So they say I make everything so terribly complicated and it is utter rubbish; I don’t – what happens is that when people enjoy ripping my business like they currently do, I eventually start to enjoy seeking out those things that they end up preserving for doing it and then because I am a Christian, will not touch it, just acknowledge it and get about fixing the problems they have created by myself; the result is usually that they think after my acknowledgement it is still viable and by the time they realise it is not, it is either too late to seek another option or too late to decide what to do and of course I am usually left wondering what I must do to them to stop them ripping my income for fun every day. To it feeds into what people think I should share more often at the Monarchy i.e. same case of really stupid people and when the streets have a go at me I will remind it of its stupidity – when I do, they will decide they must teach me lessons with the media ones and when I tell them those are just as stupid too, we find them lean heavily on their parents finances which means their parents can spend time on their silly kids instead of abusing me all the time instead and the outcome is that they get the money they want to screw around with popularity and the media ones make more friends. Eventually they love their ageism so much and cannot resist seeing me and timing me for when I am not looking to turn up and make me smell etc., we all know I have a reputation and they have said numerous times that it is the reputation of the guy who disrespects his fathers, hence only an assumption they hope to carry on to a point where this claim continues to make sense. It feeds into the story of world power economics that we hear these days all the time, garnished with media tales designed to force the British Government to serve all sorts of administrative fools around the world but it’s an old story; where they do the world power government to such an extent that they need apples and we have apples but when they do find out we are the ones selling the apples, they leave it and go off to buy bananas and tell us we are racist; they will have been doing that for years, tummy churned upside down, blabbing about world power economy that will only work when they have our apples. Of course, there is a tie between defence and economy, that was never the problem; the problem we have is the insults of British Politicians – where the Monarchy will make it all easy for them and establish ties with China and they are so cynical about it for some strange reason a perverted cynicism that eventually when Germany wants to talk about world power economy it is a spoof of British Interests that Germany deploys for negotiation that makes it operable. We were ahead of the US and all of the EU in terms of solutions to the economic crisis and even I speak we still are but this sort of Behaviour generally means somebody then has to run around saving National interests from the insanity of the Politicians indolence and now they have nothing to offer the Americans, what they have is lots of insults they can throw at me about not sharing my optimism concerning how we will be alright if we set ourselves out and switch on the systems again; what we are looking at of which is an old case of eliminating the evolution of the UK that has to do with innovation, survival and violence, which is the real heart and soul of what we are like i.e. we were a trade route many times in ancient history and so were we many times in modern history but we have been in the EU for decades, still people are unable to understand how Britain works because the French and Germans are determined to ensure nobody cares, throwing up the question of why they continue to expect us to remain in the EU – thus if we are a tourism economy, then if we are not like Italy or Romania for instance, we are not fit to exist considering we are British. I would have been working on a project for three years, by the fourth of which the economic crisis hit the world, by the fifth have begun to place and experiment with some of my research but around the 8th the Germans will start a global leadership about my indolence and it will become a future of very abusive insults i.e. if they get their hands on our apples, a world power economics.

So they say I am unaware people want to reject the Brexit and stay in the EU which has nothing to do with anything; the more important fact is that I want all my thought to be about what I read from the Bible and not whether people are chasing my bottom and my whole mind is spent on it to ensure I do not make a bad smell – the bloody fools; so its always about disobedience and provocation, nothing to do with the EU, of which it is not normal to spend time reacting to disobedience and provocation but it so turns out that when you do, you tend to have become the one that is selling sex for a living – hence I am always right save what people make of the tendency I might get beaten up.

