Being beaten a Royalty alliance with some society people which means my Entire Office has been subverted is a story that has been settled in recently as a major stage for revelling; the last time I checked however the realities and facts were rather ever so different i.e. my very personality is at odd with the part where peoples wickedness is supposed to end in an outcome where they get rich and that of these idiots is about having societies and communities that they can launch at others all day long – so there are two reasons that everything people do in my direction is vile and hateful and violent and one of them is that they are evil and it has no reason, the other is that the violent is how they get to grab things that does not belong to them therefore fundamentally necessary for how they live and exist and to that end I have an inability to let their societies and communities exist if they do not exist the way I want them to exist – they have achieved the beating of nothing and are talking about people at the security and secret services employing them to help with what is going on over there which they do because only geniuses work there as such and yet they think it is a threat to me and it can be, it can be when they suppose they have the fucking guts for it; we have always lived in this Country comfortably with that problems power nonsense and it can be when we wish to find out what it is about me that targets it all the time as well.

We hear and see them do it endlessly i.e. when you have money in the UK there is one rule for you and another for everybody else – so I suppose they address me and speak of me being beaten all the time because we are equals as it were thereof; hence the story that bragging is not necessarily a crime but I am all over the place for it whereas what is really happening is when they get to see it from my point of view as well. This is how it works and the way it will operate; I see them around that Royal Estate and that Literary Empire resurging their stupidities and they will see me resurge around those communities and neighbourhood that will never be allowed by me to exist unless they exist the way I want as well – they have never in their stupidities achieved a process where I have been beaten with that crazy media salvation.

It’s the great old story and one that comes up around the fact they fail to know their place all the time i.e. the Middle Class trouble makers – the leadership of the Upper Class is no longer required or necessary or needed but time and again it is my possessions and my person being risked to protect them from trouble overseas, it is mine being put on the line to stabilise the Country for them to sit about getting rich and famous and yet they could always roll with their mates overseas, do what they see their mates do overseas and become what their mates are overseas without bothering me in the first place – I will decide what is necessary and needed around here, the only thing they can decide is whether to heed warnings and stave off trying to roll with me when they do have their own mates to do that with, personally about which I couldn’t care less what becomes of them thereof. I would like it if they keep off my Book sales and cleared my space.

I do not in any way think I am a hated figure, it is the need to ensure everybody around my case is comfortable that seems to be the biggest problem because of these idiots; so I am quite comfortable with making sure they are seeking jobs and holding down jobs because it is the only way to ensure they are happy and I am, if I am not doing that so they can complain about oppression the consequence will be that if they do not take hold of my personal and public life and take hold of my possessions and completely destroy it and make a mess out of what they have already damaged to create scandal and funny merciless bullying which they can display and use as trophy victory, then move into my right hand and dwell there permanently claiming it is society, the very air they breathe will not be clear enough for the weight that weighs down on their energy and prevents them from being hardworking which has led to the state of poverty they exist in will not be lifted. We are here however because the bit where they do not get to threaten me does not seem to have sunk in yet as it were – they are not actually working hard enough to earn their own money in my view as it stands but it is the part about seeing them around Royal Office Business and the Book sales that leads to this bit where the neighbourhoods can only exist the way I want it to be.

Of course it isn’t true the media has pushed me into a corner – what is true is that I have such a tight schedule that I cannot make space to allow a campaign when I am able to gather some hundreds of people and speak to them regularly about how despicable journalists are and why they should be treated the way suggest they should be treated. It’s never really been a problem, it’s that old issue about how I am an impediment to Media freedom whereas the truth is that if people like to walk across my garden and destroy the flowers to the other side of the Road, should I put up a sign post to deter, apart from using me violently by finding out what I can do for them in the most abusive way and making sure anything that happens to them happens to me or is done by them to me to gain from me in the most insolent way imaginable and building up the sense it is their bloody human right, if sales people do it, the reasons are usually that they work for somebody who is so wealthy you wouldn’t mind but it is really ever so difficult to put a finger on the reasons journalist do it save the fact they want to encourage the general public to follow suit, so it is a conversation that we will have as it were. I understand they say I care only about women and will be forced to care about them normally or violently but I have heard it many times before and will be ready – the state of affairs however is that they need to fix the finances here that they damaged, the parts their involvement damaged since there needs to be a state of affairs that says we do not know each other and then we met each other and then we establish grounds of relationship and not a process of claims I walk around their city like I am their boss until we meet. The only barrier to my book sales now is that fools with jobs on media wish to play up a game of cheeky fun merciless bullying and they know what I do about it considering it’s the real world not school here anymore, constitutes threat to media freedom.

