is to make a clean break from the way I have developed my websites, using normal language in some parts of swear words in others, to ensure it was known to be descriptive and not the way I normally speak – so it might be clear how indeed I will spend time at an administrative Office working out how some people should be able to cover their backsides and get famous, if the main problem was that there were swear words on my websites and some felt so strongly about it that I had to set out time that allowed me work on securing a clean break from its effects. They do say the boasting comes before the fall but this is not a boast, its just me being able to see the jovial side of my challenges; the reasons for most of the confusion around here is the battle that has raged over my State provided security, since the time I took up a Private security industry job between 2015 and 2017, the goons who made it such a sordid and abusive experience had since planned to become the Boss versions of what I had done naturally and their stupidities gets all over the place, so I too might shove them into the difficult aspects of National security jobs. I have been working in this manner that involves stuffing their minds full of information I want them to carry around uncomfortably over over a decade and a half, its an integral part of the way operate which I must not change.