They always say it is the fact I describe them as fools that is the main problem; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that people who think that others will pass their exams and tests at University by spending all day thinking about what they ate and thinking about their chest and tummy and whole alimentary canal because others are making them have to be the biggest idiots we have in our communities; so apart from the part where there is a probability I might get beaten up, I am right and always am. It’s as I have mentioned before; you may get confused about the meaning of their insulting involvement and a statement that says you are trying to make money selling Books that people who do not like you need but when you go home to do the accounts what they are really doing cannot be argued with. Same as the story of how I ensure the younger ones do not have any future of which the easier bits of this matter are that they stay off my case as we are not mates as it were, since it is obvious I am right save the bit where I get beaten up. I have not begun their own case just yet all together; it will involve civil rights wealth inequality campaigner market parasites that need Politicians to hold down peoples livelihoods for them to make money with: if you go into the City to lay down foundations for a building and one of your contractors breaks a Pipe, it would cost millions and you would love your temper and call him an idiot – these are scum that appoint themselves to cut off all avenues by which you attend to your job and livelihood finding money can be made as supported by stupid Politicians on the basis of some narcissist happiness which is facilitates by a process of making sure you have nothing that is exclusively yours enough to make them feel inferior and we see this play out in terms of what they think justifies the reasons they go out to rip up people’s lives to please civil rights idiots that will buy popularity products from them, while the Politicians claim I stir up war when we are only talking about sacrificing my Business empire to make their own wealthy because they are in a position to create job and end the economic crisis, which means that the UK has a controversial polity and they can get used to the idea if only somebody like myself who has become intolerant to what they get used to is removed from the picture. It’s difficult to imagine that 10 years after the recession, these fools are still chasing this dream and living for it but it is even more difficult to imagine that even though those stupid business empires get to their head, just like their local fools who are incapable of being happy and need to make others suffer so they can feel good enough to share a lifestyle with people they are selling products to and tell lies on media all the time, how they could have failed to work on those business empires and showed up here after with these fools of theirs to find another way that does nothing else save cause me harm i.e. apart from the part where I get beaten up, I am always right; they are very stupid people.

I mean if the only point at which I can be wrong is when I get beaten up by others, does anybody really believe that saying my Court is not free for all and people need buy the Books when they lift the blogs and previews? It will never sound final enough and I will never look like I am serious person – so it must happen over and over and over and over until they decide they want to change; its always funny until the Christian wants their City centre as well. I mean they can say its about equality for instance but if you had eliminated the part where you know they are seeking salvation at your expense, you are left with those images where you see MPs try to show they love the Country more than you do but unlike you they can actually make a decision about it but then again all the parameters used to control criminals are spent on you and when the Criminals get out of hand you must get off the Church which provokes them to do something about it or else with that big mouth: it seems to have become a question of why I like to refer to them as fools and idiots as if they are actually clever people and we have not talked about disobedience and provocation routines that let the Community croons find something to desire which is then blamed on me via media games as well either.

So here is how it unfolded - they said it was about the fact people do not want Brexit and people like me who give a voice to it think we are relevant; I said its rather about disobedience and processes of provoking me because they are incapable of being happy enough to sell products by themselves without being superior to somebody in such abusive ways and they said I was likely going to get beaten up and I am only saying that apart from which I am always right. I mean speaking of equality we are looking at the need to get out of bed and kiss goodbye to family, then show up in public places to discipline me for not making contributions to their incomes; I mean they just got used to an insult for it - so it does come through dressed in suits to make you think it is a clever person but is actually a fucking idiot and I have been bearing it for 15 years every single day. So, its talk with them all the time about how I cannot do anything about it but that is where it all makes sense i.e. dressed in suits to find amusing to a point where he is happy enough to be a sales man using a job he has got on media, to ensure others cannot do that thing they do with pride and joy to earn some of those pieces of paper with the bank of England governor’s signature on, which allows them go to shops to pick up values they can run their lives with; nothing but a handful of bloody fools. They do say my position fosters wealth inequality, which is utter rubbish; there are some problems that you deal with only when you have been publicly financially successful, not when people target and catch you early to simulate the prize of paedophilia and sex abuse, rounding you up like an animal and holding onto the public image of your person and property to prevent you from releasing money from it to pay your way like everybody else – thereby creating person who has no rights but talents that can make people rich and therefore wants to share it.


