So they now say that I have this idea that Politicians should be able to see into the future and act accordingly which is utter nonsense; the problem is that Politicians do the bad things first and then the proper ones after whereas 70% of their job is actually to deal with social ills, while the remaining 30% is to host parties that keep the Nation running which is apparently the bit that has attracted these bastards. However in terms of the matter itself at hand all together, the case is that it began years ago with the Unions and a Guy on the streets that make them feel they are not earning enough, once that was done the same person was messing around with the confidence of Politicians who have public duties to discharge and so on and these idiots have always been at it, making up their own reasons why I am unemployed while playing around with my finances because they saw my aura and wanted it to be involved in a gang fight that will make them feel important. So the question really is that of how difficult it can be to detach from Politicians if it turns out that the fact I am serious about getting my own issues fixed properly is the one that actually winds them up. As for these fools on the other hand, we cannot seem to be free from a tale where I could never back up any of the violence I suggest and that I am just stirring problems they will be required to fix at a later time but then again have said their piece and need to get off my Book sales for their part, otherwise we all know it is the threats that open up every new kettle of fish they have to deal with and that their need for narcissistic insults and abuses never seem to cease especially when they are journalists too. So we do hear them claim I am trapped and no such thing is happening but it does make me very angry because the first time they started, it was not about bullying me over free range seniority as it was about claiming I am gay all the time, once they had done the part about stirring members of the public into explaining their frustrations away with the part where none violent Christian must be bullied by their girls and then a process where money can be made from such bullying attached to it and then they will end up with their own lamb for the slaughter when they do their cowardly money mad media appearances jobs. I mean imagine a Bus carrying some 200 is driven by an idiot making fun from claiming I am homosexual and then others will follow suit and then it will carry on everyday and after 15 years ripping up everything around me by curetting these nonsense on National Media tell me I am trapped i.e. they have not given up hope that I will become a useless person that has ended up in a gang where I can then fight and attack people to suit their part of society as they do their cowardly media appearance fame and fortune madness jobs and even so are complaining about what I have done to that stupid culture and society too but have no wish to stop and or change and it is still the better option to tell them to get off my Book sales, not talk about it or not I am trapped since they have not got the guts for that anyway. I hear I am not a threat to them but I know that whether it be Politicians and the parties they host for successful people which attracts these bastards or Industry and their need to steal my secretes for fame or working for wealthy people, I can provide leadership Public for their stupidities male and female alike if asked in a matter of seconds. It’s the insults and when they want their free range seniority that puts me in pain all day long without reasons it is not as if the fucking idiots are paying my Bills as well. The start of this whole thing was the plan to keep Christian poor and abused to have somebody they can make into an embodiment of social curse because his faith teaches him none violence and most people do not think about the fact the most common form of public expression we see from them is lasciviousness of a very evil and violent kind before people give them money and business as it were; I as a Christian simply have very little tolerance for them at this point as well and they are having trouble working out I have actually had enough of them too. I have no wish therefore to allow any of that stupid culture and society get involved with me and get away with it unscathed; enough is enough and I need my Book sales so I can take my holiday away from their stupidities, which they will find is good for them too all together, otherwise if they want that stupid culture they know where I am as it were and can turn up with the usual extreme lack of respect too alongside, so we can find out what they are made of as well. This is apparently their plan for being rich and successful and it’s nothing but a cluster of insults they want to crack themselves with not a problem which is out of my hands all together. So they say I never back up any of these things in Public which I really don’t need to; I will not have been seeking a fight when I step out of my door for an 8 hour shift anyway but everybody knows either by redundancy or drop out from job or academic work either one which applies, I am usually free enough for it and so I can only advise them to keep building their own up too like all the others.

They say I bother them of course which is utter nonsense; a writers career is one of research and privacy to facilitate writing and another of arranging meetings with Members of the Public to give away autographs and sell his ware but I can always pack it up and get the income out of all the insulting and abusive scumbags whose feelings I should not prick because they are far more superior individuals especially when it comes to the importance of their temper as compared to mine, than I am when it gets to that stage. I do not build the peace and quiet in this office to facilitate their conveniences. By the way of which a dispassionate observer can see I am a Christian as well and will not do very well with their popularity culture and it goes beyond attacking me for seeing their girl friends they whisper nonsense about those they will go out and take advantage of together every day, to handling my own girl friends and detaching me from relationships simply because they think they are more worthy of financially well off women; so it is a long distance to travel up and look for trouble thereof and they should not actually leave without finding it too. they say it is about getting me to finish what I started; utter nonsense of course, the reality is that what started their case was the need to find my Books, first of all through little things I was seen saying in Public , until they started doing my personality as well and then the Books will be inadvertently located without having to commit any forms of crimes and it can only be imagined the kind of misery they were hoping to inflict on me in the process as well – so they had started the bit about building up my personality and telling me to do something to claim it lest it goes to somebody else and then when I do anything it goes to somebody else anyway because it would have been amusing; so whenever I face any serious problems I love to pull their Media Industry strings until they get fixed the ones that need to be urgently, while I take my time with the writing and so they have since continued to feel insulted but have no wish to change a behaviour to keep off my income and public life. They say I knew the score when I got involved with the Royal Family but then again I have no idea what they are thinking anyway, I have always known this is The Queen realm and as a result am always seen dashing here and dashing there, playing around with the ladies (ripping their hearts out).

