In terms of Political leadership it is always said that my case with them is not actually well explained and nobody knows what to think but it really is – the reality here is that of a recurrent problem of the Politicians that committed unspeakable evils being opposed by another who are building up their own version or did commit some before and those are in a coalition with another who are still building up their own version or had committed some of theirs before as well; so it is only a matter of time before the public are forced to think about tools with which to purge the Parliament itself since of course we all know it is an office and not a circus. People can either go into it to do a job managing the civil service with any expertise they have, on the advice of the professional and consultation with the general public they have access to or they can go there to invent and play power games – but they can be assured that the Public will reach a point where they will decide they don’t want to pay for it anymore.

I understand the claims about the part I played being left out of the story when it actually hasn’t been; I have done nothing to remove realities about my ability to remove most important tent pegs when they have realised that the story behind a certain Christian who is so grounded in his faith they can commit any sins they want around him isn’t going to pay off unless they run marathon media campaigning in order to win elections knowing perfectly that one party has as much access to the media as the other in equal measure. So its just something about those who need to be scared of the criminals that will be released into society and made to make their peace with the powers that be while setting their eyes on those who make people bad by being good and provoke people by grabbing all the attention with things like religion and morality that will make them good enough for it; so having been I am not in a hurry and those criminals that have been released have not been doing anything to me, this is the contribution I have made to their crisis.

They do say the true test of leadership is whether there is a way of averting this problem but I only can speak of myself as I know I am a Christian and there is a certain do or die affair concerning the need to earn money and keep a certain portion to help those that are less fortunate than I am – they on the other hand are always free to run a Government office or use it for power games. Its about living a life with an understanding there are things you can buy, things you can bargain with or bargain for and there are things that you cannot – men live like this so people don’t assume when they do peoples own they are not predisposed to have the same treatment met out for them as well.

I know of the case of how much I am being used by fame goons who are making a lot of money; I understand there are those who want to do something about it and that is why I try to give the missing bits of information they might need to have concerning such realities as the fact the problem is that they are becoming more abusive considering they could never use a rat if they could. The reality has never really changed from taking responsibility for the fact they have deployed my work to make their social frauds that has gotten Industry people to part with a lot of money that has made them millions they never worked for but having said that, if Industry people do not like to make a public case of how those who warn them about such things simply hate the prerogatives of those who have lots of money which they want to play advisory roles on because they have got none but at the same time think others should have no place in it, then such things would not be happening but a process of them actually succeeding is making their money at my expense would only work in a world that really does not exist and I do see them become more violent and more abusive and they do show themselves in Magazines and spread it for the benefit of their fans who then do more damage to create certain entertainment that their stupid children will enjoy and so on – enjoy and make exceptions for me that is obviously the owner of the property they use whom they can also control and of course it will end very badly too. Otherwise it is mostly about things they do to create the assumption that Equity fall outs that the Video games Industry like to make use of is a route through which they can access everything else the way they want around here and it never really works because the Video Games Industry is not as irresponsible as the Popular culture industry, they declare everything they do right down to tactics displays and so on and even their customers who play games and makes videos from it do the same – so I am always informed in the easiest place to look of what they had deployed and for what all the time and that is how the Global Community works. Hence that story of how I play video games and my Royal order will end up in the hands of terrorists is only about black people who will be famous when it does obviously.

It isn’t true I am stuck in anyway – I have mentioned already the real me is that this is a rights trading business Civil rights is pure evil and that means my head and tummy and anus and penis there is a fight with black people coming up. It is how their stupidities at media and Politics and Industry has evolved into becoming the biggest destruction based problem around here, so that whilst they complain about those things I did which were supposed to keep them away from me if it did hurt badly enough concerning their clubbing and vice lifestyles in the Country it only gets worse the process of making deals with evil blaming the bad areas on me while their Politicians give them access to my finances with the use of State funds claiming it is a matter of supremacy of Parliament and a case of power, and then it gets better from there are the vandalism of my social media systems ensue, only matched by the need to buy a single copy of my book and share it all over the world, or prevent any sales when they see a preview somewhere and make out that they had their deals with evil which was supposed to make them rich which cannot make them rich without my income under control without my interference and set out to make those deal again while I deal with the filthy parts threatening racial insults from time to time, never getting off my book sales they like to rip up to get client employee jobs, seeking a Christian enemy.