Now what people are trying to explain is happening here is that they are forcing me to get involved with a fight for civil rights but it has always been the old story that whilst these idiots complain the most about injustices they are the ones who relentlessly celebrate the idea of forcing people do not what people do not want to do – whilst they complain the most about injustices they are the same who can tell what I am capable of when I have not yet ended up with a history of making myself famous over forcing them to comply with the kind of relationship their parents want to have with them like they pass insults at me to ensure they were doing for their own fame. So it comes down to the old story of the fact that they are not interested in whether I am homeless on account that we have three parts to this matter – Celebrities, My writing career and Society goons, such that the only thing they do with media is put up suggestions that I operate on the basis of affirmation I get from people around me and that since they have media they can decide what that should be and do whatever they like with my possessions, while everything to do with shows and awards are fundamentally built on the business of working out what my trade secrets are instead of buying Books; the idiots must know they are causing a lot of distress concerning the way my Books are leaked to the Public to make their stupidities feel important, they must know they are making me ill with respect to the way they spy on me and pick up my work to make themselves look important by, they must know they are causing distress over the familiarity of their insulting children and how it generally tends to secure their future in terms of complaining to Politicians and Celebrities about my attitude but whenever we see them on media, they do nothing else apart from build a crowd of idiots with ideas about what to do to me, who help them secure my trade secrets and use it if not hand it over to others through advertisement ripping up my finances and pretending forgiveness for it was their human right – they must know they are causing a lot of distress with all these things when we hear them get off blabbing about forcing me to do things as well, so it goes without saying that when I handle their civil rights as well, I should do what I can to ensure it is no longer capable of supporting their business communities, then and only then will this nonsense end, meaning I am wondering if we have ended up having a conversation about it because their stupidities are asking me how it is meant to end all together.

I have no real problem with these issues, it has always been the story of some very evil idiots who want to be able to cause immense suffering and distress to good people, since I had detached it from mainstream living, it had turned to the destruction of my property with my Book sales as the means by which it gets me to pay attention to its media exhibited stupidities – to this effect, I have asked them to stop running off their foolish media and celebrity jobs on my trade secrets since it is now a phenomenon they can play with in the public sphere on Publicity I have built for the Books and so have I been informed that this will never occur, thus I am going to begin the process of making sure it stops. Hence likewise the story of the politicians and their supporters being a question of whether the complains are due to the life changing insults I tolerate in the neighbourhoods or not; we all know the idiots never allow young people study at school and never allow ex-criminals learn at work, I have no idea why they believe it is news but they have run out of warning at this point, I have had enough. They do speak of how I could never defend this position naturally but we know it’s a story about disobedient Federated goons, all I am asking contrary to this suggestion of when they were prepared enough and wanted to see by how much I have had enough of them as well, I want an end to their Celebrity jobs and media careers running off on publicity I have built for my Books – the writing career is not a contact point by which their stupidities are to get through to me.

This is all happening for one simple reason i.e. I was given all I needed with the Royal commission, the Finances were tied to it by Equity and I had to release that money to pay my way, what I have ended up with is American led Global leadership which will ensure that my Estate released money for the entire world and they went down in history as champions of wealth equality; the idiots have never before spent time sorting the criminals that follow them around with their protest moments but are convinced this is the best way to serve the world, so it goes without saying I will do the same thing with those civil rights movements that build them public equity for those small businesses as well before it stops apparently and I think it is all going to kick off over a fight with the Media. They speak of Industry people who hate my guts but we know its an old tale of the fact they have never really stopped the sickening processes of stifling my livelihood, so I had none, and could not say I had a career and family because of the public image they had built for me on media and are always determined that they will be peddling my personal life and public image for every product they are asked to sell in order to make customers feel important – the idiots complain about the consequences of the insults to Politicians and Media everyday but have not yet decided how they plan to stop doing it as it were; so I am said to be unaware my lose ends are not tied and they are, these fools are set to get stuck with me until they are past it, then will they have to live up to that big mouth I put up with endlessly or I am not losing a Global range Royal Hermitage Literary Business to any part of their stupidities and this was rather simple enough to understand. The question here is how these Media goons and Celebrity fools stifling my income by running off this Publicity for me over the last 6 years everyday, to say that the trade secrets of my Books as an eventuality associated with their stupid Celebrity careers must be taken from me and handed to more worthy persons, in this matter but it is an example of why when they complain it is so important to know that they are doing so.

