It is never a matter of prime concern for me that I am not treated in a humane way by other people, which is rather contrary to claims those who do these things wish to run endlessly on media about how they expose my humanity to show I am human and nothing special. The truth about those gimmicks of course is a violently homosexual insult which is meant to end with abuses at me which are violently sexual as well. This is not a problem both since I can always open up those their stupid wounds from slavery to racism and what have you and then spend a lot of my time pouring salt into it generally. So that they can talk even more rubbish about extremism and dangers which will cause me to make books out of it in order to polish it and put it out in public just right. I mean it must always be things that hurt me that must be placed on media and everything about things I ought to do in private is violently their obsession so they can have their own royalty they can do whatever they like with, backed up only by a big mouth of course.

As for the process where by I will continually have lesser and lesser alternatives bandied around by their Politicians. As I have mentioned on previous occasions, all those fools that do culture around me will vote for them again so they can win elections and get jobs with which they get into the House of Commons to trash my income all the time of which the problem is that they are not being made to pay for it financially so that it might be really funny each time it appears to be funny to them, so they can laugh with all gusto like they continue to show signs of doing. It is not that I will not make this happen anyway for all I worked for and the lies and familiarities that followed it which has now resulted in a condition where I am back to square one while those who know what is important and can respect the fathers get rich and famous with my property. I can only say the one way to deal with it is the clear one i.e. if I spent a lot of my time 24/7 wrecking the finances of Politicians,  would have no problems at all but until I do that their insults will never take a turn for the better and then they will threaten me with racism as well; to which they always set out their media idiots to tell me I have reacted personally to things and that my stuff is getting damaged etc which is utter nonsense because if I did react to things personally the purpose of wrecking the finances of Politicians will not be a lack of respect for my office and my book sales bearing in mind they do get their own money from the tax payer, after which they ignore me and tell stories as well which is altogether abusive, but the process of making sure all those ageist idiots that speak of my humanity all the time because they wish to use my property to go somewhere secret where they can act as though they are Gods, can no longer hurt me in anyway with those their collective liberal rubbish. They seem to be deaf and have no respect for me whatsoever and I feel that until this respect issue with Politicians gets really personal it will not improve either.

The Music industry on the other hand is my personal favourite, every time I do anything to secure my property from them they are off with an excuse to be on media which is all about my desire to control people. I could never get my head around their modern abuses and not in this case either anyway; what really happens of course being that the global community is what it is and every leader has their own following but they cannot stop turning mine into music and music CDs then make those noise they make each time I say or do anything which results in depleted sales as if there is anything they can do. It is not clear why they never turn Obama’s one into music CDs anyway bearing in mind he is their biggest fan. The reality of those their noise making is that I do not wish to see those music industry and their petty idiots who play games with my job and earnings as though that is a worthy activity because an idiot in the industry is giving them leverage for it but they do not seem to understand not even the fact that my view of them is no different from the con industry, except with respect to beauties seeking transferred insolent violence and aggression which creates them modernisation that I intend to cut to pieces as well; they are not different from con men who secure clients, get money from them to set up structures to get new clients from whom they get money to pay existing ones and when new client dry up the whole thing falls apart. In their case there is nothing to those stupid music but people they cause lots of suffering and those who cannot stop buying them because they are addicted of which if those who cannot stop buying them were to be made to stop, the whole thing will fall apart and I will be able to go to my office and work on something from which I am earning a living in peace without any transferred aggression which promote modernisation or vandalisms which create music industry CD sales. It is just as well of course to have the right argument for getting rid of them and making sure people see it for what it is and very exciting to have these arguments too, however what I am doing at the moment involves a process where their Politicians have created that history with me for them for their vandalisms and the balance I must have from the destruction of their communities which they must never have along with music industry millions with my property is being maintained. It is not mean that the process whereby I do not wish to see any of it and their violent insolent insults whenever sales are down are not as important as they have always been.

It starts with the little ones of course before they complain about civil rights like free speech. When I tell them to get off my book sales and off my job and it is impossible especially with their media friends whose heads I get to fill with information that will point them in a direction to what they want i.e. their own Queens office agenda even if the real Queens office will never be accessible to them; so that with all those intense information that are sometimes traumatic, it is impossible to read the news without going mad over them so they must vent them and that is where I get my PR, like they use people because they are modern as well. however the main issue becomes that matter where the Queen might go somewhere and then something about me Pops up and over a period of time I get a royal estate of which 7 years after establishing it people are still waiting because I cannot convert things into much needed cash as a result of insults from Politicians as if it is their own lives just because they are trying to be rich and famous. They will never tell anybody this is what is happening of course always those lies and the opportunities it offers them on TV because media idiots entertain them too which is brilliant. This is what it boils down to, respect Politicians need to have for my book sales bearing in mind they get their own tax payers money directly into their bank accounts. As for their idiots they will continue to be those who know how to respect the fathers and talk rubbish all over the place with riches extracted from my property until I take away that security they have for the purpose of earning start up money by working for somebody else. That stupid start up money that is a threat to my health and safety and well being of which the main purpose is their sadomasochisms and they always know what to do with me each time they see me and tell stories to other people about it as well, which they never tell people is the biggest threat to their civil rights whenever I take revenge over the violence.

