The big question about multiculturalism is not so much as the powers people use to clubber forever anybody that has protected their property from them because they must never be denied what they want and other are fond of opening up peoples hearts and lives before they get a job to those who work it so they might never earn anything until their faith is tortured out of them by those who operate these things since that is largely not what people are interested in doing something about most of the time but are rather keen on having a Jesus they can keep at home cause lots of suffering and gain favouritism fro idiots that have no money then realise they have no money and do the devils work for him with their own hands stealing for them just so they can have a Jesus who suffers so they can gain favouritism in the eyes of those who have money as though any of it was the fault of the victims such as myself.

It is always the matter of what the benefits of multiculturalism is, if it does nothing to benefit those whose jobs and livelihoods is based on raw talent, especially in terms of attacking those they gain the benefit of security from such as myself, while we know people do things in a cultural way because they are inhibiting the public display of certain talents they have because it brings them trouble to exhibit those things they think they can do but know nothing about, while the matter of those possessed with evil spirits and an inane desire to cause the deaths of those who are one one way or another with a combination of powerful ignorance and violence is always supposed to be a personal problem.

What I am saying is that multiculturalism does nothing for anybody but everything to benefit the mid life crisis of idiots who always reach for things they cannot have and spend all their time doing so that they suddenly remember they have not been planning how to earn and pay their bills thus seek peoples fame fortune and income; from where they conduct health damaging without remorse or retribution corruptions of involvement on other peoples affairs, laced with terrible insolence, to get people possessed by their evils and therefore make them one of their own which is painful because I for example am all grown up and cannot have my minds bent in such ways any more. I am saying the argument is now ripe to rob of them it through both the manufacturing industry and the entertainment industry which I must mention I am here referring specifically to specific actors with whom I have brokered with intellectual property and people will not like to cross me unless they want to complain I have taken over Holly wood again-as friendship cannot be done for everybody.

Moderate Tyranny 

It is the heartland of violent celebrity culture idiots who attack people just because another person in famous when they are being moderate and when they are not seek to usurp their lives while they are still alive all the together and try to on a daily basis until it can be simulated the idea they have. Their method is that they are always able to predict what the child that is going for things that are bigger than him is going for then set off to get what they will be getting when they get there such as the look on their face when they are famous and other comforts etc but when they find somebody that ignores them like I do build homes using the aesthetics of my career i.e. iun actual fact my equities and intellectual properties to have homosexual acts performed in it and various other filthy decadence, spending peoples lives on evil women while having a problem with friends other people have. My method of dealing with them is considering the violent nature of the spiritual powers of their secrete societies which when used on others bring them wealth after which they get gay about it and attack peoples' health as well I am always demanding more and more and more and more from the and their societies and personal lives; more beauties, more culture more decadence so I can secure my equities by knowing everything, which is very helpful for the decimation of the heartland of celebrity culture which is my own reasonable service to the Crown.  

In the end it should be all about young idiots who throw their lives away supporting con men and criminals getting other peoples lives instead, it made no sense to me when I was younger but as I grow older now understand the powers by which they can successfully secure an exchange of lives with other peoples lives by throwing theirs away irrecoverably.

Society (where good men do business denying them of the benefits of multiculturalism to their mid life crisis because they have become violent)

My world comprises of my personal Court (female news reporters who do the same things I do to the heartland of celebrity culture to back stage media goons which is their own reasonable service to me in the work we shared).

The Servants at work who look after the system of:
-The Young men help to deal with their corrupt counterparts (who have no talents whatsoever and spend their time, my publicity and income singing Film Equities from my work and attacking me with violence thereafter, to get rich and famous) and the wickedness of Con men and or Con men back stage media goons and the rich and powerful idiots in the entertainment industry, to aid the economy.
-The girls help to do the same as the boys but at the financial system and industry, dealing with con men get rich quick idiots and money freaks.
-The Good women whose existence always suggests I want to have sex with Politicians which is utter nonsense, who prevent men that always want to live in the land where they will be free from being free for obvious reasons. 

Of course a lot of these trouble makers (who protect and defend these matters and problems from those it affects the most) are just people who got honours from Her Majesty; they are not Royalty they are not Her Majesty's Cousins, not Her Majesty's Children, not Her Majesty's grand children, I am neither too:-just a half Prince that was adopted, taken on, and they cannot cease doing their secrete society spiritual powers violence on me especially on account somebody somewhere is famous and of course when they grab my alliances from which I should earn a living there is no real loyalty there just the bullying money out of people becoming more violent at me as if I am their equal getting more friends for it and wasting my time and it is the violence itself that will be their undoing.

I have always been aware that the more time I spend looking after, nurturing and caring for the alliances and relationships that was created for me by Her Majesty when this happened the more financially well off I will be and they make excuses for destroying it all the time, which completely dispels that notion I think of black people and people from Africa as a threat generally or indeed South Asia, which I do not, they are only making sure the worst that happens remains the fact that the good life that good people live in richer countries here in West continues to forge the reasons for the things criminals do in their country-no matter who goes to these places to personally know and get connected to my parents and ancestry, not the basis by which they challenge authority and or get involved in it to make legitimate profit while their behaviours then get permanently worse. The real issue is that I am not supposed to be their responsibility, even though things they do cannot be taken away from them, hence when they do such things as benefits me they meet intense and fierce competition.