I understand it is said that I travelled into the UK and turned up to get a lot of attention for refusing to fit in and that it is the reason for increasing social intolerance and Political instability but if we do explore it we find two aspects and one had to with the way I lived in Africa and the revenge that evil people there think the British can help them exact against the Christian that loved to ruin their state of affairs of evil power, while the other being Politics is the one they are more interested in discussing all together which is all very well since it is an old issue about staying away from my mother otherwise what I have already done will give way to an increasing number of silly little women who paid for something they needed at some point in their lives making claims of owning them everywhere. It’s much the same story with the Americans where the President there thinks he has figured me out and found a way around my case whereas he has not found a way around half of it and its clear he can always live his life without getting involved with the literary empire as my business empire is actually not life itself all together anyway but it is never going to be as simple with his stupid girls speaking of boyfriends I need to be scared of – the first time it was a major issue concerned the vanishing partying and clubbing lifestyles that existed for the sole purpose of making sure Christians that try to control the hearts of other peoples girls are severely dealt with, so they can make their stupid accusations and get their hands on my purse for money. This time it is going to develop into the story of big gangs and small gangs and the problem with the little people that are part of neither for of course the issues are always with the small gangs and a need to shit over everything so to speak, so I am still hear and do hear them talk all the time for my part too but this is just a point at which I am taking an opportunity to make it clear I have had enough and the next time it happens especially with their journalists we will end up with a serious problem around here too. They do say they are tough but tough as in me chasing their anus and penis with a weapon in my hands as well nobody knows; as this has never been a difficult issue, only a matter of what we have time for – I have time to research a product they have time to fuck me up, so in the next 24 hours they will boast about that and I will have a product to talk about and there is a messy bit of my life history where they end up unless it is being made to affect the other good bits as well by a Politician which means we have a problem; these girls apparently especially the Americans have not had somebody teach them which side is their area of society yet as it were and one more occasion over my case will be the start that too – tolerance is a word and in practice a behaviour, people are not required to exhibit it when Politicians decree that they must and Obama can exist without getting involved with my literary empire it is not the meaning of life itself. This story is far better understood in a social way if a broaden my spectrum i.e. people do have the right to complain about the way society handles matters concerning their person without having populous civil right idiots taking advantage of it, the parents of these fools do express something in the manner of the fact they think the self expression of their children is an abomination and I have always said I understand what they mean as well; Obama loves them and that is his own business nothing to do with me; I for my part think that the guy who spends his time sleeping with girls is just as bad as the guy who declares himself racist but it is not the disobedience of the racists we are talking about here it’s their own; they turned up here and their activities has since meant my academic work is wrecked and employers cannot read my body language while they think there is a privilege of injustice a Politician can deploy to rescue their homosexual society from me while I am so determined on my part to settle exactly why it turned up here in a public way too. All we know is that they claim that the more people deny they are homosexuals is the more homosexual they are for instance and it becomes a state of affairs and they cannot leave people alone with it – so I have sacked it to a point where I have ended up with a work Court of female journalists too and decided on that course of action as a permanent feature of my life since the savaging of my studies at Greenwich University because they were doing fame and fortune popular culture i.e. there were two ways graduating was going to develop and one was that I had to work for somebody while the other was that I had to work for myself, I did not graduate but I was left with the blueprint of settling publicly what they turned up here for, so employers can read my Body language and see a religious person that is trust worthy and gets a job done for a start and then the training and academic work can recover after that too, as it is obvious I do not owe them money either and have been patient enough.