Of course it is all about the desire to take hold of and control people and rule “these kids” but they will never say that this was the reason they wrecked your finances and kept it that way in order to allow their little idiots to creep behind you and your career so each time you say what they don’t like they can give those permission to savage things and then your health directly as well. I mean why don’t they try ruling their stupid kids instead anyway? It is not that I am suggesting it is a new issue anyway; they speak of wealth distribution and equality but you need to see them when they are sipping expensive drinks with their friends-the views they have of those who don’t have what they have as equally the views they have of those who have what they don’t. I mean what makes me vulnerable to Politicians is work with the Queen which ensures things are done in an academic and a democratic fashion for the benefit of the powerless majority because the powerful always take what they want anyway, so if you provide for them you will be paying out double; this is what makes me vulnerable to Politicians. These days we have powerful media as well, so all that information about the world when they have just a few lines of news to read is always incredible, so they have to vent it which means I win again and get PR for it at the other end too. I think my warning is quite clear; they get their own money directly in the bank for their work and need to stay away from my Business.

Of course I always get told such statements as the powerless majority is patronising but it is not. The Majority has no known way of doing anything except violence and of course the fact things must be done academically and democratically for their benefit is not a new revolutionary fact, it is the way things have always been. The fact there is a downside to being powerful which is the fact you can only take things from the powerless or take what you want when they are grown enough for it because an invasion of privacy is illegal. The trouble with tyrants is that they are ignorant and for those of them that know a bit it’s always a case of how the powerful need it now and people will grow later. It is always intensely annoying when the purpose is to ensure they are seen by the powerful to be playing ball but where the problem comes is where they tell me since in this country we have a culture that is crazy about rooting for the underdog, I mean the society is a class society alright but the culture is mad about the underdog, so I do not ask people about their underdog that they kick and fuck to the left and to the right and up and down until it becomes funny but they will barge into my affairs and tell me.

As for the music industry, it seems I cannot write and sell my books because they are busy using my life and following to sell music CDs; they think no body knows of their connections with tyrants and every criminal underworld and the reasons they are always obsessed with moving into the right and of course challenging any existing authority. They are confident in the sadistic abuses of their community idiots which silence the privileged, even if it is a huge risk when the privileged as religious for example. The way things are meant to happen with respect to it is that things will occur and occur and occur until there will emerge rich idiot figures that you will have to send in secrete service personnel to kill.

Its like the old thing with Politicians and the Armed forces; I mean they seem to say Iraq is the crucible for regional stability in the middle east and that Afghanistan is the crucible for terrorism but Afghanistan will never be treated as a state and Iraq will never be seen as something that was handled badly; with respect to the one and same issue i.e. get Muslims to fight until they have no where to turn and have to modify their believes because we are liberal and do not believe God and we are also modern and with this they complain about Soldier deaths, do not give them equipments for the most part of their jobs and then refuse to accept they will have to kill all the Muslims to accomplish this.

Of course it is suggested that I continue to stir problems for myself with the things I do to show the British establishment was never enough for me, which is why I get involved with all these trouble makers. I for my part know this is true but the reasons I get involved with them is a different matter entirely which by the way I would end if I could. It is about the fact it is always some problem or another about them over me and the process of proving that they because of their size do not have to think about violence on account that it is something they can do successfully with spontaneity or spontaneously. I have made my self clear about what would happen if I spent all my time thinking about violence but that has not changed the fact this happens 24/7 and on National media with which they do it on a global stage. Of course I am perfectly aware that any involvement with them for a day will affect my book sales for a week and every week that involvement with them affects my book sales, there will be problems on my book sales for at least 5 months but I whilst this happen on a global scale and does 24/7 as well, it is also true that they can never cool it on how Politicians rule the world which I agree with anyway since there are more of them than there are of the likes of me but then it takes a twist because when they look at me I can take it and of course it is their prostitutes and pornographers that get the better of me all the time and the intensity of the violence increases daily which must mean they have putting thought and time into it, move myself a bit and a confident party wants to make decisions already.