It’s never been a problem only as important a case as a need to herd the middle classes like cattle otherwise situations will emerge where they divide me away from me personality by abusing my tolerance and get on media to own it while using popular culture to keep me the way which they have devised day after day until the end of my life – one of those occasions where I think it’s nothing and then its takes over or it can be that they want my personal life for instance in order to sell it for money but when you hear them speak of it what you hear is that I stole a culture that should have belonged to everybody knowing it is a culture which once you get your hands on everything you do leads to riches or it can be the one where it is basically the things they do to dominate moral people and ensure they come last all the time but if you hear them speak of it what you hear is that it is how Politics and representative government comes about. So the need arises to herd them like cattle so when they do it, it is filially expensive for me in a justified way and then they can prove their point on TV or get off my book sales to facilitate an outcome where we meet and find out.

They do say the real problem is that all the people that had tried to get involved with the Monarchy at my expense have now been detached from it and they have wasted their lives and their time and there is considerable hate out there for me which is therefore news to me in their view but then again it really does not matter in a larger sense since the challenge is still how I make time to run a campaign that says they are evil and should be treated the way I have suggested that they should be in order to make it all a lot less amusing but even then the reality is still that no matter how many steps I have taken to prevent it, work at the Office is still never really settled because they will spend Hours trying out various songs on the radio for example until they settle on the creation of an atmosphere that is abusive towards me which ensure everybody are sharing a quality of life I have and society goons are bullying young people like myself to ensure it remains that way and then they can be the MC on your radio and it is the same with TV no matter what the Anchor for the day gets up to – so there is no way that the sickening Popular culture is not going to be viewed by me as an illness at some point.

They do speak of how I need to get out of their personal lives in order for it to stop but that will never hold water anyway – I mean it’s just one of many ways of abusing me on account of being shown what I have to endure in order to serve them in my capacity as per the difficult decisions I make to that effect etc, complete with their own version of a superior service they do me and show on media which then makes it the truth but if they can end my Royal Office being inspirational Royal Office thing and give up everything that gain or any continued behaviour that allows them to gain from it – Fuck their stupidities – then there is no way the matter should fail to move on. Although in a simpler way I would say the more they complain and stick to it is the more annoying it gets since what they do on TV is not how they are with their families and I am entitled to have a life whether or not they exist. So it’s basically a story of the things they wreck my finances and name me poor which their laziness and uselessness sells to rich people in order to tag along and this is what I mean the more they complain and persist is the more annoying it gets. In the end it’s also a matter of some of them taking up jobs in the security services and having that need to chase my tummy and anus and penis all day long to steal Business Empire according to them talking nonsense about how they are doing it for me – so these fools on media is just the fall out of finding out how I do their own for them as well especially on the reality that it creates problems for the Police as well. There is nothing unusual about it, these are all things we see them do to ensure society and people are moved away from religion and other means of salvation in order to find it in the popular culture songs they make to help people feel good about the same problems and distant violence they create claiming when they are homosexual it puts them at the same level as those who found their own business Empire or own a Royal Estate for example, so I am just fed up with tenacious targeting of my Book sales so they can create those problems and line up the songs which it seems they cannot do without.

