Naturally most of it boils down to a matter of respect for the men; the truth here is that I am being beaten up by a collection of idiots that love to climb up on television and damage something about me to get some attention and it is a habit they have really not grown out of and never is it enough for them, which is why I respect the ones they actually deserve all together as well so they can work harder to own the world. I am their father figure not they mine and because of this they will be gay, no such thing as respect for any idiot. I really sometimes feel like taking hold of them the business men and everything especially and just making sure that since there is no alternative earth to live in, this one has got to be real hell for them. So they can steal beauties, steal fame, tap energies, transfer the feeling of problems and have powerful corruptions of involvement.

I have no idea therefore where this notion comes from that I offer ideas to the film industry-I do not know where people get things like that from: I do not offer ideas to the film industry, I really wonder if what people expect me to say as a person that knows Her Majesty the Queen and most other leaders of the world and has lots of rich people he serves in his private life with whom he brokers equities is that film makers and film lovers are actually very conservative democrats. I mean when people are finished with such insults, for the most part thereafter they are busy calling us ‘lovies’ and shooting people because of what is too heavy for them to carry currently..

I do not give ideas to the Film industry: if I said that broking Equities with film makers is a job not an idea it would be way below what I am doing here which is sharing diplomatic opportunities with them. 'Sharing ideas' is like some of them here in the UK tell me the UK has got the fundamentalism of Liberty and their problem can never cease as it were.