I may not have wanted to sound an American basher here but it seems that until the culture that is prevalent in the US of creating terrorists out of completely normal people stops, then there is little anybody can do about the funding for these kinds of activities or indeed the corruptions of involvement that accompany them.

It never applies that these behaviours are necessary for the safeguard of identity. Whilst I will sympathise with those who have ended up empathising with the evils they tried to stop or prevent, I must reiterate that no group of people, not Americans or indeed any other people are better to be themselves when they push people into this kinds of behaviours by casting an eye on other people all of time, which suggests they are an embodiment of culture society and or communality or such relations.

I am also perfectly aware of the evils people practice in the form of an obsession with quantifying others and I know it is a function of the fact others have done better than them and the only way they feel they can succeed by seeing other people suffer or fail and get dominated by them is by quantifying them and finding ways of dominating them, it is no excuse therefore either.

I would therefore have absolutely detested the idea that I sympathise with terrorists and Pirates for their actions. It is still the same old evil of what people who feel that when they want something from others and get denied they will fight them over it practice.