Of course the big noise is about what happens when people have destroyed other peoples culture and secrete society, which misses the point all the time, my suffering was due to the fact I can never get myself back to the relationship I used to have with my God, after I have been so corrupted and more so people are hanging all over me poking corruptions at me, to keep me that way with an audacity that can kill them as if this was their own life, when that did not have the afore mentioned effect, set about claiming on public television I sleep with their wives in order to punish me for it whether or not I do, so that I might do, to help me deal with that for which I have suffered so much and also ruining me financially to keep me distracted which is a disposition they gained support for after claiming I sleep with their wives (of which they wouldn’t if I wasn’t so strong in my faith, hence taken a decade of my time to do it so far and will not give up because my faith has not yet been destroyed-such is the audacity). They think they are evil and I am not giving back that stupid left.

Now we are at the jobs and business part and I have done mine for a decade without pay and so sending out the warning; while they are not interested in talking about what they do to my faith and my studies, as much as they are in talking about the destruction of their cultures (from where they unleash feeders, which if I told them to find somebody they can easily hurt so that they can get what they want and leave people alone, I would indirectly be unleashing them on others, although it does not mean I have to manage the devil for people while they do what they like) and secrete societies (by which insults and abuses that have made powerful violence possible will secure the candy from a baby effect on my property or I will die slowly because they want my income like a habit). They have sworn while they complain, that they will never leave me alone until they are able to extract power from the spiritualities of my personal life; the plans they have the dreams they have, no body dares to come between them and what they want, they have eyed that stuff in my life and know how it is going to be and have made plans already and of course they ruined my studies and my finances and made me homeless, mocked and abused me and set me up for stupid boys and girls to abuse etc, in order to find out how I will react and my reaction showed that power was there for extraction and until they have this power, I am not getting the kind of job that will ensure I have only an amount of funds which ensure I am always under their control. It is not the secrete societies being destroyed and the cultures being destroyed that will do it obviously, that just makes them bolder from feeding off my income by which they talk nonsense at me all the time on public places, so it is the destruction of the Jobs and the Companies that will.

When they attack my career they always think it troubles me that much especially suggestions I am given a job for which I am not qualified, when in actual fact its been a decade since I was given it with expectation I will do it as I study: I was given it because I had the skill and my boss didn’t worry about the education because education was comprehensive in the country and I could get one for free, and since then it has been impossible to because of them and now they have seen power to extract from my personal and spiritual life and privileges of injustice on things I can be denied by society so they can feel pampered and discriminative. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing as stupid as a process where hundreds of people end up in a class room studying one subject, on which they intend to make a living for the rest of their lives. Hence there is something there that makes it all worthwhile and sensible, which these Political fame seeking Television and Advertisement industry scum do not have; if they actually did deserve their academic qualifications I would settle in on that but they don’t which is why they are so confident about attacking others, for they have the time. In any case of which if they did, they would realise that if they attacked others, people could and would attack them as well-except they have made theirs part of the Nation, hence think no body would attack the Nation in the course of attacking them and any Royalty they attack who retaliates will bring himself low and this is possible because they did none of the work that was required to do in order to use a Bachelors degree and hate everybody else that has except they are superior, so they have no friends that did either and are out to steal, bully, prejudice, discriminate and destroy, while complaining about their secrete societies and culture; hence they passed the exams so well and left others with mental illness, whom they should have left alone but continued to follow around and bully until those can now settle in on exactly who is responsible for their condition, before they think about becoming racist.

So their women are now out there confident in their ability to create Statesmen fights they can get stuck into, while they make entertainment and Advertisements out of their lives etc to get rich; I personally for my part have been planning to get famous as it were, hence cannot make out their point. Besides which I like people I have to travel miles and run around all the time to fight for, let alone those who stick the fights in my life and force it on me to get rich. Let alone answering to accusations of those who destroying the lives of those who compulsively help people because they rob others of victory, whereas if they repented and got converted to Christianity which is what they will definitely be forced to do, none of that would be happening.

I know my type and it is not well to do bad behaviour middle class idiots-In America Democrat and republican types who talk nonsense in my direction all the time rather than make a Pornographic Movie with their daughters or something when they are being Liberal; I am an Arch Prince, in terms of their personal lives I am a Staunch Christian and they are very immoral idiots who want to be rich and decadent and then have peace of mind as well, in terms of Professional life I am a Prince they are nothing. I cannot make out where ideas I get involved with them when I am supposed to avoid them come from, except of course those come from feeders, whose situation is well deserved as I am not giving back that stupid left.

Of course they tell me it is the excessive information I give people about myself that is my biggest problem-as if they will become Royalty soon, hence the process of somebody to whom as applied to me I must step down for occurs with respect to them or the nonsense they say on Public media, whereas I was under the impression that it is how far I had decided to go on the matter of cleansing them of anything which helps them to survive as well; in this case their envy, just like they do my faith and the history I have with my God; to rob me of the securities that the naiveties I had as a result of being successful without knowing everything about every evil there is in the world.

Some of them can sit before me and make out the problem with religious people to be the things they believe, the cloths they wear and their lifestyle, which makes civil liberties difficult and no body dares challenge their views or else etc, knowing perfectly I am a Christian and the issue will never be discussed as long as they are able to walk into the job centres after voting evil socialists and walk away with a job because they said such things-thereby robbing religious people of jobs. Civil liberties must have become difficult when somebody has sex anywhere, anyhow and with anything and when finished drinks himself into Hospital while I attend Church and follow on my Church activities; I mean I do hope they don’t think I am giving them life tips here.

We are all aware it is their lower class wickedness, which they always intend should be lucrative; such that there are men and sometimes women who work spiritual wickedness and have shrines which they visit whenever they want to be rich and famous or have recently felt like attending school, usually what they give to those men as sacrifice is a girl and the reason they say the things they do about religious people is that they are exchanging the position of those girls for religious people.

I do not know why how I live my life is such a matter of attention for them, it makes it so impossible for me to sell my books and the matter will be settled.