That I attack people and isolate others still when people are trying to be nice has no foundation in truth. I am an Arch Prince and it is very bad for my health when somebody takes a look at a man and calls one a cunt for example, because he is not so ballsy as to move into the right and be a treacherous Political goon or move left to attack and completely destroy the lives of heroes who protect themselves. The attack on my health does not get worse when people name others lovies for the purpose but the fact that the Global Naval community cannot and has no right to exist because of its position between Democracy on the West and Communism on the East, which really have nothing to do with the truth.

The fact here is not only the power that people have from attacking others who have fundamental linkages either to Monarchy or to the middle fundamentalism, most of which then ends up in homosexuality or indeed violent homosexuality which as far as I am aware is all some kind of silly agreed self destruction in an act of surrender, made with some agreement for a deal. This then applies to me for my part as the old attack which works in the form of ethnic cleansing but not the kind that the international community can do anything about because there is no prove of ethnic cleansing if it is happening along the lines of fundamental extinction based on systematic mental rehabilitation.

It is not the first time that these things will be the case as we are aware of the Nature and Parameters of running a Monarchy and maintaining it and of course the growth and size of Politicians taking over the systems to institute theirs in its place all over the world but on this occasion, I cannot figure out why people persecute Americans that have something in common with the British in the United States even unto death and more so especially when I consider these actors for the purpose of the Equities I broke with them to be my brothers. There is a real peace of mind and health security and safety factor to consider in the matter thereof, especially when people can hurt Americans that have something in common with me whenever they want to get back at me for reasons which largely have to do with the fact they are stupid, opportunistic, evil and of course to top it all off violent.

I want the influence, power and bullying, especially the media based ones which happens to detach me from my brothers and for various other purpose, most of which it is assumed I do not know come fro strange evil secrete societies that have political anchors and roots in Politics to end, so do I want them out of my life and out of my business as it is not sustainable to have millions spent on films which cannot be unique to serve their diplomatic and security based purposes around the world and then there will be no need to attack nice people.

Ultimately if the question is about the authority by which I do these things then it is fair to mention that out of the three fundamentalisms of Law Liberty and Morality, I am Morality itself and have the strongest Heart of the three as well, even if I was not an Arch Prince for my part.