That the coalition were not given mandate for regime change in Libya is no argument; no body is suggesting that they were or that they would be conducting regime change by the back door due to the support they are giving to the rebels. What happened in Libya was a country that had been isolated from the rest of the world the only regime change which would have occurred by the back door would be the one where Gaddafi himself organised the general elections because we would all have been certain it would have been rigged. The bottom line is that the coalition is there to prevent one man from creating a condition where two groups of people who could easily have resolved their differences at the polls will take to arms and kill each other because he refuses to realise that it is no longer there, whatever they had, is all gone, spent, it was bound to happen over time.

So what is happening in Libya is that the coalition gives support to the people to bring about an even status on both sides so that the condition where some are loyal to the former Gaddafi regime and others are not can be resolved with a general election which actually does not involve him which is the only way a regime change in Libya can be secured.

The resolution of the security council was meant to cater for the needs of the defenceless civilians and the question was how to do that without interference-this was the issue and the dialogue and argument that had to be settled when a resolution or some kind of charter or whatever was being created on such matters, hence the coalition does all it can to provide an even power structure between the two groups of people as possible. The idea is always that we have no right to determine these things which completely misses the point as there has been so much indoctrination about democracy and freedom and stability of government over the last 40 years at least that it is no longer a mystery that what emerges as tyrant in this part of the world are criminals that found their way into positions of power.

They always want to know the authority by which we do the things that we do and as a Christian it is written of the Bible; "ye are a Royal priesthood a holy Nation"-and almost all faith teach of a better after life which will be spent in a Kingdom which you will not be allowed to partake in when you do the wrong and or do the bad. Therefore it is apt to accept the truth that is obvious; that even Kings here on this good earth loose their Kingdoms when they do the bad instead of the good by which their Kingdoms are given them. [Derivatives from the Holy Bible: The Books of James Chapter 4 and 1ST Peter Chapter 2:9].

Gaddafi himself is not a target in the matter, what we want is to see those who support him because they got the best deal out of the regime and those who don’t because they did not, conduct elections and decide on their leadership, the more he continues to strain the social and Political issues to a point where those whose jobs and interests lie in supporting him pick arms against those whose interests does not lie in supporting him or some are willing to put their lives on the line for him or make themselves human shields for him, the more he makes himself a target.