My take on the recent Incarnations. 

I once mentioned that Daniel Craig's Casino Royale looked like a scene out of Footballers wives and I still stand by this. The Women were not well polished in the Movie nor were the bad guys-the theme and the plots were perfect and bang in line but only Bond looked good. The same applied to Quantum of Solace, they were still not well polished although very little work went into them.

Clash of the Titans was a huge success and so was Iron man and indeed Spider Man, I was personally a bit uncomfortable about the timing of the release of The Lord of The Rings. 007 just have not been getting all the touches it needs, which I must say is wasteful. It is not to say the Movie was not made, just that the job in the movie was incomplete - although not everybody thinks the job matters; its just my take. I suppose the secret to me is that I was never allowed to watch bond movies during my child hood, maybe reading the books was okay during my teenage years but my Dad never allowed the movies - I watched 'For your eyes only' - starring Roger Moore, aged 9 but it was just some form of goodwill gesture from my Dad or something and never again after that until my thirties.