I get told I commandeer entire fundamentalisms when I say Law Liberty and Morality and call them my own. This is utter rubbish; First of all I am not their civil rights slave and this will not be the first time anyway, the truth is that the pinnacle of wars fought over those crowd pleasing, city gang rummaging, money freaks Lawless goons we have all over the place was fought during the Roman renaissance, after that it became all Political. Those their gang rummaging Crowd pleasing money freaks lawless rubbish peaked during the Nazi era which they are always very proud of. 

 I am very well in my place to recognise they have Politicians looking into these issues for them and getting paid for it while they think the ones I have built up through my liberalisms and then through me my friends and allies is available to take advantage of to get rich and we have not begun to discuss the insults, energy tapping instead of obedience which is what really fuels their stupid violent western corruptions of involvement they think everybody is vulnerable to and those that are not must loose their lives with a big mouth and the bullying yet; this is what they cannot and will never have. 

 Yes they ask me why I never talk about what happened in Africa: truth is that what happened there is that they really love to murder people like me but it never happens until somebody had made an excuse for it, so when you go to Africa it is difficult to tell the difference because we had become like them too, murdering those who make excuses for us to get murdered by others without reason. Here in the UK they have media to express their wickedness to its fullest and lie all the time about others to dominate them when they are more important and have difficult jobs to do with, so that might not be necessary, in the US it may not be the same because it is a much larger country for example. 

 I felt compelled by their ever increasing abuse and violence for provide security because it is a cruel world out there and people will hardly survive when they have spent all their strength on being successful but just because these idiots want something, they loose it all and have no stomach to survive in the world they have ended up in-the reason for this is primarily being that their aptitude for intrusion has reached unfathomable levels, it means they find things out that they can get angry about and attack people on grounds they intend to attack them but don't want them to defend themselves and as the world has seen it has not once had a limit from there, especially when Politicians have gotten prerogatives and the lies to create alternative meanings into what they have done in the media mixed with claimed somebody had been beaten and is on the floor crying heir heart out for example never gets any lower with that their bully civilian rubbish.

Now because they will not show any respect for my job and my market place I had warned them about messing with because they are trying to get rich and a certain group of their mob loving Politicians had given them an ability to control my finances when I tried to find my first job some 12 years ago; I had decided to put in place defence mechanisms and this will involve things like having full control of that their insolent societies and its witchcrafts and using it to over work the men, make the women my shrine for wealth and glory and ensure the children are always in one fight or another, for the purpose of making their countries a very chaotic place whenever I like, so their other people employee insolent insurance premiums can go through the roof, then make it safe again whether or not they have a society or Politics where such things should be decided, in order to make it safe again so the insurance companies can go burst and then they can cease to be insured for those their stupid insolent energy tapping rather than obedience since I never asked them to barge into my life and take things over they cannot do with corruptions of involvement Satanic disobedience Cars and Homes for example among many others: this has just become the most popular because insults when they savage the economic security of my country I work tirelessly for on public media never gets any better and the media idiots like to show off that their civilian rubbish all the time boasting about bullying a Prince which will not end them up very well either, besides which who knows who will get murdered on the streets by one of those gangs one of these days anyway.

I a a Government Chief of Staff and it is the only way to run a country because civilians serve the devil all the time with their spare time; they do it like an extra curricular job. They know nothing about Law and Liberty and Morality they just commit crimes and disputes get settled and for me with respect to their violent fascisms and insolent distant fascisms, that is good enough. I would not like it if they question me again about what I have done with my own liberalisms since last they decided to get help from their Politicians to integrate themselves into my personal life ans share it whether I like it or not. Of course its a new democracy and new personalities somewhere in their nightmares only.