Anything can happen between the point at which my Books go into production and the point at which the Public consumes it, these processes of physical handling however will not go unpunished.  They always say I encumber their fame, so if I say I have not its a relief that relies on me while they think more of those stupid secret society powers they plan to save their foolish selves from work based incomes at my expense by as insultingly as possible, then show up on Media to make good of it i.e. its the old gimmick about finding a way to become more important than I am and the idiots have not yet found one. It still goes back to early work exposure days when I met my parents at the Office and they had a certain behaviour towards the job – does not make any sense but nice i.e. you think that you want that whenever you see people do it, which is the wrong things to do while you should be thinking it is how to work for it instead; whenever conservatives are corrupt, your hands are tied behind your back and you are stuck with these Liberal idiots inflicting this state of mind on you and robbing you of all normalcy, only for their homosexuals to get all over the City centre passing about life changing insults concerning the sort of respect that CEOs deserve and this is what must stop happening to this Hermitage at this point – Its always either they are claiming I have damaged the culture that supports that stupid secret society powers while complaining about my Tummy issues to raise awareness for it in every public places or they are claiming I had damaged the Celebrity culture about which I had also provoked them by going off to write a Book that causes nostalgia and I have asked them to stop running off their Media and Celebrity jobs on it and any Publicity items thereof, I have been informed this will never happen too, so we are set to see how I will stop it myself all together (the question of knowing what I know but not making that much progress with my finances all together i.e. it cannot be that complicated to look after this Hermitage and ensure my academic work is completed to provide me income and platform having been they have such intense need to use my personality to create a business as Media moguls that I am always tired of it most of the time).


 Popular idea is always that of claims I attack people from a certain direction which is followed on from things they do to attack me which they have checked up to ensure does not get them into trouble with the Law and that this is what gives me proficiency in all that I do. Clearly a means of continuing their insolent abuses on the grounds I am an unworthy illiterate leader which shows how bad the system of Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is. In actual fact the only thing that I have ever done along the lines of following up the process of being attacked in such a way as to gain proficiency on the things they do to ensure when they attack me I cannot be protected by the Law is my Book sales and the way it works is simply that they think they will get away with stripping my business on media in order to extract the Equities and use them to get rich and having been hit by it on a daily basis all the time I had taken steps to ignore them completely and do the business anyway, so the usual outcome is what we have-when they get into trouble they make out something I have said which has some connection with their evil contraptions they call business with their big boys rubbish will get me into trouble with the Law but because they are not stupid as well always check it with their Legal team which always proves to them such notions are all in their heads. These company indices will continue to remain with me until the day I have enough of having my health attacked so I can be buffeted and distracted over absolutely every little bit of thing I do, so that while people wreck my finances and academic work they are having access to energy and market to get rich from my business. They describe it as milking the Cow (I describe it as an excuse for spiritual wickedness I do not want practiced on me which people love to, that they make good by earning my income rather than work for their own) and I will be on hand for that too soon enough.

If you have had a Company taken from you via people's insults and targeted public media abuses, after which they publicise the Company which never was allowed to exist so you never recover, gather up the Customers for their own businesses, gut it and extract the Equities to get rich with, then what you do probably is nothing but if they have wrecked your academic work as well and drove you into debt with Student Loans Ltd, then what you probably do is nothing but if they take the desire to ensure you have no right to earn any money to a whole new level, wrecking the economy in the process and then telling you they have Politicians on their side and they will therefore ensure the problems of the Economy hits you hardest, then what you probably do is try to figure out exactly what you have done wrong I suppose. Thereafter get really interested in making deals with those who know of customers interested in your products but put off by your religion.

Clearly of which it is obvious to see that the incompetent idiots who like to claim I handle their culture here and their history there and their business there are very good at playing the system; they know if the economy faces difficult times and government devalues currency, between when the government does and when the effects show up in the economy the consumer will inevitably part with more money than they have and if they play right the international businesses card, they will have more money during an economic crisis to add to the ones they have already which they deployed to create the problem, while the state of the standard of living of everybody will have been the fault of those who end up in such ways - their Popularity and Popular culture idiots play the same games too i.e. they start the insults and abuses over my finances like it belongs to them, damage it and the I have to make repairs and suffer more damage until I can only make repairs by revenge and then they will express the fact they have stored away enough lies for a life time which their Politicians can get to understand which means that the tit for tart results in a condition where for every penny I make they deserve being more senior to make several times more with the same means that I did and if I refuse to earn any more money then the sky is the limit with a big mouth looking for trouble and will never get off my television or do anything they do without reference to me until it gets really badly wrong for them as wel. For the Politicians, there is rather a need to just be really good at creating balance obviously.

