Of course there is that story of how I go from one case of the problem is to another and think I am able to get around with the big boys but of course the reality is that I never go from the problem is to another in anyway – what happens is that there is no point setting out social or economic policy because it will become their plaything and the squeezing balloons effect will result, instead what must be done is have a theme tune and extract it from them. There is always those insults and follow up threats of course but the reality is that as it is now, I am big on the warnings because I can go from zero to hero on the matter in a blink, I know they will not last a day especially for the American ones – they on the other hand thing I am enduring an education from them about how the world is an evil place and that since it is an evil place and people are willing to kill people to own things, they want my stuff and there is no way I can get out of it with that big mouth, whereas last I checked on the issue they did not fare so well for their part when they last started off anyway. So this time around it will be a result that will endure for a minimum of 60 years and then they will wait for that length of time for another recession to turn up and interrupt us so they can start and talk nonsense like these all the time. But it is the old story as it were, these fools want big business all the time but cannot play by the rules, even if something is seen to belong to another person by the entire world it is still possible that it can end up belonging to them instead and I will not bend to any made up nonsense as well because they also make so much noise about connections with China for example and how they own the worlds wealth about which I know I have made it clear people can own the worlds wealth if they do not own it on my equities but if they do be rest assured trouble is on the way and I will not stop until I destroy of it and in the same manner as well when this kicks off again over those evils of the world nonsense I will shut them up for good and that is a promise too. Naturally the next step is those claims of how there is no means by which I can enforce such a thing and it is the part that is actually my problem because of course we all know that I work with the public and should sell my books to them as a result and what I do is draw a line for people and give them the chance for recovery, what they do since business has no respect for authority is ensure those that have any money are dead before they have it and those that have the strength to work are unemployed and anything else will hit rock bottom and try to pick themselves up while criminals move into their right hand and sit there doing popular culture in order to suck any finances they have left out of them and buy things that idiots have piled up high to sell cheap since they have never before in their lives run a business with equities in it and therefore regularly not only come up with stories about how to own things the world already knows belongs to others or a large part of the population of a Country does but also ideas about how to own all the money in the world, which we know if they did meant they will never figure what it should be spent on and that money gets made the more it is spent on the proper things hence the wrong mode of proceed for the economy as a whole but it will have become the only thing they want because they cannot stay off my public work and my books sales and it is the same old story with businesses having no respect for authority as it were. So this is my warnings and they have heard me say I have had enough and will tolerate n further nonsense from them – one more damage to my books and that stupid media taken into account as well so they can talk nonsense thereafter of my ideas of who is rich and who is not when people only earn tens of thousands while clinging to my person and earnings in order to be rich, one more damage and it will be one more task for all of them as well and then we can see what those stupid American stock market idiots who insist my personage and faith will be peddled as long as they exist really want around here too. I am trying to be helpful because this is my last warning: I work for people and should be able to draw a line between them and the criminals that big businesses send out to do popular culture to rob them and buy wares that are piled up high and sold cheap so idiots can get rich and this job means I sell my books in the process for a living – those who do not mess with it will be free of me and those who do had better expected what is coming to them as well. They damage my books because none of those their games actually works and so they need to actually cause me physical damage so that when compared to them they will have more and hence would have proven a point to those they boast for and hence their vandalism would have gone from fantasy into something that has a place in reality and this I will not tolerate anymore because they damage my books and my sales anyway. This is my warning and the very last indeed; they will not last a day and they know it – last we checked every time I handled them I had damaged the American spirit so that if they adopted the same kind of society we have in the UK, nobody would be able to tell which is communism and which is democracy anymore and are still therefore convinced I will be held to it forever – they damage the books to ensure their stupidities do not remain fantasies but damage the books none the less anyway and it has become the answer to everything to do so every blessed day as well.