Now I am said to be in trouble with the Royal family of course which does not make any sense while the Labour Party is married to the House of York as well as interested in everything concerning how much my Mum fears and hates my financial success because she thinks it will challenge her right to be a family leader that she is not, whereby such stupidities for that insane party is never really a novelty, leaving this question of why they cannot keep their mouths shut or mind their own business, why they need to talk nonsense at me about their bitch treachery status all the time when they have wives and husbands and children  are home to spend their time on bearing in mind I have never really met them as a minor and they have never actually paid the Bills around here and why my life is toxic as a result of their big mouth and abuses when I am not the one with the criminal record around here as well. The story of getting into trouble at the Monarchy has never been an unusual one anyway; something to do with Royal Family Members jostling for position and thinking they can take advantage of me because every ambitious goon who wants to get around with them wants to handle my finances and set me up for it to build himself a sense of security and certainty about how things are supposed to proceed and of course there are also Royal family members who think it is correct over an illusion that I am incapable of eliminating everything that suggests I am sharing either my estate or my Office with other people. The heart of this matter of course is that the Prince of Wales wants to break with Traditional Court processes which does not make any sense anyway, just like I am said to have been making it harder for him to abdicate while reality is rather that his abdication would mean Political and Social instability and there needs to be a third option that allows the clarity of why he has abdicated made clear to the general Public i.e. I will be hammered by Fashion Women as soon as he departs from Court procedures, hence it is fine as long as he still sticks to what happens to be a Governmental process of running a Royal Court, otherwise it means he would rather prefer to have a fashion Court for instance and that may be clear to the Public as he abdicates, really has very little to do with me all together as it were. So there is this story of how I set up support measures which are thought to be good but turn out to be a threat later which is utter nonsense, as we all know I have never done a thing which operates in that way and the Prince of Wales is obviously planning his Fashion Court very well for the future as it were. The general idea is that I am afraid of him but I am not, I have married my own Media mistresses on Media all together, so that our problems can show up on his mind suddenly and he might marry his own and have the experiences of military staff show up at Public life considering he really loves to depart from things and a process of not marrying your mistress simply cannot be the case as it were; next it seems that in order to get people off damaging my property and talking nonsense about their own problems all over me, it will go beyond the House of York and what seems to be their fear I would not fare well as a Queen’s Consort if the Throne was to be inherited by the House of York and so on, it will add up to a stage where I marry my own mistresses like people know we Royals were loved by those who perform National service and marry for position but continue to find their abuses and insults a better explanation for what is happening around me on media to rip up my finances and talk nonsense about that stupid culture and society that will end up in a worse condition if I got my hands on it again as it were. I will marry the blonde slim built and older than me character so that it will not have to be a marriage after I divorced my mainstream wife and will be a straight case that cannot be argued with all together as it were. Now we are here because One is apparently planning to depart from Royal Court processes while I will be hammered by Fashion women as a result of him having done so. They always claim they have the support of those lousy, clumsy, abusive, money mongering Americans who think every process of intrusion into other peoples concerns on their part adds up to a marriage question, who are apparently doing their worst presently, will continue right up to the stage where my own starts as well, starts from a process where it is always the case that the only time I feel normal and calm and unstressed is when I am not American Ally and then when I start whatever I do will be gone just like that, never mind the idea when some woman wants to handle their own as well, she may become a Linda Lovelace Character in Vegas this time around; so I do get told that I believe I can do the Royal Courtier Jobs which of course I do not, I just believe in supporting those who do because it means I do not have to handle directly those processes where Politicians invent a story and run it until they clip my finances and then they are happy and leave it for the Media as a practical joke - it means I always have work for the Politicians and the Media have not got a government Office to back themselves up with so their case goes round and round in circles and its pure exhilarating madness. They do say I know about these matters but do nothing and its an old story where I wrote a Book in 2009 but such conversations continue still. I hear they wish to teach me lessons of course which reasons it would bother me is never really clear – they hate my guts because they are being told by my humble self, to go back to their business empire and work on it from where they left it in 2007 when the recession took hold, as sacrificing some property here instead of looking to their savings and Mortgage for equities is never going to happen and the good stuff of course is that I am the one that has distracted them from it all these years to begin with, now there is a reason my bottom hurts and further wind up means they will be in good position to give me a closure for it too. When I was told I had written a Book which causes nostalgia and should never have been written I thought it was a big joke but since then its been a case of abusive Media practical jokes right up to this point; they started paying attention to my finances so they can advance themselves with any person that marries into the Royal Family or jostles for position since 2004 and I have only