“Rapunzel! Rapunzel! drop down your lovely Hair that I might climb up into your life”. And Rapunzel says; “you have to check first if the Hair can support your weight” and so no body knows maybe he had to kill some girls somewhere to get the hair or perhaps they just gave it to him on account they are nice girls, would do anything for love:-Love; now that’s forever.

I have no idea why they complain all the time on Public TV; first the government created bureaucracies with which to spend tax payers money on them but now it has meant that the junk food they have consumed has increased over the years by at least 40% and they are back again on Public TV to complain about their obesity which means the NHS will get it.

That should teach the government next time they think about bribing people for support or perhaps they can just go for the easier option and get rid of the NHS itself.

I cannot make out what their case over Government plans on Housing Benefit really is anyway. We had to put ourselves on the line and endured global pressures to delay the recession from 2004 to 2007, which is how some of us got pushed out of our studies while they passed exams for a change in their stupid lives and they want to tell me here no body made plans for difficult times to come and that those who realised they will be claiming things like Housing benefit were not aware the government will make cuts.  What I am trying to say here is that there is nothing to worry about with respect to homelessness because when they are homeless we will simply tag it to the economic conditions and move on.

I mean I for example get involved with their issues as a job and not as my own life and in it what has happened is that while recession was coming I was being bullied out of my studies, so I fell ill and dropped out but since then I have put my career on track anyway-yes it has taken two and a half years just to set up but I did it anyway and in all that hard work and the constant need to dodge distant and International Fascism attacking me from over seas and at home, I have not once faced the threat of homelessness, even though my finances have been destroyed by them. So who are these people that we are supposed to get together to help all the time. I mean this is not my life I get involved with for my part but it is their own lives for their part.

Maybe since I am the only person that has a career going it will be stolen, which then means what they will steal has to do with preventing my parents from wrecking my life on one hand and on the other protecting myself from the problems of having an investment without the Capital; this it seems is what they will steal while I sell equities and securities for a living, hence they do not seem to get the reasons I am very good at what I do is that they cannot take me on even if they decided to stand together as a single Nation, especially the part which involves selling intellectual property.

[12:00 noon 4/7/2011]Their most recent fun game is about how some people share family life with the Country Instead of their close relatives, how they hate such people, how they will take advantage of co-operation between older and Younger people which the Conservative Party advocates and provides leadership for, how those who do such things according to them think that when they do they can deny Celebrities and wicked artists and also media goons who don't like everybody because their tolerance is completely messed up as well and like to show off their powers with mindless Pornography, access to these family life to do what they like with, when in actual fact they are the ones that scandalise peoples personal lives for want of New democracies and marriage into the Royal family to make it happen. 

This is not the main issue; the main issue is that these moderate racist idiots know that peoples hate for what they do not appreciate in their youth is what pushes them into success and it is only when they are successful that they can choose what they want to like and it is here that respect must be based on money with their fascisms and of course when they have put in place plans to locate certain people who must be stripped of it and then followed around and have it put into their lives at every point where they have decided to move on and think about something else or think about things differently-which point is where celebrities and get rich quick freaks want the world all together. Their Political goons on the other I have experimented upon too and they are livid-all over the place because of it:- their threats however will only determine what I will do to them next.