With respect to my work and the issue of fame and the management of fans which I will not be able to juggle with my royal work, I am not famous as in popular status, I am famous as in the things I do with businesses and the issue which has created the problems has more to do with the fact that the relationship they have with me is very personal and because of this, the Popular music industry and its Pop culture know that getting involved me with in a personal way does great levels of damage but of course it is the part where it gives them a kick on account only I and they know that which brings about the fight altogether. I mean it was always a matter of how I was going to tell a few billion people in the world that the music industry is something evil when it has such a large fan base but here I am not only with a valid argument but also a veritable license, so I am taking my time. It does appear there are no other sustainable ways of fixing this matter as it always is, except looking it media idiots and Politicians and the Pop industry and its culture and community goons and their bullying as one and the same cluster. So the immediate thought that moves in has to do with making sure those community idiots are spending all their time determining what young people should be fighting for and that Politicians are suffering intensely as a result of that and then get off to kill off the music industry altogether of which the media can just drift to hell with that their big mouth but it has many ways of working itself out anyway, this is just one path. It is my book sales you see, that will be their undoing and we are not talking about their stupid children and stories about how I make these threats but do nothing when what tickles them the most these days has to do with my “media, media, media let me in” thing, which they started and I am now finishing. Of course I know I am angry at children, I know they are children but they are not stupid as well and have heard me tell them I do not have that time anymore whereby they take those their insolent problems out on me in order to deal with themselves; fuck them.

The question of what my biggest challenge is, is simple; keeping up, keeping up with all those people – I sometimes forget and then they will have to do something in public to remind me and I cannot make out what they are saying; when I say as such that it appears the only way to resolve it will be to settle the problem of media and Politicians and Pop culture and its music industry and community idiots and their violence and get rich quick rubbish in order to ensure there are no more breakups around here, they rather think I am bluffing or something. I mean I have gone to lengths to ensure the economic crisis is dealt with in a slow and steadily progressive way instead of what is divisive and violent to ensure that the world does not go back on its promises to people but to some that is not enough, it is as though somebody is playing a love hate game with them which they only enjoy when they have access to their work and finances and I cannot stress enough the fact they need to leave alone my books and leave me alone as well as I am not their fucking mate anyway, not tell me stories about the unfathomable greatness of their Popular culture idiots who make money with my property to acquire the greatness like they can give to the frugal, so idiots can follow whatever they like on me.

So yes I am aware each time I speak of it the whole thing gets worse but it is not a new thing. The matter here is that my books are written in such a way that no matter how much they want it, it is designed to exclude them; as a result of which that insult can never stop where they tell me how I am supposed to write them and how I will sell none until I write them properly; playing their insolent love hate game that has no meaning but finds relevance because that thing I earn a living with is a plaything and their insolent women as they put it want to give birth to my twin with a big mouth-looking for lots of trouble of course. The usual thing is about getting on that stupid music industry to play the part of the music industry hoodlum who owns the contents of my books that was leaked to them by somebody who had the obligation of printing them but of course that will only get better when I start my own campaign of sabotaging peoples fame every time they appear in Public as well so that they might never affect my books anymore. So of course somebody gives away every single maiden content of my books every time because I am supposed to form my own gang to take on music industry hoodlums that get on public stages to claim they own the contents and there is nothing I can do about it, so that he might be my father figure yap, yap, yap; it is not clear how this is meant to work since I can always tell these idiots like it has never been done before, to get off the stage as the contents of my books are not in anyway their own. I mean their idea of solving problems has always been pleasing people like the attention seeking young leaders killing scumbags that they are anyway. The rest of them who expect me to get into a fight for them is not what bothers me most of the time although they like to make up facts which suggest otherwise. The truth is that it is meant to be fundamentally fascist and from what I know about those I have come across in the past, it is either that they are flashy boys doing something about their woeful lives academically and as a such they need somebody who sits down somewhere to hold together a gang that they can go to whenever they want to take revenge on people with all the things that people normally have to take revenge on other people with, of which there is always something there that is of value which makes him so prickly in the first place to take up to pay for the damages he does with or it has more to do with the fact just like their insolent fathers or parents, they are attention seekers, so we live in the city and those things happen only because the attention is worth something and that will always pay for the damages so it is very easy to get to a point where you always seem to want them to do it and all the time too. As for those men who make out I need to be taken care of because I am being bullied, they understand me perfectly I am a Christian and they are evil and hate my Christianity but the actual reason in its merit has more to do with taking advantage of their insults to stoop to their level just so I can get in and cause to seriously do them damage which is the way those stupid violence they threaten will work as well, so I might find out how I will die of HBP because they have stupid wives as well who ensure I can never be a living healthy person because they have things they have been stopped from doing which must be done because they tell me and must tell me to do. It leads to those questions about why I am never affected by things like others are but it is hard to understand why anyway when I am already notorious for making sure that people are healthy fit and beautiful in this country so except they are blind they should know I am very likely to do such things; besides which they clearly have got their complains obviously because they are the most insolent bastards on the planet anyway. These are the reasons I am being taken care of.


