I am not one that thinks the Pakistani Prime Minister's speech which suggests the failure to catch Bin Laden was a failure of intelligence all over the world is controversial, it is not. The US is the most guilty of the lot.

I have no idea if American Politicians have tried to catch a bird when they were kids, I have no idea if they do get the feeling that comes when somebody has mocked up an operation to catch a bird by being so clumsy?

So I want to catch a Parakeet or a Toucan for example, you know, something exotic but Americans will ruin it, send the media to really mess it up and then catch domestic fowl that they put somewhere in Guantanamo Bay to show it the underside of hell and to cleanse me of my desire and drive for catching exotic birds. This is what it feels like.

We want Osama Bin Laden who murdered some 70 people in London in 2005, not some kid that was taken off East London and put somewhere in Guantanamo Bay and later paid compensation. Before that is they tell us that London is  Haven for Terrorist Activity. Which I quite understand yes but so what? 

The idea I am vulnerable to generation gap bullying too has no bearing towards fact; all people have to do is continue to use the civil service to mess up my life, until I get to have a job for which the entire purpose is to ensure others cannot get one of their own and give attention to Politicians for it. 

Here in the UK it all runs along the prognosis of 

 1) the fact that Socialists spend all their time making sure they capture people whose suffering which they cause draws attention to their frustrations and also ensure they are telling people to hand them the Lion share of what they are or find another country to live but have however decided to go international with this, which means that while they look to the international front and the process of making friends abroad they are unable to hold down their country and therefore people are moving into it. 

 2) The fact that the entire factor of Socialism is based on causing those who have potential lost of suffering because of the deduction that everybody must be able to bully people in order to develop and get used to a habit which involves bullying people to get rich but then when they do and a person ends up spending more time in their society than is necessary hence they do what is democratically inconvenient for them thereof, it becomes imperative that they abuse such a persons human rights to force them to stay or become socialist which may become physically violent and involve contact based violence. Hence in order to bring about any kind of justice for people who have been treated by them in such ways, it applies that their society must be taken off them and given to those people to deploy as they wish, which then makes a complete nonsense of socialism.

My point and my part is that I intend this to continue in order to bring about the extinction of socialism in British Politics, so that the UK might become a normal country again after the mess of the last decade which has also resulted in the rise and rise of dictators and criminals. British Politics has always been about Society and Power and never the Treasury.