So this starts off with a tale of how much trouble I am gradually getting myself into with the system regardless of how lucky I am to have the life I have and it is an old story of other people’s children having no other personality on the streets save the one that leans on me and has a piece of me as a basic form of existence, which ruins this business all the time and all day long as well. In the end of which the question is still that of how on earth that has any credibility when it is obvious that anything they say in form of a threat only ever makes sense if I let it but then again is also the question of how far it will go and how big it can grow if I do nothing about them winding me up all the time.

I do not think it a serious matter; it’s just that every idiot especially the Political ones have no plans to pay attention to reality and stop lending their voice to some lack of respect I show towards people that can actually harm me; these idiots have spent the last 15 years of my time and on a daily basis, making sure when I have a job they screw with it and when they have any means that feeds and cloths and makes them financially comfortable, its purpose is to ensure I never ever feel good and then there is my personal favourite, picking up from the insulting Politicians to cling to my income and show up in public places cracked up out of my league so that they might keep it for themselves. It does not bother me in any way since it is obvious that they do not yap in such ways when they see me in person – I am just making the point that for every idiot that lends his or her own problem to this matter by blocking my exists to ensure that Christian is made to have sex first before he can get a job while they take everything I have as a result of having a violent opinion about a religion I clearly practice in their stupid personal lives as it were, is going to answer the question of how I am meant to deal with the problem when these fools have spent decades of my time ripping up all I have to ensure anything that serves as a means for them is used to cause me pain, while others lend a voice that say I always have a day of reckoning in waiting because I have no respect for things that can actually cause me harm –it should be considered that when football people complain about me and blab about the strength of youth being their pride, this was perhaps the reason as it were, hence that when they recover their strength they will not let me be if they can start again instead as it were.

It is normally suggested I have contributed to the problem and that should therefore indicate the experiment that was meant to ensure people shut their big mouths and stay outside of my concerns if they are not interested in my Books i.e. are Celebrities lewd destructive and very stupid and abusive people who steal incomes all the time and find ways of evading law when they do or useful persons that make others better persons too? I have conducted the experiment publicly on the whites who are allowed to do whatever they like while people complain and the blacks that are not allowed to screw with me in the slightest and therefore need the white ones all the time; nobody wants to talk about my inability to handle integration and inclusiveness anymore if they can threaten me instead obviously, which speaks for itself but I must now answer my own questions as per whether I want to keep both outside of my concerns now. As for the part about my desire for war showing forth; that is yapping yap again; it’s the story of how whenever I get employment the men turn up to tell me to stop working with subtle and violent gestures all day long and the Women turn up to steal the Women and kids places in the world that I had taken from others – I have got them where I want them and now need to find out how far it will go and how big it will grow if I did nothing about them provoking me all of the days of their stupid lives – where it concerns making Christian have sex first before he can get a job however, not enough have died yet as it were.

I am prepared to sell my Books as though the market from fee and available to all but can sell it in other ways too; all people have to do is explore and find out. The reasons I dislike them were never hidden; they are usually broken into three parts that form the reasons others can never be right when they are provoked and attacked and one of them is that they organised their wives and children and extra marital relationships into something which ensures other peoples jobs are routes to access ideas, while their own is the one that makes real money – the second part being that when people have jobs, the jobs basically become their plaything depending on the extent to which their lack of respect and violent insults develop, where the stupidest people in the world turn up around my concerns to tell me what to do all of the time – the third is that they lie because they never stop messing up people’s lives to heap the accusation on a chosen target which will then justify the need to engage in a game of entrapment that lets me hunt people especially me and bear false witness like it was a culture; so that when they think their targets have become filthy enough start to issue those stupid threats we put up with endlessly; I want them off my income and my Book sales and am not getting into any trouble for it whatsoever with their big mouth. I mean; I am going to try and sell my Books again as though the market was free and available to all but I intend to make these foolish Men and their stupid Women and kids understand that there are other ways I can sell them too.

This needed to be cleared up because people are always getting bolder and bolder at talking nonsense with me on how I provoke them while they refuse to do anything about the idiots showing up on my concerns to spend a decade and a half of my time making sure they rip up my finances with inventive stupidities and set themselves up in such ways as ensure anything that serves as a means for them is used to ensure I am always in pain and can never ever feel good. So we will soon have to duke out how indeed I provoke them or lower class idiots can stay outside of my concerns and do something about them so that all can see it. What is the point exactly at which Celebrities do show business alongside a Royal Prince doing his duchy business anyway – I have no business with them and lower class Industry scum will do well to pay attention to their own concerns instead me too; I mean when we do put it this way, then it becomes real I suppose. It’s the story we are all used to; morals are invented by freedom hating goons and some lairs will make it into the rule by which all must live but every time we indulge this sort of conversation with them the story develops from that of how they do not like themselves and want to be me like I am always dead where I stand, into one where they have already committed series of convenient crimes that can be topped with more every time I retaliate – so we are here because I have no wish to tolerate it and it is unimaginable that it is the case; so one more blabbing from the Politicians on my concerns and their Industry friends alongside and I shall find out what they wish to do about these idiots for my part as well. We all know that even when they have got people to a point where people think being untidy in public is better than what they are pushing out on a daily basis, the need to make a mess and heap it on moral and good people continues unabated and then we hear it is how Men such as myself usually end up with that big mouth; we have seen the effects of their involvement with me,  especially the blacks who claim to own me because I share a skin colour with them – the finances are a mess and so is the academic work and now even other activities I engage in which concern paid employment too because they cannot let others be and nobody knows what their involvement with me and their problems about it actually is anyway. I hear it’s not nice to set them out as bad people in such ways but of course a typical example of what happens with the most successful ones are that a stupid photographer will have made them at least 5 million pounds this year, taking their stupid pictures on my public image and splashing it all over the tabloids and the billboards, later on of which stupid industry idiots will buy into as well but although she knows these idiots that take her pictures in such ways are not doing her any favours and that she has made enough money for many life times, she will neither find a different photographer and let me breathe or just say she will not go along with it, rather than become a face that threatens and keeps me from doing me anything about it while pretending her stupidities know it is a bad thing all along – so this is clearly good, hence ever impending trouble I face from Idiots on Media and Politics and Public Transportation (its not a do or die affair, I need all Celebrities at my Court to understand we cannot have business with each other and that all show business around me is clear business and not the ripping of my property - while the rest are to pass those stupid social issues of theirs at me and my Book sales income with dire consequences to follow soon enough: I have business only with one other Royal and its not hard to guess it either.).