Tycoon tax is meant to be the cutting edge of vandalism in the UK. Clearly when you are inferior enough the purpose of most acts they carry out is to find out how to get rich and there must be a way you can share the ideas and become worse off no matter how impossible it is for you to be even when you share or they take without your consent anyway because that is how they have done it to others and therefore what they want no matter what irregularities will result as a function of their insolence anyway. If not then it’s a case where you have a business and they barge into your affairs and find out everything make a public show of how hard you work and insinuate a reduction of taxes to help you create jobs but turn out in public to propose new and higher taxes, the instability is incredible the work is unfathomable and the destruction is unbelievable. As I have always mentioned, the part of the brain that both rich and poor people have does not exist in them and all their progress is based on simulation of Politicians helping them out while ruining the finances of others so they can feel as if they are rich, incredibly stupid people that Politicians like because they do as they are told by them who are probably even more stupid, which of course is why they like them.

I mean what does Tycoon tax mean beside stupid, stupid Politicians that like stupid, stupid people for which others must have financial problems so that when they criticise it might not have an effect first of all and then so that they can keep their government pay packets unaffected and catch up on things they don’t know. They do not seem to respect how provocative it is and it is becoming more and more and more personal which is good so unconnected and innocent people do not suffer when it blow up.

The real view I have of Politicians is that they are responsible for the economic crisis we have to face now. They organised from Government office the attack on the economy which has created this crisis and no body else was involved in it with them; they were the ones who created social interest into the affairs of the financial system and no body had either the power or the convincing argument to dissuade them or make them stop, they were the ones who created the restricting of the work force to enable any idiot that wanted to make lots of money to twig the work force and dis-employ a certain number while heaping the work load on the other number in order to pocket the extra cash, I mean even after 4 years since the crisis they had seen signs of 2 years before it took hold, took hold of the economy, they still do not have a laid down ground work plan to securing the pensions of their citizens. I mean what kind of Government are they anyway? They know how to create bank accounts for the tax payer but do not know how to protect their pensions, knowing fully when the crisis takes hold; they will have to spend tax payer’s money to bail out Banks. What if another country cashed into these things they are meant to do anyway, what would they do, send out the armed forces?

I for my part suppose I am talking about the stupidities of Politicians at this point because I am loosing my taste for fun and it is a pretty good time for it as well anyway.

They behave in the same way in the US; speaking of British tax havens as the reasons for the failing of their Banks, thinking that thereafter when they turn up to know what free people in my Country looks like to give license to idiots to vandalise the economy I will fall to pieces, of which no body knows what for. However for the UK tax havens issue in its own merit they think their blame culture for making money will thrive on this but I have no idea how that will be possible anyway. I mean when they speak of the UK and UK tax havens, I speak of the very huge American Arms market and the American fundamental support and funding of black markets all over the world especially in the region, then talk about the nature of the economies around the US like Brazil for example where bankers can go to pay less taxes because over there, the more you earn the less tax you pay because in the US you pay less tax when you are connected and therefore do not want to pay any of it, so in the south Americas for example the tax man will have to behave or he gets nothing. Then there is the value of the arms market itself which ensures whistle blowers shut it and then of course there are the American goons who believe in niggling communism in order to make capitalism wealthier. How on earth British tax havens fail American Banks will never be explained.

My point of course of which is that when it goes haywire they believe I will tolerate those stupid girls of theirs and the adverts with which they set out daily to earn my income with their laziness and insults instead of working for their own money and for their Politicians the problem will take up a life of it is own because they do not seem to understand that money is something people work for not take or make up ideas that when people know them as people who bread win, it is a license to do anything, which of course such a history is not and has never been. Hence now they know and I a not taking prisoners as well to equate with their insults so I can have a quality of life: tycoon tax they say-what does that mean anyway?

Of course it is always seen as a completely harmless thing when a collection of Pop music hoodlums get off on public places to claim ownership of the contents of my books because they have gained some kind of access to it which operates as an infringement of my rights on my work, bearing in mind the contents are everything because the books are all written with some kind of fault to apply the authenticities of their derivatives and this controversy coupled with that access and the way I will feel and react is very important for the purpose of hundreds of currencies raked in through the playing and selling of Music CDs. Naturally the way to sort it out would be to ambush them in this particular spot but for now my options are rather open because the very nature of the errors and irregularities in my books provides for a condition where they are excluded from reading or buying any of it which then enables me to set out accurate prices for its ownership not seek to acquire money that will help me look after fans when I have already provided for that in the books themselves.