I am perfectly aware it is a matter of insolent, racist, permitted infidelity business scum and their Politicians; I always make reference to their suits not because I cannot wear those but because it is the most outstanding sign of where their account books really are, which indicates where their stupid businesses are as well, bearing in mind that if those account books were around here or around my firm, they would have cleared off a very long time ago.


Yet all of the above would have ended up being just a half of a problem of how the advertisement industry is to a collection of idiots and their media games, a means of making a lot of money and then simulating other peoples lives and jobs and then taking them over and owning them using irresponsibility that are lucrative and therefore powerful because they are a means. Of course their Politicians are very keen on provoking people, damaging their property and then going on about doing so forever like it grows on trees, then making sure no body holds anything around them to ransom, while they continue their attitude like it is a bed of roses. Now they say I said something about rail fare rises for 2014 which is utter rubbish not taking into account the increased investment in the rail system which will deliver better services. The reality of course being that it is the kind of insults that really does it as it were since they understand perfectly what I mean when I call it a mismanagement of an unimaginable scale and the planning of a business around my earnings while they tuck their own away somewhere safe. The fact that the UK is the only country in Europe, the only country in the entire world that raises fares for commuters every single bloody year – an evidence of the fact that the rail system in the UK has a management that does not work along with the global business cycle because they know they can put up fares to create profit at will, when everybody else are paying parts and services they buy nothing unless it is their own private family business and then when they feel like it they buy what they need at something of a four times the cost and it rumbles on like that endlessly so that they can put up fares when they check their books and realise they have not made profit. The reason however I am so furious is the insults of the MPs because they know that the record investments they speak of is only operable as a function of how long those investments will last before the next one and has nothing to do with the fare increases that have happened presently but it is the kind of insults that provoke me all the time and they tell tales about my actions unbecoming thereafter. The same insults that lead to processes where Ministers will tell you their position is a difficult one on account they need to make those who pay the bulk of our taxes comfortable so that they do not move elsewhere, when we all know that it is them that cannot keep their businesses out of Government business and need to do so right away, not have us believe that in this country a millionaire who is or should be more concerned with whether or not his smaller associates are at work delivering services where needed is more concerned with telling the Prime Minister what to do as if we are fools or something like that – I mean the only advice thereof is to remind them all they need do is take into account peoples circumstances when dealing them and not talk nonsense all the like and more over listen to what I am saying and shelve the stupid insults.

These things happen because MPs want to be able to crush poor people and grab their ideas for a career when they themselves run out of some and we have no idea what the limitations are supposed to have been; what we know is that they have already begun suggesting that my actions have lead to a lack of self understanding in the entire economy as a whole when everybody knows the British economy is about the Holidays we take, the Big shops we faithfully attend and the jobs that pay us the money for these things by the hour but a fair minded adjudicator only needs sit back and take a look at what we have had to do to ensure that is happening comfortably on account Politicians exist and it runs right down to immigration where they sabotage the economy as whole to ensure immigrants come into the Country under the control of Politicians who can then make them vote for their parties, the cost of which is European diplomatic relations and yet I am the one they say who has dislodged people from an economy they are used to, much like they claim it is my scathing criticisms that have created a condition where MPs have lost a sense of what to do but this is not the only occasion where we have had to work out that to be free of me they will either need to get off my book sales and the civil service or cut me off from the benefits: they understood perfectly what I said when I mentioned rail fare rises but it is the kind of insults I have to put up with all of the time which when I mention so is not an exaggeration.

I am not talking about the Labour Party either; for those ones you soon become obsessive about protecting your property because MP always, always, wants to take your ideas and use it to make a career serving the public; so that the question becomes whether it is your civil duty to let him which is a matter of opinion but of course the reason it becomes a major crisis is that MPs has ensured he completely decimated your finances as he took your ideas to make a career serving the people with and so they do these things and talk rubbish to tell tall tales which suggest that you are unaware of the risks that if they get anything they want in the slightest, you are fucked for life. Typical yet is the fact that the coalition has been in office for three years now but things continue to get worse and worse and they never ever listen to anything you tell them if they can be more interested in what they can do to steal from you and make you help them make a lot of money for free.