The thing is that I am in a good mood at the moment otherwise I would have easily become more concerned with international development and the number of times a Political idiot will sit in company of some chieftains in poor countries to get given a small army of their own they can give visas to travel to the UK and threaten people like me who would not hand over beauties Politicians deserve to own, so I am more interested in facts until it winds me up and it is much the same with the story of being made to debate issues properly when we know they rip up people’s lives before they had started the debates and so it is entirely characteristic when we see them push and prod and bully and tease and abuse and curse people every single second, so those who lash out are racist while they realise they want to fight for other peoples civil rights with it and get Politicians to help them pay their bills on peoples purpose – again mentioned because I am in a good mood until it winds me up again. There is no such thing as the US Government getting me in line around here, Mr Obama can let it run if he is doing public work for free or he can tell them to lay off my books since he loves them so much and protects them so keenly. It is not an emotive story – they have their jobs but prefer to set out an invention of what they like and what they don’t to involve my possessions and spend time working on me instead of their jobs, so the tolerating is good the threats will court a reaction. I may have travelled into the UK from Africa and refused to fit in resulting in idiots following me around in the UK which creates instability but it has gone the way they wanted it and they need to keep off my mother or get the jobs and pay the taxes and fund the benefits – mine is going as I wanted it too and I do not blame anybody for it. We hear it’s a matter of information and liberal people getting information due to their leadership whenever they need it to prevent bad things from happening but if it is so important they can buy the books rather than skewer my personal life – hence cynicism about mine leads to cynicism about their own – when I make my bed I lie in it and they ought to do the same not blame people, otherwise the truth is that I know better and am in charge not them and if they don’t like my leadership can go to hell. I am the one that needs to have my finances wrecked so idiots like these can build themselves up in public and become more important than I am, those stupid dreams of tyranny – if it is information they want, I wrote books and copies are out there on the market place; otherwise it is not clear which is more insulting, that they do it or that it is their democratic freedoms to. No normal person can make an imagination that can come up with these things; the deployment of British government to hold back my finances and build a reputation on career piracy which means they become me and I become nothing and they are therefore more important and the process has taken tax payers time because they are not doing the jobs they were elected to do anymore and that time has already run into 15 years so far but then again it is not entirely unexpected from idiots that come from Areas of the world where there are regular genocides for instance; Personally however it’s much more different than it is in terms of being formal i.e. I need to identify certain things that constitute a problem for me, like black people meaning I have written books and people are waiting for the author to sign their copy and when I turn up in my suits I cannot control what my tummy does and them stupid women can screw around with it while the idiots get rich and famous making abusive popular music and advertisement that means they get rich and do not need to recognise your leadership and propagate more and more of the same problem; according to these idiots I will become homosexual in order to manage the situation but that is not necessarily what history says; this is not their own lives, it’s not where they live and I do not see what being famous in my own capacity has to do with the fact that they exist at all in the first place anyway (I do not believe the matter to be a crisis as such I had mentioned before that I am done with them and if they want to start another they can i.e. its the old case of what I am angry about being that of fight racism without a job rhetoric that means their disobedience can apply as a community on my finances and when I ignore such stupid things it keeps growing and continues to bully local businesses and banks around their stupid need to feel good with my public engagements and so on which is then supported by white popular culture idiots with hands placed firmly on it and their own brand of disobedience that cannot be reasoned with as well and so over time being followed everywhere with it leads to an outcome of building an empire with the markets in the hands of those who want to work culture and feel paramount with it to a sense that there are certain things about which I have no rights and they are always right but because of the kind of society we have at present that is not applicable to me which needs to change and so it applied in the same way that it takes two weeks of enrolling in an academic institution to find idiots that are old enough to be grandfathers are in already working disobedience around my academic work, hence I had to decide it was the white man that was responsible for all that as they continue and get more ferocious at it because there is no more racism they can blame for such things; even now we have seen that in the last 7 Hours they have changed the turn of events already with their media and a destruction of culture which they blame on others so they can restore it and use it to oppress people financially and found thereof a new name for their bullying i.e. consumerism, so that I am only forced to ask how it is that Terrorists are able to find money for expensive guns and high tech weapons in such difficult situation if they were so far superior but I am not of the opinion it will change anything anyway, its only in response to their claim that they press me with violence and pain because I am just a Junky on account I have been offering people a credible alternative to war and terrorism - mostly I am comfortable with claims they make that it is consumerism to sit over people with the cultures of their fathers to dominate them financially and give you stupid children the chance to concentrate on academic work by having a hate figure to bully with problems is consumerism, I rather like to call it international Politics).