It has at this point become a matter of regular conversation on media that Hollywood needs to be saved creatively from the demand and desire to make Super Hero Movies. It will never make sense to me for my part anyway since we are aware that people continue to expect to enjoy their great and almighty lives while Hollywood producers continue to spend a lot of money to make it into films then give something back so they can continue to add to their great and almighty lives so that a point actually arrived when there is nothing left of the professional life of the actor but the sense of people making themselves incredibly rich from what occurs as the freebies of life. I know if I broker Equities with Film makers like I do at present during difficult economic times, then I have to make it as available and as cheap as possible, so this prognosis that Hollywood is addicted to Super Heroes because of its purse shrinking does not have any foundation on fact either. However, the most important issue is that they will not report their news any differently from those abuses that cause me to act towards them the way I currently do and I have not given them any permission to comment on my Property and or Equities and Securities in any case for that matter anyway. So it remains the same old matter and they might want to stay out of it too. By the way of which I need to sell my books and get my job done not have my life put on standby so they can do enough of their pairing and sexual/genetic selection to finally create something similar to me that will replace me anyway - these are crimes and none will be over looked especially concerning the handling of any of my property and most especially doing so to affect my earnings.


Now the story of the EU rages on and they say it costs the British tax payer 2 billion pounds to safeguard the security of idiots that are not appreciative of them for the most part but we all know EU Ministers are elected and not appointed and that they have no alternative way of dealing with Americans that regularly feel the need to take up other people’s business and pretend they are giving it publicity on media to help it make money until people have enough of it so they can get around to do their Industrialisation like they were never incredibly stupid people that found access to money at some point in their lives in the first place, no alternatives on how to handle such global vandalism. What we hear are stories they tell about the influence of English Law on Federal systems around the world which indicates what direction our constitution ought to take, about which they complain of one when it comes to getting of Europe i.e. because Brussels will listen to France and will listen to us since we are a smaller country in the federal systems in which the tiers and Units of influence will be split between larger and therefore richer states, however which we know that the EU is not a Federation and that nobody is preventing them from having a Government in which the Top is alienated and there is excessive local government involvement in their affairs, with their welfare state and NHS and everything since those that thought otherwise in the past were stupid. I don’t mind their abuses in any way we already have a problem how to get me to appreciate their City Identity and their insults will ever make it worse. I mean the part where I am supposed to have been chicken in the basket in the first place was meant to have done the sex thing for them anyway because when I say the fact sex makes them angry indicates there is one God for sinner and believer alike, they claim what is happening is the advancement of atheism which is utter nonsense – so chicken in the basket was meant to do the sex thing and this is the question, of whether they are actually fed up with sex despite the fact they are such idiots. It is much the same with homosexuals, the crimes and vandalism will be ignored until we get to ask if you cannot see you have suffered enough to become homosexual, so I might endlessly act the part so they can make me if they have got it too. In the end I suppose the result of all these is that they do need to stay out of my business, any business I have with the royals and keep their insults to themselves. Now I am aware there are some services the black society ones especially from Africa think they do for the Monarchy which not only makes them my rivals but also makes them the people who were there first before me to whom I must pay dues etc – it seems their lives depend on inventing stories to ask me for dues as it were but I have no idea what they are talking about; all I know is that I hate Tyrants and their relatives and the whole idea of a community made of tyrants and their relatives being seen around anything I do, I find it really provocative but they on the other hand are just a collection of goons that like to extricate fame from other peoples personality, wreck peoples finances in order to gain access to them and play games of uncatchable birds they can easily trap and get their hands on in order to put a smile on their faces when they feel they are a real failure in life and it is for that reason I want to build my life over their stupid communities as well to make that statement about how they own me or indeed which part of me they really do own as well but above all the Monarchy gets involved with them because the US does that thing where as long as you have enough freedom going for you, you can do business and anyhow or anywhere you like, so the British get involved with them and their plans to usurp peoples personality and get famous, hence if they want to come to the UK to live here and get their own back at the Americans they are free to but if they cross me I will do them again. It is a simple case of fools like these and silly Americans and a fight with women, when it comes to this matter of some usefulness I have to the Monarchy; the fight with women part of which is a matter of reaching a stage where I believe there is a limit to putting up with the insults of a particular group of people as a community and I think 12 years of it on a daily basis for every second and a plan to get rich being built on it is long enough; we all know what it is about, their TV shows and their back stage media management positions and their celebrity manager companies, all going well with their really big and insolent egos so they do not tend to notice mine even when I have made it clear whatever business they think they have with my books or my books mean to them and how they can relate with me on media, regardless of where it is exactly they made contact with any of my writing and publication or where it is they saw it is something I am not interested in and needs to be shut down, so I think it should become a fight, I want it to become a fight.