I see I am being chased around by matters of sexual abuse and my view of sexual abuse must be ascertained all the time because it ensures there is at atmosphere in which I am predisposed to being sexually abused; I wouldn’t know what it means when they want me to take a stand on some case of the treatment of women when we know these are thieves anyway seeking to extract an income from my possessions – reality being that only a very tiny aspect of sexual abuse involves those who are perverted and generally go out to attack others, mostly it is a matter of women at sexual conquest, conquests which they lose. In my case I seem to be a target they enjoy locating so much claiming the way I react tends to surprise them with goodies and this is an example of the reasons you are supposed to be concerned about sexual abuse and the treatment of women as it were instead of crimes people commit and whether or not they are punished for it. I do not mind most of it since it is not unusual to see a celebrity make a show of how much she hates the media because the outcome will be that she attacks mine and destroys everything in order to go off and sleep with the Camera men and women anyway, it’s just the conveniences, the sense that the issues I handle around my world are things I am able to do with problems to indicate inferiority to them, which also means they can take a proceeds from me with the help of their big boys at will - so how this means I will be able to help them on sexual abuse which is why they target me with every single occasion of a story they hear of it, I will never know but clearly we can see its very well planned to ensure they get away with it and cover their tracks to see that others cannot do it to them as.

That I have been beaten and battered and power is now is the hands of the older generation is utter nonsense, what people are complaining about currently is the consequences of their insults i.e. I am the Royal Prince they are nobodies who like to think other peoples success should depend on their age except for their stupid children and so it’s a matter of the Royal Office their Fathers held and Grandfathers after that which prompts the lack of appreciation and insults that have gone global so far as it were. Not that it matters in anyway, I hate it whenever they address me and it is always a case mostly of taking their problems out on other – like when they are being nice which we cannot be free from seeing i.e. they woke up late because they binged all night long, they scoffed their breakfast and that was not very good for their tummy, so when they get to the Train and smell your coffee what their tummy does is your fault because nobody did see them binge all night long wake up late and scoff their breakfast which makes that blame and attack all the time because they smell your coffee and it’s the bloody train perfectly justified when you on the other hand know all about it because it happens to you are all and the insults are insufferable but when they are not being nice of which it develops into so many things right down to their celebrities that are as famous as the amount of attention you are made to pay them because its 24 hours playing and very violent and abusive and destructive playing as well for that matter which I think will never get better or cease to be a means for addressing me and pretending I am not allowed to be successful unless this playfulness is costing them jobs as it were.

These are people who have no plans to be concerned about their own society where the men must control popular culture girls and make them famous in order to be wealthy themselves and the women must support criminal activities of the younger men because it gets back at their fathers which then becomes an industry – growing and growing to a state in which society men generally support whores that chase the penis and anus of those who are religious on account it will one way or another create attention that helps them sell their bodies and when you react they all gang up with a big mouth, while the young men are supported by Industry and twisted homosexual idiots who think nobody knows how they work their own evil and service for the devil which is why everybody these days is thinking of opening the Church to them. What they are interested in is whether I am beaten and battered and power is in the hands of the older generation which is all we see them do, play time 24/7 violent and abusive and destructive because they seek equality and they seek power, hence the mention of such things means they will turn up here again soon enough like ferrets and clearly meaning those who mention it have started again as it were.

We can never be free from the claim it’s all my fault of course when everybody knows that I have to offer reason when I break the heart of make allies by withdrawing my work and usually of which the reasons were that it was meant to serve me but such facts are lost because of them – then there are the women as well and nothing about what happens between me and those can ever be clear, ever. Now the story has shifted altogether to the part where the case has always been and should always be that nobody wins and that what people do to attack me is therefore justified but it has nothing to do with who wins or not, it has something to do with where peoples sins and beset and frustrations of sex end up i.e. in their communities or in the Royal Community instead specifically around my work of which I have my own Royal Perverts to chase after especially the female ones as well and have always informed them that a need to move into my right hand and live there will provoke me while they have always been determined that they were devious and lie quickly and seek leverage and privileges of injustice with which to apply starting with media and then moving very quickly to Politics which means they were going to set it up on media and have it anyway; the reason for this being they had some time to work for their money and have had some savings and a pension and it should be a weapon against others because they must always be able to childishly take their problems out on others. So that what happens is that after years of setting me out as the one with enough inner happiness to be sacrificed for it right across the west and built a global campaign to that effect as well pretending it is not about crushing my faith which means I should crush what motivates them too, hence I cannot make sense of why they complain when they have no plans to leave me alone and move on with their stupid lives, if they might stop talking nonsense about power at my expense that they find amusing when they think nobody is watching. Where we are at present being an example i.e. that I am done kicking them and so now I am off to chase money like they had time to, it means their money must come to play to the effect that it is their time to get done kicking me as well since I should have been chasing money while being kicked by them so they can get away with it on account they have their own money already – so they look for trouble all the time and they know it and I for my part am fed up with their playing and fun and have begun to feel it has to start costing them employment otherwise I will never be left alone by them. They look for trouble all the time especially their Politicians and I am never going to shut down and negate anything that means I can deal with them for my part as well – I mean take a look at it from the 50s up to this day, every time that happens whether or not the story is that nobody ever wins, they evolve along with their criminality wives who ensure Politicians can work the criminality of barely legal fools who need laws that favour them, while they ensure young men like myself are always targets that the law treats as outsiders with a big mouth, decade after decade after decade.  Apparently these are rich miserly evil fools who have no peace of mind whatsoever because of what they fear might happen to their money and so these kinds of power they seek and all those things I may get provoked by on account they attack me because my very existence has changed something which has nothing to do with them but happens to have changed a settled state of mind they have is for that reason, the problem with it is that their foolishness damages your own money and we have seen the media and Politics and popularity popular culture and industry perversions, what they are capable of doing with that too, never mind the criminals who notice it and the criminals they have deals is in order to ensure some of their money is safe chasing my anus and penis and doing fame and fortune with the process as well thereof. I have the right to decide when to have sex, when to deal with issues and when to chase money and they are in cloud 9 for now along with the criminals they have deal with as it were. None are unusual, it’s one of those matters that surrounds what we see i.e. you may set out some money to build a big Hotel that will employ 200 people but you have to put up with so much nonsense from them that a structure that may have been completed in three years will be in ten years and somewhere around the 8th or 7th you realise the market is no longer viable and you need to move operations elsewhere leaving dilapidated community and half built structures criminals can develop their issues with – I am not building structures here, I am writing books and those who want to talk for them have no plans to talk about somebody having a bad day because my existence changed things which allowed his enemies to attack him of which they have warned women about some stupid things they do and nothing seems to change about it for example, but above all have no wish to talk about the idea somebody must pay for their problems meaning they always love to damage my property and finances and get after my health after that.