So many men keen on working for women obviously; like they ruined my finances, competed with me for who the best man is, then travelled around the world creating humanitarian crisis everywhere with lies and connections and corruption, then making out those were supposed to have been my followers for whom I have done nothing, only to return to ensure everything we have worked for thereafter ends up in their pocket, while making out it is men that still have to cough up aid money to save everybody through aid and as far as I can work out the reason they did it is because they are men.

So I thought tabling details of these issues, which then ensures their celebrity lifestyle is no longer protected by law because there is another argument, then grabbing and selling it was going to make sense but it has not because they look even more promising: in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and the list gets longer and longer.

Of course they claim this is what people did to them because they cared about others but in actual fact the truth is that they were and have always been greedy fascist fundamentalist thieves who always end their time in excesses and lots of money based crime funding bad habits, idiots with opinions about other peoples fundamental rights and any obstacles to me they struggle with because they make money doing so and then there is also the fact that I am not giving back that stupid left as well, so they can imagine a new one and therefore anything they do to get anything from it from now on will be a factor of fighting. Fighting so hard.

If it is looked at in a more objective manner it can be easily seen that what I have done is no fault of mine.

My temper does not cause my book sales to go bad, what does is that it is impossible for them to read my books without being angry because none does say anything good about them and reading my books when you are angry is wrong, it causes confusions and people do not buy what they don't know or understand. So because they have done nothing else with their time but get everybody into this confusion while making out they are the only ones that intend to buy them but will never do, I have bad sales.