The story about doing things the way it is done in other Countries is never an emotive one as such; the reality behind that is very simple i.e. if I wanted to draw inferences from how people in live in other Countries I would do for two reasons and one of them is that I want to try and ensure I win an argument while the other is to hold people to ransom because I want to save my delicate heart from losing the argument. It is never clear why for instance in matters of assisted suicide even the Politicians are prepared to talk more about Denmark than they are about the Country they were elected in, while campaigners for assisted suicide do so on the basis it is right for everybody which is why they lose all the time – I mean we live in a Country where there is a welfare state and it was designed to help people find employment but there are parents that have raised children from birth to depend on it, so if you were raised to depend on it I bet your view of it will be that it is something that exists to help you on your way to employment, hence I could never understand how a single unemployed person gets £4,000 PA in housing benefits and a Minister of Parliament who gets 20 time that is salary would have so much trouble saving a delicate heart from losing an argument anyway – it’s just an indication their minds are not on their jobs which is why their witchcraft popular culture that they think others have the time for is so important. Their people speak all the time of how I encumber their freedoms and it is never true; in terms of the money bits we are looking at the powers of media and how you don’t have a choice if their products are cheaper than yours and they must sell it using the essence of your products to ensure it is really cheap but sold to do the same things your products do in order to make a lot of money very quickly but in terms of the religion bit they will start off with a need to make use of your religion without going along with the rules and will bring everything to bear from culture and society to government itself but at the end of the say being financially successful has pros and cons; a junior manager for instance would be expected to know exactly what to do if the big boss says Christmas party is to be held in his home this year; so he needs to put more than 70% of himself into his profession but the person that actually owns the Company must have ended up in a place whereby at the time the money starts to come in he has no more energy left or indeed the time left to pay attention to or even get involved in crime or anything similar – so I always view this popular culture nonsense where at the time there is only one life everybody wants to live in which is yours and it is never enough they are on a high but when they start to suffer they need privileges of injustice and more so to preserve the fact that it would take at least 4 days to clear one scandal and accusation made on media, so they systematically make one and run with it and keep records every single day – my point is that they are a threat to peace and security because they always end up with both the money and the energy for crime, not the sort of people whose taxes the government takes while bearing in mind that security needs to be developed to favour people of the like, so I would like it while they complain, if they keep off my books and cleared my space. They do say it is all my fault but are still doing it i.e. we want to get you into a position where you need to serve us with a product and we will only be served by your Royal Estate – so the part where I warn them about sending out the message to organised criminals that I never had the support of the public when I disrupted their businesses was the talk bit for I can always give 15 years of my time to it at any point they so desire; they do like to want to be seen in public as clever people all the time, I am just one of those that is aware they are bloody idiots.

It’s never been a problem for me as such, as I have mentioned before, the only collateral damage for religion and faith is fear of them; so I thought the whole process of useless idiots talking about civil rights and behaving as though their depend on whether or not I listen would resolve itself and it never did because the Politicians and businesses who want to handle my aptitudes and save their own and will never stop complaining as a result of it got involved, hence this situation where every case whereby I am made to pay attention to it leads to the outcome where they complain about their own pain as well. So when it really comes it at the end of the day, the only way to ensure when I am touched I kick those who do it to a point where they hear me tell them to go get the Politicians is to ensure they do not have the financial advantage that comes with being older than I am anymore. So to summarise, it’s a simple case of questions on what they were going to do today to fleece and scratch and hit and ensure I never have the right to feel good today and I am saying the story of how I encumber their freedoms will not suffice since all I tend to think about is how to remove the financial advantage they have which is a function of being older than am so when I handle them as well and tell them to get the Politicians for it, I will make sense. As I said, I have mentioned it before that they like to speak of hatred for religion and how it tells lies but the only collateral damage that comes with it is fear of them but they are still banging their car doors at people and banging house doors at people and getting out of bed to spend other peoples own violently and make sure others have no right to feel good and turning up on media to pretend they are clever people and of course my party piece is the bit where I get told where I am supposed to be, it is always meant to end with a process where my personal life is given up on media to help them feel good and make peace with evils they made deal with in order to get rich claiming it is my punishment for changing social status quo into one where being religious is trendy and must co-operate with them when they need to be where they were before in the eyes of society and live with every violent thing they might do to me because I am being made to take responsibility to that effect. I don’t need to be anywhere, this is not their own lives, and they however need to leave me alone. So the bit where it is meant to be have been the power of the media is just the part we dance to since they have always media made that assumption others cannot talk faster than them and their popularity extremists I am only now concerned with the claim it is a victimless harm when they get on their stations to subvert my empire and get connected to the rich and only when they have played the insulting and abusive music that does that until the whole of society understands what they are saying to top up their lifestyle gauge do they feel they can sit down and smooth jam on the radio and TV and so on leaving me without income everyday claiming it is victimless as well, to sell and share my personal life with others; it makes me physically sick and that is what my view of the popular culture is soon to become i.e. an illness. Of course they do say I encumber their popular culture which is actually not true – what is true is that either by the front door or the back door I will be held down somewhere and my career collected for somebody else who is more deserving and every single day they keep at it on media and the Politicians never give up either, after all they gave them the start they needed – when they began I was in my 20s and nobody was going to pay my bills or give me another beginning, it has since ran into 15 years a daily occurrence and there is no way thereof of letting them get away with it, so it was primarily done to make my life as miserable as possible because it got in their face and stirred their fucking envy. They say I am the victim trying not to show how powerful they are but the reality is rather that I have cut them off from media and from Politics and from popularity and from fame and they will never none of these things, more so I have even cut them from the sex industry as well – all of which is an acceptable option compared to telling them that being seen around my concerns any further will result in bodies being found; so they do say I get punished all the time by them because of my attitude towards having anal sex with women but I don’t see it make them nervous either, I don’t see it deter them – I am not the victim they claim I am.