From here I am in trouble with the Politicians again especially the Europeans but it is an old story where the purpose of a job that pays them enough to pay off their mortgage without worry is a behaviour unsuitable for Politicians which they have helped those who practice deploy as a means of pushing me out of University, so that they might deploy such a job to scrutinise what I do with myself as I try to become part of the work force due to their needs, telling lies and blaming it on the Monarchy. Such that the use of the cote of Arms on a website that may involve activity which had amounted to chasing the Queens interests means that it is good work but I have gone off to take up the career path of the Politicians – so which is really insulting and the question is not whether or no society people and media fools who make such comments have the power to make them anymore, it has become a question of what I need to do to stop the Politicians making them at me; what it does obviously is tear up my academic work and finances and put my on benefits, so it is quite serious, it is quite important and I am not in any stupid problem with them, just a question of being courageous enough to disregard the offices of state and ask the question of what I must do to stop them making those comments, having become really tired and fed up with it. They are convinced that those stupid comments have something to do with their Political Offices because no actions has been taken on it either way but it doesn’t, so starting to talk about it like so is an example of when it gets serious it is something you pick up during school and University because you know a thing or two about keeping academics and finances away from gangs and criminals but it is for the same reason that I did which means that the marriage of Political idiots and media fundamentally has an interest that says I should not earn a living; reality therefore is this – I am not in any trouble with them, they are dreaming. They say the things I did to keep my career from gangs and criminals affected Politicians and Media and so I am wondering if it did at all, since it appears what we need more of is very insulting and abusive practical jokes garnished with mockery and lies, such as these; their main excuse will be that I shouldn’t be picking up these things while I was meant to be studying but we can already see that it is the parents and Landlords that are Complaining about me presently who got off giving them access to my personal diaries – for them it has become a habit, for me it has become a real problem and we are stuck in the middle of their need to make a statement and bring an abusive crowd to bear on it whenever they think their own jobs are not exciting enough for them: the Books are Published now and their interests should only reflect the fact they want a copy of their own. Its never really a problem as a whole – these are entirely expected behaviour when you have a shop to run but this is another instance like it happens every day but at a really bad time, when all has gone well for the day until the moment when Politicians think their jobs are boring, thus the comment went on Air, that all I do is good but the problem is that I have taken up their job roles. The all round question is usually that of what I suppose the problem is but if it isn’t Politicians and especially the Europeans that is – its classic stuff, could only come from them i.e. that guy whose literary empire they want to confiscate and open up their new markets with is in trouble again and in a situation he can only get out of if he is an escape artist; so I have to inform them I am really fed up with the comments and there is an issue of how they suppose I can stop them making any; apparently they are not dealing with financial complications because others are making comments with the sorts of perverted influence they want to exude around the world and when I create them such problems it will involve a Book I need to write and sell all together as well, just to be open and fair on this. I do get told I am not innocent either but that is exactly what I am making clear here i.e. when they see younger people facing the same challenges they do, its time to play up some practical jokes – comments about me complaining while I have taken up what the daddies should glorify themselves with, comments about a need to have me step out of my skin so they can have my life while I find another which befits my size, comments and comments and the one that really gets to me is the fun aspects of the tale that I am in trouble again, difficult situation I can get out of if I am an escape artist and it was amusing. It is quite possible that a younger person may have torn up a culture and society that caused him to drop out of school; so making this comments and insults are usually things I consider in terms of what they apparently wish to spend their time on very inefficiently; so it does need to establish a relationship between those who buy its goods and services and what it is doing, not confiscate my Literary empire and I have had to deal with this shit since the recession, really had enough of it at this stage and has nothing to do with those stupidities about how I am unable to accept other peoples existence, while I like to think can only continue until my main obsession becomes their personal weaknesses too, especially the one that is not a Monarchy like the UK and the local MP is always the biggest employer and nobody else has got a chance of winning elections in Europe, so they can blab rubbish at me all of the time. I can take all of them on and it would be fun if I did, it would be fun a Popular culture canopy that brings about sales too – otherwise I am doing what we do in the UK writing my Books and they need to stay away from it if they do not want it, stop damaging it and give me my space – we see it everywhere; if they go to South America it is all about how the British do not want others to exist and the same when they go to Africa and the same when they go to Asia and so on, I have to pick up their stupid liabilities everywhere I go all the time and all over the place, while they tear up my income and blab nonsense on media about what they have the power to depose. The tale of a safe place in the UK where I am able to hide behind somebody and hurl stones at others is fantasy; what happens is that I have become intolerant of the culture and society because its socially organised practical jokes means I am always being punished for not letting people peddle my faith and public image and personal life and the outcome is that I am always sharing office space getting imaginarily abused by idiots who have also made out I am married to the schizophrenic croons of the neighbourhood because they cannot sell things on my public life otherwise and because of which the children are expressing themselves a little bit more because I have torn up the culture and society such that they are no longer able to tummy and bottom whip members of the Public then show up here to exasperate me and open me up in order to have anal sex a homosexuality on my public image so as to draw succour from the pain for a start, which is what this is all about. The perception that I bring these things upon myself by working for nothing sits at the heart of this matter; where I am aware the only way that a job can be safe for Court members was if I supported them until they held top positions, during which time I would have to deal with some financial difficulties but would be safe if I ran a campaign on it; so I have a website set up for a Court but still am unable to sell Books because these goons and their Politicians want to play career ambush and career attacks and counter attacks over it, ruining anything they see and hear about where I am no longer able to hold together a phenomenon that is a Bookshop so people might be interested in the Book contents and then I will get told that mentioning it puts me and all who support me at risk which it doesn’t; the selfishness is such that whilst they claim I get in the way of peoples freedoms, it will not let me sell Books when the same attitude has caused me to drop out of University due to a need they have to show up around my concerns and obsess on the that thing which happens when men spill their guts for freedom and each time it blabs more nonsense at me, I tend to feel that its stupidities will not understand, not least the absurdities of picking up things that are bigger than them and then trying to push it up a cliff, never mind always brewing something which when exposed in public will beat down other peoples financially, while it finds out it simply cannot stop telling lies at the other end and those the envying of whose property led to their desire for more freedom have no rights.