I mean speaking of regrets, I do regret those times when I allowed it temporarily those stories about being careful with the gospel lest I damage peoples culture and yes I did snap out of it when it weakened me and ensured their master the devil gave them the go ahead to attack me endlessly which is what they do to this day considering that sharing the gospel with others have nothing whatsoever to do with what the idiots think or are thinking in anyway whatsoever. So it seems they have no plans to leave me alone and conduct their affairs on that stupid media differently and I have no idea why they are always bringing up conversations of another way to avoid trouble either.

 I hear it is said that I am having my personal growth an d development stifled by them which they spread around and deploy insults in the neighbourhoods to maintain; it has no basis on reality and is just as annoying as it sound only – the reality is that Muslims and black males live in a world where they are used to leaning on or making use of the meaning of other peoples existence and that is why my public life is never ever safe, the reason for this being the great old story of a world where boys can make use of girls and what the world thinks about them but both Muslims and blacks also have a habit of taking it to the extent of controlling how it works for them i.e. deciding who looks at their women since the perspective that is created in the world therefore belongs to them as property and the result is that when my Christian appearance and temperaments are better, they lean on it for everything they want to do and exert the same behaviour they do on their women and claim it to mean freedom and this will not do. Where we start to consider them as a threat is the point where they throw up tantrums and the basis is that Mum and Dad have never ever before said no to them on any occasion but had also failed to tell them what the price of attacking other people can be and this is where asserting their will on me thing that leads to the problems starts to come into its own. So some people do say I go about looking for trouble but they keep doing it – bang the doors of their cars on me, start their engines on my feelings, be seen telling tales of things they did with me in which they were the boss, abuse me violently while their politicians make sure I am always chasing after finances and my pension so that can use my introverted personality which is what brings it on and from it they regularly extract the good feeling that is necessary to face the day when they could always ask me so I can show them how to attend Church regularly and make their own thereof which will help to prevent problems. The neighbourhood ones always think they can never come to any harm and for that reason when they cannot make use of something they can attack and destroy it because it gets in their face until war breaks out somewhere in the Middle East.

So the British ones do claim I create problems for them too and am no different when they are the ones that like to think they are aesthetically proficient at covering other people’s lives with violence, along with their black friends who do it with civil rights and causes which they say is not an indication they are evil: through which I know what I want to be aesthetically proficient at doing too and the Politicians these days are doing government work not government leadership so I am making progress on the matter so far. But when it really comes down to it they are the financial support for every eventuality that results in a condition where my life is covered with so much accusation and transferred violence for good and for bad that I am forced to cling to women and women the same so they are forced to cling to me in order for them to build up stories of our infidelity, which I don’t mind since I simply view it as a challenge as well and have no idea what they are complaining about with that big mouth throwing up insults about how I have done what they were planning to do for money and power yet again, showing clearly that we are settled on where this is leading i.e. war on media.

I mean I can say something to my employer with the result that media picks it up and my employer ends up with product problems and it is not clear exactly how many times a person is expected to issue warnings on this particular behaviour either. They do say I provoke them of course but it is the same old freedom problem i.e. deploy my public work and public life to make fame and fortune and then make contact with me after that and pretend to be my personal Gods looking for power; nobody really knows what they suppose the things they do as a result of access to me created from the fact they will never recover their culture and society ever again and not least from me actually does indicate anyway but everybody knows what their hatred of my Royal Status and property does to them and where in hell indeed they will make it their own like they did clearly make my faith so they can pervade and destroy it at will and ensure it does not get in their eyes and then get powerful.

Of course I understand the tale of CEOs doing better without me – it’s the same case as it has always been that these are very stupid individuals but we spend so much of our time finding ways in which we can be afraid of them. I am perfectly fine with this, it’s always been a question of whether I am a victim of their vandalism of a victim of the power of their stupid money and now that CEOs can do better than me I am setting a stage for what will happen when I continue to see them and media idiots anywhere near the leverage of my Company and Royal Estate.