There is this talk about how nice it is to see the new thing has a contender etc and victories they have won. What I am doing is not a new thing, the matter is that conventionally there has always been fame industry heart break where people have access to other peoples privacy and so such people have to cry out everywhere somebody stole their idea and made millions while leaving them with nothing, while those who do claim such persons have no talents whatsoever etc. it just seems an impossible thing for them to understand somebody or what creature seems to have the ability to beat them up all the time every time he is getting to work despite their access to and claimed ownership of his ideas, as well as access to his privacy and projects on a daily basis.

I for my part do not think of it as a problem, I simply think that since I am a Royal Prince and they are no body and therefore I will always be more famous than they are no matter what they do, it is something they do to cause me the maximum level of suffering and will feel me as well bearing in mind there is no chance of it being successful.

The claim that it is all punishment especially the access to my privacy too, for messing up their culture is entirely fabricated. What happened is that their Politicians aided them when it became impossible so that projects I work on can be grabbed and then said something about in Public in a way which entangles it with their culture so they can tap into it like some kind of Bank and credit card. This sort of rubbish of course does not work with everybody as there are some that will rip that their stupid country to pieces for them given half the chance. The big problem with them comes in two forms; one is their greed and the other is their ego. The greed part has to do with the fact they have no limits and when they do it for too long targeting the one person they have to expect privileges of injustice from Politicians that cannot give it because the person they attack all the time will be able to draw links between the mess they make at his career and what they do with their money making games and then use it to clean up the mess every time it is made because they have done it long enough to link the person with their fame so that it might not be said they did not destroy the persons life because the person was inferior to them. The ego part has more to do with trying to beat people they can never and will never be able to, thus when the Politicians grab peoples project and say something about it in public which entangles it with their culture, it is not enough because they want to damage the person mentally as well so they can be the only ones that have got it-the result being that each time they use the persons creations and claim it belongs to them they return to provoke the person in order to mess them up mentally so they can never think of anything like they used to. In this case with a big mouth of course.

I am not giving back that stupid left, that is not what I said; they will have to imagine a new one so it can be stolen as well (Its all becoming more and more serious and I need to get these books sold so that I can first of all get the job done and sleep well at night and secondly earn from it, so I can sleep comfortably. Not endlessly contend with idiots from Banana republics which exist in their heads, who live in la la land and need to reconnect with reality).