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Now they say what I say is abusive and I can understand but it is not abusive in my view, it is derogatory in my view – a matter of the fact that since 1993 when I worked out I had lost track of the basic structure of some important subjects I needed to study and was unable to catch up later – found my time and means and opportunity in 2004 as I got back into an academic environment, only to have them show up at University to chase my bottom until I dropped out. Now we find them show up around my concerns to pretend they were the best things the Country had produced which has become something that I need to deter as well, thus they have become worried about being labelled as student Union stupidities, especially when they will not allow others a moments peace because of racists and criminals their size and age but will not accept other people’s leadership as well either.

I hear its this sense people have that I am unable to answer topical questions which appears to be the problem but we all know what happens is that when they ask me questions it largely is followed by a backdrop of supporters who feel I need to answer it in a way that agrees with the fact they do not like the Country they live and most of the time want to be me – so I always have a need to answer it in a way which means that they might not have understood what I said but when they get home they will and that the question at hand has been satisfied at the same time as well, so I guess the business here is people thinking about asking me topical questions, not insulting me and getting used to doing so. Thus we have found that these guys are angry because I want to sort out my academic work, they are angry because where they have placed me has allowed me to seek a career among the uneducated, they are angry I have all these choices and options, I am then left then wondering who does this sort of nonsense and why they show up to grab my income with all kinds of rubbish I have never been able to make sense of which they say is happening on the left and right hand side, by the way of which is what they do after the University drop out bit but before then it was largely a matter of what I did when I was younger messing up their mind and making them inferior to me now that I am grown up because I assumed they would never get to a point of being able to dominate me if they wanted to get famous and rich at my expense, which is what is happening, followed on by tales of how I have it easy because I have made a deal with racists and they were always superior. The insult then have been something they have always wanted to do with their time, now especially we see them tell me I have experienced it long enough to get used to it all together; I have always been used to it, we are here because it has affected my finances, we are here because they are using it to undercut me at bills payment and feeding, we are here because their need to make me respond and react to it will be pushed right up to the stage at which I am homeless if I do nothing about it. I have therefore never been able to make sense of the stupidities that passes either on their right-hand side or left-hand side, they need to lay off my case and those who have topical questions need ask them not insult me; it is affects my finances, I will respond.

Eventually they become more forth coming about this business of me being considered a coward and how a Royal coward is  a bad thing; I could not make it out anyway – all I know is that I cannot make out what their contribution to the matter is anyway; we all know the Public transport operatives are one thing that never stops pretending it keeps all the problems in the Country to decide who gets which as people leave homes and walk around the streets where they can no longer be as selfish as they might have wanted to be and if I handled their own as well, they would be ferrying around whole neighbourhoods just in case I wanted to scoop some problems for them and find out if the gangs would not stab and shoot them over it too. The Politicians however are a different case all together, where each time I prevent juveniles from being able to peddle my personal life and public image because they want to be famous and rich celebrities, the idiots will show up to spend tax payer funds on them which ensure I fail and they won – out of curiosity, we have never seen them spend their own private funds on such nonsense that they apparently feel so strongly about in the first place, so the coward story is all well but I cannot make out what their contribution to this matter was in the first place anyway. In the end I get told its women teaching me lessons, which is good as I should assume they are aware that working for what I do and handing the proceeds to women while over active goons at British culture and mannerism supervise, is my worst nightmare and can always bring it on every time they believe they wish to take me on once done complaining as well. I do not know what is appealing about me on this issue for my part anyway; like the society ones loved to hang around and play games that I do not mind until they get off chasing my bottom at University to get their children in my way and make me drop out, these hang around playing games in such ways as well, then it goes haywire once I step into a Church. So they always say I talk tough but will get into danger zone and get dispatched but all I am saying is that if they are complaining about a lack of safe feeling because I handled their case and left them a question of whether the neighbourhood goons that will beat me up so they can usurp my achievement and become Politicians was their part of society to spend that amount of time on in the first place and if they wind me up I will do them again as it were. Usually before this sort of nonsense proves to be my worst nightmare, my nightmare really was the bit where that loose woman loves to get on my case while the women who attend church tell of how badly behaved she really is but in the end while everybody has their problems I end up with the biggest over such matters for being a bachelor; it is what life is like, before I found myself fighting for my existence on account my finances have been affected by the actions of idiots who want neighbourhood goons to beat me up and help them grab my career to be important with, which outcome is the tale we have today about women never feeling safe when I am around; so I repeat, this business is my worst nightmare ever and I really fancy the part where they claim their civil rights looks like that as well, really fancy their need to gamble. The Cowardice issue sits at the heart of this matter; prevent delinquents peddling your personal life and public image and you will be able to live with them in a neighbourhood; this is supposed to produce a specific result where once they get to the age of 35 – 40 years, we find they start to worry about their future and plan to get jobs, so once I get to that age as well, they cease being a threat but it does not mean they will not produce children and raise those to be juveniles as well and it does not mean I will not produce children and raise them to do what I do as well; it usually is good until these fools spend tax payer funds on one of either side, get their hate figure seeking twerps to follow me around and commit crimes and sit about bear baiting, to blab about Royal Coward as well.