It’s not an impossible problem to solve as such; when I stop people from being famous because their parents bequeathed them some money and they want to double it on my public image and public life, the Politicians will say that it is abusing their rights but as it stands they will also claim I am not solving the problem and that it is too much for me. I mean these are not famous people, these are very twisted scumbags who want to make riches and be important fast and that means making use of peoples public lives and perhaps if I had a conversation with them about the fact what they are asking basically means that they want to absorb and usurp every aspect of my life that facilitates friendship and a social existence they would listen but it is the getting them to listen part that is the problem in the first place of which we all know that by the time you had brought them to heel communicating anything would be irrelevant because they are so abusive and so stubborn and criminally disobedient and of course when it comes to raising them all over again, it is clearly not my filial sensibilities that will be used for such nonsense. Then we hear I do bad things as a matter of necessity but want to screw around with those who do it for pleasure; I however have never liked a financially well off psychopath besides which we have religion in this Country and if people are in need of compunction and realise their lives or people’s lives depend on it, they can get some in that way – they really have no idea how I do it too as it were a teacher point of view. Nobody knows why Politicians play around with these things anyway and much the same and Media too – they even do with racism as well and when done start to get involved with me without reason or purpose all the time; which in any case explains a lot considering the psychopaths are supposed to end up stuck with the people whose lives they ruin and then when the murders happen make out on Media that it happens to or between total strangers. Apparently when the scumbags are financial well off they start to target religious people and Christians the way they do me, regularly blowing off a big mouth about how I am trapped etc we hear my methods leave people high and dry and as I have mentioned before do not want a response from them, just want them off my Books, it does not matter if my Court is older than I am; as it would have been impossible to secure somebody that makes news in Court Interest where another set of idiots are doing international aid of vandalism at US Houses of Government all over the place; the personal diaries are full and I am comfortable about the price they pay for every time it stops and it has to or I will stop it my way and they will not like the methods too, it’s my Books disappearing with the wind as I like to say and not half as amusing as they love to make it out to be. They do say I refuse to accept they hate my involvement with the Royal Family which does not trouble me at all; it’s an old story about the fact they are always 101% problems and then you are stuck the day you meet them as a result of the demands they make of your person, hence you understand why it is so i.e. others spend their lives for them as well – I just want them to understand their stupid version of fame and fortune which concerns everything that facilitates a process whereby I have friends and a social life will not do. It is as stupid as terrorism all together as well i.e. when those kill people it is supposed to have represented an act of petition considering they are not the highest available authority, however which we can only be happy for the living as nobody knows how on earth the fucking idiots expect anybody to respond to a thing like what they do anyway and of course I am very well aware that saying such a thing will wind them up further. The reality is that these guys plan these activities and most people are taken by the claim it is either impulsive or a function of disillusionment, they plan it and whether or not they do can be tested by a simple question i.e. is it harmful and if so are they doing it to themselves? I mean it is meant to be really insulting and takes the energy out of others for the pleasure of it all the time ; I do wonder if I am the only one that sees it, that sees they have chosen a life of hoodlums for themselves and decided which characters are placed in strategic locations for their purposes on Media and it goes way beyond the part whereby I make them emotional at the Media work and then ensure they are always at each other throats during the big news, it becomes a matter of them telling me they will never keep off my Books about which I will keep preaching it until it stops too; so when push comes to shove it’s the story of the ageist idiot on the left with a need to offer my Public life to fools whose fame I keep and help stupid girls to popularity conveniences on my Public life, while on The right is the society goon with a need to bully people for feminists and treat young Men like children so he can have a small army – I am just that one that like to see them do the ladies first thing and will create security for women so he can find out what they are made of and give it all he had got.

They do complain about bad smells people make and it annoys me so much; these are a collection of filthy bastards that cannot leave people alone getting into people’s spaces to play up underbelly and stirring racism against those who do not give up a Public life to them and when I say my Court is female only it becomes a main preoccupation to just get involved and have some of the feeling if they have need of it, whenever we see them on Public Media it never really works unless their slot is filled by expressing their stupid selves all over the phenomenon that is my Books and whenever I see them in Public places the idea is fat bastard is really disobedient and I may have serious problems with it but in 24 Hours he will need his salary again and a celebrity fool will have their pictures taken on my Public life and splashed all over a glossy magazine and there is nothing I can do about it – reaching a point where my friends and allies cannot work in the Industry because there is no way they can prevent them from doing it and sending out the copies precisely the way they were advised not to make them. Then they complain about the bad smells that happen because somebody has to expect to hold their breath for 5 years, 6 years, 12 years straight bearing the pain for them in that way all day long while they find ways of making it permanent as it were and when I mention it point to their left hand side which I have blocked off since I had to prepare to ensure they had stopped violating me by infiltrating my Royal renaissance and put their insults where it is appreciated by keeping off my Public image – this left hand side they speak of is not the one concerning where they were born and how they were raised, where they had childhood friends and where they attended school, where their families and friends are, it concerns mine with that big mouth talking nonsense about bad smells like if it were a fight the chances are that they were going to win and the big idea these days is that all I have worked for have now been damaged and factorised into a condition where I now fancy the gain of those who have physical endowments I cannot acquire at the gymnasium all together to facilitate the profitability of violence which is a long way to travel from being a Christian and they need to stop being famous too as well, never mind the fact I intend to cure them of that stupid homosexuality as well.