So I get told about things media does to people messing around their lives and privacy for example, which they always seem to do discussing it from both sides with a deliberate and near violent ignoring of the main issues which is that when they look at the world they just feel like having a bit of a joke over the fact somebody’s child was homeless and jobless because another person was the cause of it; so they want these scandals all the time and so the press locates them to get more and more and more and more. Where I fit in is that when I realise that lives will be lost if I wait to publish a book before the information is out and circulating in diplomatic circles hence give it away knowing whatever those who hack into my computer or wherever I keep it do with the information they disseminate it in the end anyway, they get off to address me with their public media as if it was about them or I was their mate until the scandal of the Prince that cannot sell books he writes ensues and with questions around it that they cannot answer followed on with using my skills as a Political scientist to play around with gangs get them to do violent things and get away with it to feel special or share something powerful, the press goes to them for more and more and more and more and continues to want more and more and more and more.

 It is much the same with the sso called businesses, then they with their ego see me do something they once did bearing in mind it is a government official trying to sell books, they must make out I am some idiot who cannot do better and think those books are sellable items of legitimate investments when I do not ask their opinion, as if it is some legitimate way to have an opinion about somebody elses product and then no sooner thereafter are they stifling my sales to make themselves rich selling something else in its place and deploying their stupid girls to hold me down on their High street low life lives. For which it is the initial treatment like I am rubbish which when measured with the outcome of so called millionaires making even more millions from my books without buying a copy of something worth no more than 50 pounds sterling for a signed Copy that pushes me onto revenge (bearing in mind they know about and get services of vandalism from evil community and society idiots who are always unfathomably lazy but people are so disillusioned about them they don't know what they are any more and tend to believe the lies of their Politicians which is that they are people with problems and have opinions about how other peoples property should be used deployed or what it should be spent on especially how it should be spent).

The insults do not bother me much it is just a matter of the fact they think I don’t know what to do but I do and what I need to do is prevent them from having opinions about me that work along the lines of following me around to gather information from my life for their tabloids, which is a behavior that always ends in the day to day clearing out of my market place of anything that gives my books recognition and a breakthrough and end with insults that are meant to keep my mind somewhere else which is completely unproductive. So I do know what to do and cannot make out where they get the idea they should be having their public television opinions about me and how I do things for the Monarchy without pay whatever that means all the time, when I have warned them they have been reporting my life instead of the news for long enough to have it spelt out to them they need to let my books sell.