As for the story of not being able to get along with people at the Monarchy; I am sure those who blab it are aware it began with their need to rip up my finances and keep up the hope that the Queen will select an alternative version of me that will allow them become me, after stealing a career I had worked on and had to go public with like everybody else and ending up with a problem associated with keeping it thereof – now the main story coming from the Monarchy is one of how I accept the bad things that are being done on my behalf as though it is possible to feel guilty when they suffer due to the idea that the way it should work ought to be a process where if they are angry it matters and if I am it does not, while the Daughter of the Duke of York had decided not to abandon me as well at the same time. I mean when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not is the theory as it were. The biggest problem they claim, is that I never fight for them and I wonder what they want me to fight their battles for anyway, while they can deploy peoples religion and faith without having to believe in it and wish to punish me perpetually because I have a low level of tolerance for their stupidity that wants to be able to bad upbringing pick up a phone and call a friend to prevent others getting job like their lives depended on doing so all the time - I like it when they gamble claiming their stupid civil rights and freedom looks like that all together but I would fancy they asked me a topical question if they wanted to not insult and stopped insulting me - talk of smell men who think they can solve serious violent issues and need to step out of their skin and hand over privileges, turning up here to make a mess of my lifes work and my finances is no longer the main thing I suppose.

Eventually I hear it is said that I am a prolific fare dodger and this was the main problem but I would have been a fare dodger Arch Prince which does not necessarily mean that their whole lives depending on me being punished for the bad things I do until I lose my career to them is practicable. If they are not seen dreaming of younger people getting punished until the career is lost for their existence was about the bad things they do to get punished until they lose the career, what we see is a behaviour that suggests they have enough money to be young again while the wives do the violent things for the family and if not what we see is the claim that women are never safe when I am around while they go into dilapidated neighbourhoods to beat up the ones nobody will see them beat up and the list goes on endlessly. In terms of fare dodging anyway, I already know British rail system is built to allow people go in and out of it at will but people know that when you travel you have to pay for it and we find that the payment systems do not work in certain far flung stations while the trains arrive hourly – so assuming everybody had to get to work at the same time as it were, the trains ran hourly and you then get tempted to hop on, be a sardine and pay your way on the return journey but the payment systems are not working and you had returned late, so the train station staff had closed for the day – on the trams the system has changed from a business of when you have not touched in, you are fined only when they do not find money on your oyster card all together to a system when you are fined for getting in without touching in; so because I have been bullied and attacked and blinded by anger on some occasions where I hopped in without touching in and had to pay the £80 fine three days later for a £1.50 journey about which I had the money to dodge the fair, it has become a money making racket to target me every time I am seen taking the trams because the payment systems for that actually works and then it gets more abusive and more violent the more I impeccably keep my payment record the whole time and now we find them blabbing about me losing my career for being a fare dodger which I think is another theory they bring up that is never going to end well too. They always say I bandy a false hope but the reality is that I will handle that popular culture again in a completely merciless situation, so see how I will depart my person and get out of my skin so they can move into my right hand with a sense that culture exists to allow them make themselves into people that others have to complain and fail exams in school for, when it becomes real attrition over the fact that business is about a partnership with people that you do all the work for and they therefore earn money they spend on the products, which means you can optimise your income by helping them make more but for them it means forcing people to make use of good looks in order to create an atmosphere where those who have money will want to spend it; the rest of us know it has always been a simple situation where the government thinks about National liquidity and you think about innovation and invention to help those you have a partnership with make