The story of trouble I will get into with Politicians is utter rubbish in the circumstances of where we are at present; they are talking so much nonsense about the level of trouble they will create seeking others to met some out for them too like they already have: in my case it is more about what they do with respect to how the two main reasons for the wicked things people do are women and money and a Christian should be spending his time finding what to preach about it but instead provokes them by going off to get jobs that are more important than the ones they have. I hear it is said I advocate for a condition where horrible things happen to those who have not provoked me in such ways, the reality of course is rather that it is difficult to work out how those who are civil rights fraudsters and love to bully children and young adults find it difficult to accept there are those they could not bully as Children who have also grown up and moved on which is why they are always onto me like I owe them a debt or am completely harmless with that big mouth: I dont think the matter is one of a major concerns of mine, it’s just that most people in the UK who are not white are likely to have been Asylum seekers or those who have been naturalised in the UK – what we have now because of a collection of twisted socialist and liberal scum going overseas to find as applies in my case, my parents who will make me behave how they want is idiots who have had people do horrible things to them for their wickedness before and are now angry at everything that moves and want revenge on society, a filthy bad habit they can be allowed to get away with which really convinces others that what was done to them therefore was nowhere near anywhere near enough or hurting as badly as it should have: I see them have a go at me all the time for it and talk nonsense about their absurdities in Africa and my case is that when they pull off homosexuality at my expense I will rock their fucking worlds as it were and we understand we are not talking about that rubbish of theirs of lazy greedy man has no more energy to work for the money and relies on the insults of stupid women on media as well, which best explains me making noise and explains what they should expect if they come round here throwing punches as I must have heard such nonsense as I have from them from a million scumbags like them ending in exactly the same way. When they see white people that are evil, they cannot tell because there is so much money in the white man’s country that all things are okay no matter what and when they see a good black man they pick on and bully and attack that to get rich and famous and turn up all the time to talk nonsense that suggest they are confident that nobody can ever become fed up with their stupidities and the fact they are rather hard of hearing.

Where Scottish independence fits into the issue is a simple case of the fact the only reason it is happening is that there is a sense of vacancy out there in the international community for a role that a small country can play which means those who create and lead such a small country into existence will be better off for life – it has nothing to do with the actual welfare of Scotland. I mean it makes no sense whatsoever as they always say they want to create a freer and fairer and more prosperous Scotland, when they cannot be successful in the UK but will be successful in an independent Scotland. Americans like to support those sort of things and I dont think they are a threat either – everybody knows republican racism is at its best when you have been chasing fools errands until you are fed up about existing all together and so the question becomes why you would want to do that to yourself while the other more important question becomes why you would allow those who inflict it on you like these African scum seeking homosexuality go away without punishment that matches their filth and depravity. I dont personally think that Scottish people will vote positive for Scottish independence, it’s just that the argument that the Nationalists table before them of a fairer society is very persuasive but if you do open the facts to them about the reality that it has nothing to do with the welfare of Scotland and is all about closing the box on an original provocation so that they might get about dominating people, they will largely throw it out of their affairs.; so it does not apply that I have closed my mind to anything the Nationalists say – the reality is that power mongers in Scotland will vote for independence, I mean they have to because they are the sort of people: the women want to be able to mess with your personal life in a sexual context to make sex industry from it and black mail you over their stupid needs that never seem to run out as violently as only they can, while the men want to find any finish jobs of yours and go there to have a shit and talk nonsense about their need to live in a Country where you can fulfil your full potential, then they tell me I do not recognise some of the things I do is an overkill when they are so determined to screw around with me such as how I will win all the fights in the world but never one that involves what I want in order to share how they feel and start and argument towards having a new Country and we will never settle in on what economy we want or where the recession ended and recovery started if people do not start to punish it and punish it regularly.  I for my part have informed them my work is Intellectual Property Administration and if they subvert it one more time we will find out what they are made of as well. Everybody has the lowest and commonest denominators in their lives such as their anus and penis and very private and personal parts of their body which they after all do not need to be factorised by before we hear a real outcry over somebody digging deep and down on them as well to ensure that they have some fear for others going on in that stupid lives of theirs, since nothing I have done so far yet is enough to deter. We do hear I am completely incapable of dealing with being laughed at but I dont see what is funny about people thinking they ought to mess up your livelihood and make fun of it seeking power and recognition and making up stories that blame it on you because of what you have done about it not being made public before it was done – while they are at it they have a name to their faces and families and grand families and spouses etc but expect me to consider them to be some kind of phenomenon – hence having been the Christian having things done to him that have never been done in terms of lawlessness with regards to his person and possessions, having been the Christian turned homosexual is a genocide that has no physical violence and cannot be seen happening, he has now decided he wants to apply the same attitude to their lifestyles and their way of life as well which is why it is becoming increasingly impossible for idiots that get all over media and find their way around corridors of the American Parliament and International communities to exist and I will not stop as long as they are seen around my book sales: hence when I say my work is intellectual property administration and we will find out what they are made of if it is subverted just one more time and yes we hear their noise making all the time now that I have not yet considered them to be something I want to put down as history and therefore to that effect have an objective. That I am mentally disturbed is a matter of the fact black people and their women feel they should be able to treat mentally disturbed people in appalling ways because it is linked to being privileged to do so and just as you know civil rights will not let you decide you cannot be seen robbing against them because they are stupid and it will create a contact point and wreck your life with access, you have to realise that the females do not need sex equality if they already have that and that they are aware of such a fact too. It is never true that I am being used by a bunch of media fools – most of what these people do is a matter of a case of make sure he does not take a breath after you wind him up and we will build up all sorts of nonsense that will benefit us from there including abuses they claim is about knocking my anus because they want shit and so on which actually means that they should not be forgiven because they do see me attend Church and know what my religious and faith persuasion is: the reality is that I come from a broken home and it is their deviance that broke up the family and when they know my mum who is to make me behave how they want, wreck my finances with it, turn up to control me at the civil service, want my personal life, make it into one of their biggest media and Political assets for the purpose of dominating and oppressing me, they are robbing it in my face as well and want some of mine which is why they get it. I dont need to lose my cool all the time for that either anyway. I dont think they are a huge problem either – it’s just that at the moment I am talking and they are blowing off the big mouth and I have not yet gotten off to digging them up hard and low and really low and at the lowest and fast and hard and really deep so that when they see me at a distance they feel fear in them that something they do not appreciate will most likely happen, having been I have not of which they have been instead so that they get to do it and handle my finances as well at the same time and then my personal life and do that stupid fame and fortune of which their celebrities can no longer claim they are famous these days anymore lest they are handled by others in the same way. So when it comes to it the story is that I will not stay off their case and the simple way out of that has always been the part where they stay off my books as well – I am not being made to share anything, they need to stay off my book sales first.