So how porous they think our economy in the UK is after 2011 budget  for example is a function of how far measures to deal with stupid men on the right and bullies on the left in order to devise Policies on structures and framework for the environment turns out. I personally think it is a function of how hard I hit them since I have been unable to warn them enough about the fact this is not their life and this is not where to decide when there are a certain amount of children they can select some to waste in order to make themselves feel at home. They have done it with the entirety of my academic work and by 19 I had it under control but by 21 they started again and this time its more like I am no longer a dependant and they will gorge themselves on cruelty altogether, the business versions being the ones that get off spending my income and running off quickly to public television to make out I am now desperate and need their help and will get it only in hell, while situating as many stupid girls as they can with access to my privacy and so on. Other peoples means and earnings has just got to be such a matter of fun and games for them and their dunce geniuses. This is not their own stupid lives. As for getting into friendship with the Monarchy that they consider to be their own equals in this world; that is largely a function of their desire to be the ones who provide me with all I need, so they can be corrupt with it.

The losses they have caused me will be something they love to boast about but to me was completely predictable. What happened was a group of people who thought they could hide themselves from these things by covering themselves with culture, the result of doing that was Political persecution like we have never seen before, which resulted in trapping those people in culture and setting out to dominate everything thereafter and so those people came to an agreement to use my securities to make a living in the music Industry and leave me with PR, which they then took over as well. Just like they think they will use it to pick a fight with me, stifle my finances, get rich and then make friends with members of the Royal family whom they consider to be their true equals and I can only take s much nonsense from them for my part too.

Same with their media idiots who sit on public TV doing what they like with my job all the time, expecting a reaction which if I refuse to give them they begin to determine my temperaments and when I do, make out I have plugged myself onto their show and there are certain financial revenge they are entitled to take-every single day and the purpose of the advertisement industry these days is to ensure they win.

I have given them everything; expensive cars and expensive drinks etc and now I want them off my income, they know they have spent every fact there was on that nonsense about an unfair world because some are rich and others are not, when they are the ones that get jobs by making sure others have none.