Here in the UK the way the issue operates is along such lines that whenever people go to tell the British Monarch about me I am dismissed and therefore humiliated which of course in the long or short run is their own thing and preoccupation too, for my fans however in actual fact the real problem is that I am me and I know I am me but there are people especially when they are girls who like to want to get out in public to use me and all I own for a while to be me for a while because it is a desire that their daddies can acquire for them, hence I am clearly not the one flushing their stupid lives down the toilet and so the natural case is that sexual fantasies about me which are more so as violent as they are and of course stupid little girls that aspire to have something more than what I have when there is a King would be considered a taboo by most men but the reason they do it in my direction is that even if I did think it a taboo there is nothing I can do about it. So of course if I got off to look into the matter by itself then they would do the fame and fortune with my earnings anyway hence it is all or nothing and they have to continue to get help from their Politicians to get out of a process where spending lots of time to be me when I have a public life and most of the world knows that is condemning their lives and throwing it down the toilet which is not something that I am doing to them and their Political idiots therefore just like to be provocative that is why they normally aspire to acquire my work for them to create the idea of something they want which is then therefore provided by those who have it but will not behave. It is as though everybody else are wired to think that if they want a thing they must work hard to have it while they are wired to think that if they want the rules to apply when it suits them it will apply that way and so no body knows and those who tell people are to get into trouble with a big mouth. So they always want democracy without the rules as if they are the only ones that want it that way. In school she would never dare for fear you will waylay her somewhere and beat the hell out of her but in the real world it works for them because they have access to men who can beat you up they say and the big question of all is why it is always you of course about which you can do nothing to protect anything you own because they are in a place at present after working on it for years while you were abusing their rights, where they can do what they like with anything you own as you work for it and when I mention it as such the air goes silent and I don’t know if I am missing the idiots therefore. So it is the same story; if you can chip away at peoples sex life to have your pleasures why not on their income, property and finances as well and they always go for the fame that can be distilled from a collective sense of all I have done with a big mouth especially the incredibly stupid American ones.

With regards to gun laws in places like the USA for example, it is suggested I have ideas about gun matters which leave those that suffer from it in the lurch because I think I am to be located where facts are favourable. Now what I really think about it is not that my views are always okay because I never saw screaming people die when they have been shot by others and there is blood everywhere but that people are irresponsible and that is why they get themselves killed by the gun in the US. I mean people know that there is rife gun licensing in the US for example and they know how to act to get themselves shot by somebody who owns a gun, so why on earth do they do it and for those who want to reverse the laws there is also the question of what will replace those laws if 12 hours before they are rolled back a million gun incidents take place with results of massive casualties and the Police have an insurmountable task to deal with and we have not even begun to mention the other question of how for example we say that people in a certain neighbourhood where everybody has an Alsatian guard dog, have no right to have one on account the dugs have mauled people who actually were not intruders but approached the homes in the wrong way, which of course is the same way guns are used for protection? I have maintained earlier of course that what I have noticed about shootings in the US is that those who instigate irresponsibility by which people get into the cross fires of these things and get shot do not seem to be getting shot themselves and there is a very ugly under politics going on there as a result which people seem to overlook. It is much the same way that they run their civil rights and then tell me I don’t care, when in actual fact, while I think somebody’s big business affects my affairs because he is irresponsible or is not actually aware that he is having such an effect, they on the other hand love their protests which are supposed to end with deals they make with the corporations, at this stage they have not even gotten the attention of the corporations yet but have figured out people that they should blame for some of their frustrations. So back to the gun laws and we find the same old issue i.e. two persons buy guns, one to protect his home and family and the other to foster his gang business; one of them is protecting personal and private property regardless of what ideology he may do so with and the other will sooner or later open up his gang wings and spread his territory. Giving those who over do their game and end up in the cross fire the kind of laws they want will only create more problems. With respect to the corporations on the other hand it is clear that the way to grow of business involves a 50% process of getting to know the consumer better in order to serve their needs better and the other 50% is good management and no such thing as waiting for me to open markets for my products which is taken over with insolent media and adverts and then made out to be funny with powerful irresponsibility; the way to respond to it of course is wait to hit those who do it during the next economic cycle, at the precise point when they are about to borrow money from the banks to continue their investments. I don’t think that small businesses should attack big corporations and I am not of the opinion that big corporations are run by irresponsible people that like to kill of small businesses. Both sides are the same thing to me i.e. one side is a business that is open to anybody which is how they get funding and the other side is a business in which the owner sorts out all the funding needs. Economically the corporations are good for jobs and the small businesses are good for intelligence, so there is really no actual point at which they can be told apart and there is no point at which one is more important than the other. There are simply a collection of idiots that enjoy destroying small businesses and they like to make out there is reason for it of course of which it is still the same old reasons i.e. small business extremist idiots and the fact others cannot breathe on account women are mentally disturbed in the neighbourhoods and the big business extremists who are crazy about the media because it is the one place where they can for a period of time displace people from their possessions which is very crucial for the feeding of their greed and other habits they pick up through it and of course think I have no right to breathe because they have media and women are mentally disturbed in the neighbourhoods. Both like to make out that one day since they have secrete societies my chest will explode due to their insults and lies and twisty violent nonsense that their Politicians derive power from as well and there is no truth to that either which will be better displayed when I am relieved of my excessive work to make ends meet at this point. So when people say the Christian supports gun laws, there is no real ideological way of talking about guns and there are two issues therefore to it one of them is that people can see that the guy with a gun for personal security and the guy with a gun for gang business are two very different things and one will sooner or later expand his territory inevitably and we are not even placing people who create bad and unlawful state of affairs of insecurity for entire neighbourhoods in the equation yet about which I live overseas but know I would never go so far with it as to be irresponsible to the point of being irresponsible with my own life but they live in the US and do those such things anyway, the other is that whether or not the idea of gun laws are used to oppress people, which in my opinion is a matter of the fact that those who get hurt by it over do their stuff and are really unfathomably irresponsible, whether or not somebody closes a business or a business activity because a horrible incident has taken place is not the same as the notion that it may have been their fault that the incident did take place no matter what format their part of business takes, which excludes violent films completely.