some more money if you wanted to earn more, except these fools talking about doing my stuff and doing peoples stuff 24/7, blabbing which career I will lose because I am a fare dodger the whole time, that they cannot back up. In the end I do get told that I play around with Media and HM is not comfortable with it but I am not playing around with Media – the bit where I had to tolerate them and keep from an outcome where they can damage anything they wanted here in order to manipulate me and claim to own me playing power games, which I had to by preventing them from being able to undercut me at feeding and bills was difficult enough, now we find that they cannot let me a moments peace due to the racists and extremists that are their age and size on one hand but will not accept my leadership on the other. So, the problem is that what I am doing with them is not clear while what I am doing with them is the bit where they are forced to deal with social and cultural extremism as it affects them and their lives and nobody is getting an easy way off anything, nobody is going anywhere until it is done. The Politicians always say I have it all but refuse to share and all those years of training myself to write has gone to waste as there is a new form of sharing I must comply with; so it becomes clear if they do not split my empire between me and society I would not have to handle their own as well a case of them not knowing about me because I bent them over so hard and perverted them well enough to make that the case and my anonymity will allow me trade in any markets they wish to deploy for blackmail as the fun gimmicks is always that the best time to seek separatism is when there is a recession. It is always an abuse of the rights of several thousand people to tackle property that millions already know belongs to a certain person, try to make it their own with media and government but always the same story that they want big business but have no wish to look the part.

So, there is talk of me being vulnerable to Celebrity culture like that talk of me being a coward since in their view when you have prevented juveniles from attacking you because there is no means by which they might get off peddling your personality and public image and even faith, what you do is get into a fight with them as well, that way you have everything. The Celebrity ones are an old story as such and the secret service trouble makers were allies and friends, their whole lives about attacking me to make up excuses about wanting to own what I have and to own me, then when they have enough money they give others the opportunity and the secret service trouble makers will soon become the enemy I will have to fight; usually very stupid people of course and I have no idea who told them they were famous but where we are now is the stage at which they will buy my Books forever and need to hang around here absorbing bits of my life and patenting it in their name, so time and again I lay it to waste and I gain a waste of their days in this world like they have wasted mine. They do like to boast that it is a matter of the same way I have damaged the Celebrity culture while all I have done is set out measures that will ensure they are not convinced they can show up here and damage anything they like, which also means it is the society goons I want to see do celebrity culture next as well, blabbing about war if I made them as though they were about to recruit me for it anyway. If I had to damage the Celebrity culture then it would never have stood a chance as I would have taken steps to ensure that stupid freedom of theirs that is about modernism and screwing with peoples lives showed up here only once and then they would have known I had damaged it for good and could do whatever they liked; for now however, I am going to sack those media idiots that let them lay out my life on media to sell things insultingly and get rich quick as we can see that laying out my life like some sort of shield against the dangers of their stupid ways is not necessarily that much of an issue but the insults that dig me and get the atmosphere going brings my whole life to a stop, while it was completely unnecessary; all they have to do is keep off my Books to avoid any trouble and get their ideas that is to make them rich from their superior celebrity friends and neighbourhoods lest I raid it for them all together; when the gimmicks affect my finances, they should expect a response – it is personal finances for a reason. So they always say its me attacking America which is nothing unusual anyway; all their lives they have messed with Military and security operatives, taking a leg and a head when they are given a hand, now they have dug and dug me out and are faced with one that will not give them a finger unless he gets a deal – besides which I do not remember of a stage at which it was clear to anybody that what I was doing was supportive of celebrity and popular culture in the USA anyway.  

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