We are of course familiar with the say that I am an example of what it is when the Bible says the Meek will inherit the Earth - I have no idea, I just know that if there are a million of them per day I will be happy to go without sleep until it is sorted. When they are black only they always say it is my support for white people and women that causes the destruction of my property and not a picture of the economic recovery where I thought I had it but what I had was theirs all along and when they work together it’s my support for women only that savages my finances as it were and I need to make up my mind: it’s always been a simple case of customer is King and I am to have my products worked out so I might sit back and broker between both poor and rich - customers and Clients alike, Person and Product alike: if it is imperfections that are sought by our customers, they can be found all over this website and its subsidiaries helping me securities property and more so in even the Books and Products but never the Equities and Public work.

It is always assumed of course that One is likely to set out preferences around the Book sales market but of course that largely comes from a group of silly people who always think they know everything when they have not got a bloody clue and simply cannot keep their opinions to themselves and go off to the market to buy themselves novels they can read, instead of pick up on stupid Authors who speak of the books they can carve out of each paragraph of my work that was created to for Royal Estate Creative Equity brokerage and not to help people write books as it were, which they can buy and read and keep their opinions to themselves as such: I know everything - when the Rich have no perfection in their lives we end up with bad products wrecking our quality of life and when poor people have none we end up with conflict; they need to mind their business and let me get on with mine, we all know they have not got a bloody clue about anything in their sordid little lives. This is the last opportunity with these individuals and their need to have a Christian in a condition where he criticises people who want him to leave them alone and let them get on with their own work and lives - so one more occasion of how I could do better with my books and they will have started a fight around that area as well - then the writers can have more and those who want to read another person’s Royal Estate Creative Equity brokerage can be at liberty to buy and read them.

I hear they say when I say such things it jeopardises my position, which is utter nonsense too since the real issue is that nobody is actually preventing them from going out there to trade with everybody else as it were; so they can tell people they are giving it to others the way that they are getting it hence the products have gone through extensive testing and stay the hell away from my books. I for my part cannot have enough of doing this anyway and I thought they should bear that in mind too.

Here at the Firm unlike Business with the Publishing distributors (website above) where I have made my position on the matter expressly clear, it is still a matter at the Global Intellectual Space and Literary Empire all over the world, of a case of certain individuals who have chosen to chase the path of power as a way of living - pointing to the plight of their professional coward civil rights goons as an example of what I will become when I refuse to desist from shutting them of their needs whenever they spy on me to find things and One has therefore tried up to this point to keep a Market for Books written in a Half Monastery Office away from securities that I might have extricated from handling their culture and political disposition as well up until now.

The fact that women feel like pillaging my books on media is not exceptionally surprising, they like to think themselves as something that comes through in my nightmares; maybe the wife of a certain house holder that a certain Joseph who later became as powerful as pharaoh in the Bible or maybe some Jezebel or something and I must be made to be their toy boy and so on. It does not in any way trouble me; they do complain about how I have brought these things on myself by detaching them from men that can do violence for them but before then they had found a Christian that was of a kind they would like to twist and torture sexually into being homosexual so that black women can feel powerful and the sensibility has a lot to do with a question of what if they told me that I have the same skin colour as they do and that they in that condition can do and undo with me in the UK etc. In the end for the first part where I was supposed to be homosexual and around the prognosis of the fact they never listen to what people say to them over what belongs to others because they will use it anyway and the whites as well have a game plan of how to get around patents so that you will have done something which implies you have agreed they can deploy it at that time that they want to etc – nothing about it of which is new since we all know women are lazy and love to steal as well – my question is whether getting off my book sales will be a problem for them at that stupid celebrity culture and media bearing in mind they have already lost gay culture and club life and the criminals they claim I stole a personal life from when I am actually a coward and cannot possibly have or deserve that sort of a personal life etc. They never listen so they must fight instead – it is always better that way; I shall temper it with the two matters of the fact everything I tend to deal with as something important becomes a weight of the world on my shoulders because they are always somewhere above me heaping their stupid problems there in a fantasy of oppression with a big mouth and those stupid insults that are never saved up for a better time and of course the fact that they get to think about me and I take over their minds like it is presently when I am made to think about them like these so that I might be predisposed to worry about their problems while they are predisposed to hurt me and talk nonsense all over the place about what my view of them is which has no basis on reality but of course everything must be their toy boy that they can abuse to take their stupid families to higher places and we will find out if this is the decade in which they were able to find men they could do such things to – any normal person would understand the part where they never listen as a warning as well as far as I am concerned. It has been 13 years and happens this way on a daily basis and I will be forced to implement my own methods of making sure every little thing they do is the weight of the world on their shoulders while at the same time getting my books free of their filthy insolent clutches or they can take it my way and answer the question of whether it will be a problem getting off my books. There is really no such thing as women I make assumptions of getting around with – those insults from black women are supposed to have a limit by now; nobody here has institutionalised with it.

When I started off I had a Literary empire and in it an emporium and in it a Global Intellectual Property space that was safe in perfection and allowed people both time equity brokerage and property equity to think properly about products they want to make and the social security matters concerned with the aesthetics of such products, it was one of the greatest things in the entire world to have happened to International CES and especially the other side i.e. International auto Manufacturing culture and Industry – today the feeling in my empire is that the deployment of anything in it brings trouble and I believe I have enough white female journalists to chase the interests or problems associated with the empire in Africa in the Work Court – no such thing as female journalists I assume I am involved with when I am not. What I have done with social media, especially twitter is never unusual - it has been done to create more access and the insults that may apply as a result are tendered in the direction of the same question: is it going to be a problem for these idiots especially the blacks, to get off my books?

The part about the celebrities simply being the part where you say; "when it really comes to it, you are nothing - you are an Industry made up fake with my Equities and Intellectual Property most times of which I have expressly given my disapproval - a misogyny industry made up fake with no scruples whatsoever" who think when people dislike your behaviour they really do not know what they dislike in actual fact and it is the 'no scruples' part I always want to put to the test, so they can burn in hell.