The coalition and the allies did not just get off and launch and campaigns against Colonel Gaddafi in Libya that is not the truth. The truth is that he has been tolerated way too often with a habit of doing things which ensure that elements of extremism in various countries that are more powerful than his, get up to all sorts and get into a habit of whipping their leaders with their stupid invisible powers and has been providing those idiots with oil money, especially in the UK and France. This is not where he stopped, he continued to the point where he just like his Egyptian counterpart regularly sat on tables with con men and criminals, whom I had done so much for my part to rob of a means and business at the time of which was criminal, after he had helped them gain finances with which to set up legitimate businesses that they then use as a front for hurting and attacking people especially me, as if the criminal enterprises they ran before then was a good thing. This is not where he stopped either because he went further to sitting at tables with these kinds of criminals alright but only the ones that actually did have a record all together, then made out he could do whatever he liked because he has oil, at a time when the UK and the US and France, Germany, Spain and most Big Western economies were wary of fuel price rises and the inflation that comes with that and there was pannic everywhere because of it and as we know there still is at present date. All of which was beside his endemic habit of breaking UN resolutions and rules.

His Egyptian friend was much the same except the distinction was that he had a habit of making alliances with these criminals and con men that get money from them to establish legitimate businesses for the purpose of attacking those who closed down the criminal ones, in order to ruin their lives and have revenge because he loved the power he got from the fact when people establish their business and it gets destroyed for no reason and they spend so much to find out why, they find out the reason was that they set up somewhere between a clash of civilization, therefore people can never do anything right.

Their friends here in the UK owe me still, the ones that whip leaders with their powers of extremism I mean; they have been reorganising the economic circulation of wealth during a recession to ensure it works in their favour and my opinion as to why they do is that whenever they see Universities, they must go off into them and pick up courses and study these courses just so other people might suffer like that-looking for somebody they can put through a process of suffering to build a home they can feel comfortable in.

I for my part where I am involved is that I still own over 90% of this planets economic intellect and am required to continue to do my job for which I am the best at which is making sure the planet is a safe place for business and enterprise and in terms of which are matters concerning HRH Prince of Wales. I am not bothered about how he or any of his friends feel about anything. I will be when I have used how much I am respect around the world against him to the point where we are even, until then not in the slightest.

 It is important to NATO Allies that the Libyan crisis is won by them, otherwise what they lost to the Colonel who had a habit of getting businesses together and mixing them every well with rich corrupt socialists who work black markets will be nothing compared to what they will loose if they loose Libya or indeed the Rebels are crushed and The Colonel stays in power. I personally do not support the idea of sending in ground troops, however I am fully in support of working with the Rebels. The problem with the Rebels being that even at this point they have not told anybody what they stand for, so the outcome is still so unpredictable, while they are loosing numbers. My crisis however has been the state of leadership in the matters: we do not get involved in them because we like to, get involved in them because these dictators destroy our economic interests and rob our countries of money (for example in the UK it is impossible to run a country that which biggest employer is the Financial Industry when we have just been through an economic crisis, had huge problems with tax havens and while picking ourselves up, have to deal with a dictator that invites financiers to his Table and mixes them well with black market socialists, not to mention what it means when he does it because he has got oil money to do it with); British interests must be claimed and as I continue to reiterate it is more of a Problem to countries like the US and Maybe Germany or Russia or China not to claim them lest we offend powerful allies and it has got to be claimed by somebody, otherwise we will loose the money and so Financing any expedition to protect anything will become increasingly impossible. It is not just about Rebels in Libya, it is also about the UK and about France and Germany and all NATO allies involved in their interests in Libya. There is a need for a Government there and the country has no future with the Colonel in power  

The idea I never do my job except I am being forced to fight over something is very far from the truth; it is a function of where I am and people do not talk to me how they like when they want things from me and especially for that reason; I mean it is usually about rich violent corrupt black market socialists from most of the time obviously.

I have done my best; rounded up the tax havens and given equities to the banks they must never spend, so loosing Libya or indeed the region is not part of the deal as things currently stand.