Much uproar about UK finances in face of Greek Debt crisis: rubbish. Just men looking to sit in beer palours drinking their laughter because they have ruined the business of a young person to make idiots in their age group they don't know and want nothing from richer. So they can figure which person wants to respect them in order to be successful using their insolent daughters. I hate it when those their fools tell me how to write my books to make it a viable investment because they have been wrecking my market on the media for years and years now.

They certainly did cut away and placed somewhere for their own use pieces of my book I put on preview sometime ago or some 'buy once read all over the world idiot' had bought a copy of my book which they lend to people to make friends and get rich; I have no idea what they think they want with the books anyway, all I know is that it is time to reap the investment of what they have been doing with the contents of my books so far-bearing in mind they want global business but have no respect for other peoples property (whoever on earth wants them in it), not sit back and get myself all really angry and frustrated about regrets of the fact I could have done better and people could have done better for themselves, as they try to make movies, being that Popular Music is clearly not enough, While those their business men spend their time on public television grabbing my securities for the purpose of boosting their sense of business opportunities which eats into my equities because they are certain there is nothing I can do if they don’t buy the books and they can only get richer.

Years and years of insults and abuse of my finances has led to this point of lucrative illusions about what is my property obviously, I do wish I could take my mind off it to concentrate on something else but I cannot and the reason is even worse; it applies that they actually believe that due to the way things now work which they have made it work in that way I am their property, my brain is their property so they cre actually actively trying to forge some way of censoring my books claiming it is the Kind of things they need to do to gain equality with the Monarchy which is the same thing as the reasons the Monarchy used to do it to them centuries go, so they have just started again.