There are no credible threats to democratic alliances of Law, Liberty and Morality that I can see. All they can do is the usual process of get employed in somebody's business-preferably a fools that like to incite the media on other peoples property, while getting prerogatives of a process where they insult others in return from the media, after which they complain about their privacy, while making snap judgements at whomsoever they like as well. 

Then they can make sure somebody else is the perpetual start up man, the risk bearer for everybody who does not ever get to start their own business because such persons will have become their means to riches on account they have got capital. While they turn his business into a perpetual theme tune, that does nothing but start, so they can extract his revenue selling something else in place of his product and damage everything, so he can start up again every time they feel like getting rich and in order to keep it that way, not only do they then set about to ensure the person never gets a job hence has no income but they also enlist the company of insolent Celebrities who then begin campaigns for them about somebody who thinks people are making millions with his ideas and property while he has nothing and is therefore mad and needs to be mocked and babied and bullied until he gets to the point where he is shown what he has always known i.e. that he is being insolent and abusive and everybody is out of his league, which is then followed up with further abuse. 

 So that I might extract securities and equities that belong to me from their business at the worst possible time, while they dare me with threats of unemployment and insults they dispatch media idiots to put up on public television which suggests they are waiting for me to come up with securities by which the stock market will go into business otherwise I will get into trouble, after which they then find something on my market place to steal on this premise, then make sure people are not buying my books and set off to trade on the stock market and pretend to outsource the entire British economy to wind me up, so that the entire situation can get even worse since the Liabilities of the Pound sterling is a property of my Royal estate and they have not yet secured themselves an alternative planet to run to before they had begun.

The rest are just media idiots looking to make friends with other people employee bullies especially those that trade with other peoples property and businesses at the stock market but have no brains, hence like to pick a fight with people that will beat it out of them and all they do with their media earnings is undo absolutely every part of my work which has to do with domestic and foreign security, in order to secure their habits especially those which have to do with drugs and to earn even more money use these habits as a means of bullying me with public media each time I put something up at my market place.

In the end this so called threat is supposed to have stopped me selling my books and I cannot see how these things will, it gets even worse for them if they finally decide to become more helpful and thus live in reality, where fact can exist such as when you bully somebody the existence of politics does not change the fact that you are doing it or indeed give another meaning to it. You lead them when you know that you can lead them while not leading them, get involved with them when you know you can make deals with them while betraying them, help them when you have already secured a process of hurting them and if people cannot do these things they ought to stick to buying my books which I have written for them, otherwise attack me and choose a side; not make noise about wealth distribution while picking a fight with Royalty so I can sell them out to the rich.