Now it is said I recommend drone strikes in Iraq and Syria assuming it will not kill terrorists but we all know that unless its America or Israel that is doing so, no civilian should get killed by the Military – the point at this stage is that the conditions have developed into an outcome where small Government must deploy military ware to protect vulnerable citizens from Terrorists who are sparsely spread around large areas and so drones will become one of the most important tools of security that middle east governments have and so the question for the Americans first of all is whether they will approve drone strikes or wait for Political chaos first so that there might be a market scramble for drones and the second question for them is what they mean by escalation that we British never pay attention to that makes things worse – I mean if you blow up terrorist trucks and gun positions and they scatter, what do we suppose they learn from it in order to escalate anything around here?-It is an old case thereof  of Political goons living in a really insulting world where I am responsible for the actions of other people and other people are responsible for mine, it is how they foster their moderate and distant fascism and claim that by moderating it they are doing people like me a favour. However for these other Middle East Governments the issues are not as much as killing terrorists as it is to destroy their equipment because if they have none they have to resort to rudimentary measures which can be controlled by borders developed to take them into account, besides which at a stage where they have lost all their weapons there is little to be angry about and if what annoys them is stopped and improved then we delay terrorism and buy time for talks and government. Which brings us to the old issue i.e. Arch Prince drives round the bend and he gets shot dead by social idiots and it is the same story all the time, except this one was the one that happened just before the first world war and then the second – the point is that these guys on the left that people want to kill all the time really do not know any better than what we see them do and that does not include fools whose parents have decided their absurdity will be their undoing anyway and how they recycle their problems with Politics and civil service and stupid women and human rights, I am talking about these guys social people hate so much i.e. they don’t know any better, so why are they so financially successful and can definitely do better than nice cloths and show off to make even more money in order to help the wealth to spread around – I am saying they don’t know any better than we see them do and are always scared of social people which is why they are where they are, I have that responsibility so I know they are not the corrupt trouble makers here and so destroying terrorist positions and equipments to scatter them is an example of the kinds of things that determine if people will wait and be killed by drones instead of run away, disregarding American drones and their bloody thirstiness with which they chase people and shoot them down, of which I am talking about Middle east governments wielding drones this time that they buy off the Americans or the British. Besides which they themselves do have their own corruptions of these twisted social guys as well that always want to kill them rich decadent people on the left and always want somebody else to do it for them too every single time as such; even when they complain we all know their best allies are still a collection of really twisted and evil women whose existence allow them to seek original provocation by which to secure exceptions and corrupt privileges and this is how they create powerful business that is not going anywhere unless it ruins peoples lives completely and overturns the Country into a hellish atmosphere in order to look over everybody’s shoulder – so that when they say these people can do better than wear fine cloths and show off in order to make them wealth spread around, the reality is that they have not checked their own attitude either in the first place: hence in the US they can always call the President there the Gods of the world and their corrupt Politicians will lap it up and call them freedom lovers if they put together arrangements and tell everybody to stay out of their business but it does not work here in the UK and nobody cares if they packed their bags and left the Country again; this is where I determine where drone strikes should be striking; hence going there to divide people and wind up a few others and create a Military base has never been the right platform on which to determine that the solution to the problems in the Middle East is not Military – I am not suggesting American troops or any other should be found there any time soon, its just the reality there are two factors here and one of them is that Countries build defences according to need, when they didn’t need the drones they had the drones killing their people, when they need the drones the problems must be everywhere before it is sold to them besides which it is clear there is no trust of middle east governments while at the same time American governments have military bases in their Countries – no trust to that extent where they cannot buy weapons that best fit their defence problems – thus when it comes to what happens to and or with drones I win again. Speaking of which is the matter of the Turkish Government presently in Europe - of which I will do or say nothing unless I am working via temperament Mistresses that are tied to me in Europe, hence have no idea what the corrupt goons that are all over the place like they were in Greece are up to yet again anyway - I mean we all know it is about money but I am not one of those that does not believe in suspending a process where they have it until society has stabilised either - the part where I am not competitive seems to be the biggest financial success barrier for me with the insults and media of course i.e. there are supposed to be three items to my behaviour and one of them is supposed to be me and the other the Royal Commission and the third my ego and what I do with media and popular culture but because I am a Christian, there are only two of me and the Royal Commission so people intend to fill in the other areas for me and ensure it costs me everything and there is nothing new about it either, its just that they do not think it provocative while I have never seen such a load of rubbish come from any group of people in my entire life but in terms of competition, they hate my guts because life is not as easy I it should be for them at my expense but the violent insults continue to brag - hence a completely unnecessary eventuality from individuals whose involvement and activities or opinions cannot be accounted for in anyway being the base source of all my financial problems, while they adopt positions that will make them rich if I abandon or am made to abandon blocking the effects and turn up on their insulting media to push it every single day.