started paying attention to being more famous than they are as well since 2016, after I found out they were always chasing my bottom at factory work because it meant that when Celebrities bought the products it can be said that somebody consumed my shit and I will pay with all I have, when I got a security guard job it just got worse; so it is my fault now that they have got problems as far as they are concerned and its about to be for real as well. I need them finding their mates and I need them keeping off my Books. The books they say are not up to scratch and this is precisely the point; they need to buy and read the Books that are not up to scratch as showing up here to confiscate a Royal Estate and a Literary empire will only happen in their dreams – I understand its impossibly difficult work to distract people from running their business empires, only to be the one telling them to get on with it a decade later but so am I fed up with them as well. They do say I am good at looking for trouble but not strong enough to defend myself but we know I defend myself alright, only when I do Politicians and ageists get all over it, so it had to become an issue of how insulting it is when people are bullied and they cook up their own security, you find a way to build a crowd and take the Lion share from it, planning all sorts of stupidities for your children and a fame you intend to have for the future – I mean I cannot do anything, perpetually tired and they have found a way to bend me to their will by hurting my tummy and making me smell like my loo all the time. So in the end the Politicians have no wish to administrate most of the bad behaviour, they consider it an asset whereby I cannot work for somebody because I will be made to smell like my toilet and then those who consume the goods will consume my shit and need my Estate and Public image as payment; the Books concern intellectual property administration and are a great story for any interested, those who fear or have no interest in Intellectual Property Administration need to stay away from it not tell me I should not write it if they do not wish to end up with somebody that wants to decide what they do with their time for the rest of their lives too; my life is toxic because of them apparently since I were the one with the bad notoriety and the criminal record as it were - the Book will damage their Celebrity culture and popular culture to finance the academic work the damaged here, only then will they understand it does not have to be such a difficult task and add up to a resolution for people to just have a life that they cannot get involved with. They say its a problem that has no end and I am tackling it to make enemies with people which is utter nonsense too; it is not a problem that has no end, like it works well to support Royal Courtiers creating work for Politicians when they rip up my finances for narcissistic happiness, it is a bad behaviour that the Political system should administrate bearing in mind damage it does to Industry, National income and general public careers, they do nothing about it because they cannot, what they know is how to tackle my finances and confiscate my estate and sensations of public image for the idiots that are making the problems happen to show their dedication to the cause and need to stop showing up on Parliament to encourage people to tackle my Books from dawn to Dusk like we see them do all the time; the part where I am being beaten down is utter nonsense, it is as it should be i.e. those who cannot beat it up simply cannot stop hurting themselves and those who can simply cannot stop glorifying themselves; it means they make those statement of abusive insults about how I am the guy they deploy to get things done and then the frustrated ones that cannot beat up will take problems out on their property and they will pretend it is my fault. It does not affect me in anyway either, not least as I am Royalty and not meant to interfere with mainstream living as long as people do not cling to my academics and finances until I am responding to practical jokes of what passes on their left and right hand side so I might lose my mind, its all really stupid and poor extroverted behaviour while I am very introverted, as long as I do not talk about it or respond in a way that build history it will hang around me like something people wish but will never get; I even write my Books and blogs on the websites with some swear words involved and so it does affect me badly as well to know I have done those things, therefore I need to keep an eye on what really matters and it has always been in the hands of the Politicians just as they can see I am starting to micromanage their lives and that of their Celebrities for the number of 24 hours gone by that sees them get on government buildings to incite people to prevent my Books getting sold or damage it, then talk rubbish about the problems it solves and how they need to be served at the same time. They do claim that at the end of the day I am a disgrace and its utter nonsense; I was a National treasure and I still am, only need to have the academic work completed and it seems such talk suggests they are saying its in their interest for me to have done so - the bit where I am serving at Government without one is senselessness too because I am not, I have no business of interference with mainstream living or politics or government and so on, they just as I have mentioned before have a need to get involved with my concerns and make so much trouble for me that I am left being able to respond to the madness of what passes by their left hand side and what passes by their right hand side to play sausage violence gimmicks with. Its much like that story we hear that Millennials are a real problem while we are not; it is always better to deal with rising House Prices and joblessness than secure an academic qualification people can just use as you walk down the streets without permission or payment and the abusive ageist Politicians are clearly building the future that they want as well; I mean it happens to everybody that at the end of the day the remains of the day will come to you just before you had gone to bed but usually if you are a millennial it will then go way beyond the business of whether you save the body or save the mind and vice versa to a business of managing what happened when you came across people with a personal diary due to their appetite for sex and violence and what they do to trap you for it.