That I am a victim of abuse is utter nonsense, I am not a victim of abuse, those who try such things and those who bandy them around have never achieved such trophy; the reality is that it is the same old story about twisted evil people and ideas about somebody they think they want to ensure all their problems happens to in order to relieve them of it and allow them make progress thereof with their stupid lives and for me it’s a matter of the fact they think I am supposing they are doing education and politics and academic work and business and jobs and even at night what they are doing is sleeping for human beings and people sleep like that as it were. So all I would need for instance is five celebrities from each of the classes to ensure when I am perforated the publicity that emerges is mopped up and then the resulting social issues will be one we hear of as well later on.

By and large the question lies at the door of the Politicians at all times i.e. when exactly it is they suppose I will be getting off benefits and until then they will never be free of me and the consequences of the activities of these their idiots as well. So I hear when I set about dealing with matters of abuse like that I leave older women and their menacing behaviour to run free which isn’t actually the case as such; for instance the reality is that nobody will ever explain comfortably why they feel that the office and public life and public work of a half priest royalty is the best place to sell cosmetics, so it is a matter concerning which I really do need to do a shit at some point that is really important to women as well – while the ethics of their cosmetics business is that of money by taking advantage of men primarily by avoiding any kind of work whatsoever and using lots of bullying and abuse which is what this is all about – so it is ruination and we have not seen me dish out wrath for it yet so far. They do say the abuses do affect me in some way never the less and it does not – it starts from an eating problem associated with the problems politicians create for me of a financial nature which they also believe is amusing and are now not finding the ones I think is amusing, amusing as well hence entirely normal an outcome and then because they keep their filthy eyes on me every second as such with atmosphere that their idiots build on media that is also aided by these Politicians, they notice my eating problems and then start to chase my anus and penis over it and of course the down side of that is that their brown sugar insolent boys turn up on media to be the boss with dire consequences attached, so that when I have an eating problem and it affects them they are still the boss as it were and that is going very well especially with their leaning on peoples and the nasty habits they ruin people’s lives with in order to steal fame so far.

I hear the story of what I can never do to them now that they have jobs in the secret service; but I would never know for my part, all I know is that I do hear they pose a mortal threat to me too and they can turn up the day I am well informed that they are coming too; I like to say I would never know where M16 and GCHQ travelled off to, to get these guys or what their thought pattern was when they did it, exactly what they were thinking, whenever they do things like that but I suppose the whole process of devising a social way of robbing them of the asset of selling state secrets have paid off in a big way and I didn’t need a public life for that either. The Muslim ones are ever so clever, they never fall for it and instead travel out of the Country to try and become terrorists. So I am also aware they say they have completely destroyed my international reputation which I suppose they have on twitter as well as it were – the one where diplomats get involved with my equities and my work and feel it has been corrupted by pop stars and fashion fools and so on. It’s like when they speak of white discrimination on media too whereas the reality is that Mr A married to Mss B who has a social life that involves a Court belonging to an Arch Prince clearly would create a social occasion that has become even stricter to outsiders than it has ever been before, and none of them ever likes it when their mates get involved with people outside as it were especially when they are younger or come from a different race because of course the results are these kinds of problems and in my case the idiots largely always think they can get involved with anything and that such is an eventuality that sets the stage for a full exploration of their civil and criminal disobedience. So the part about the Royals is the bit where they hate every bit of me getting involved with others, hate every bit of me trying to get a job like it was the way mine was done and like court and people having a problem with me getting involved with others or others getting involved with me which creates issues for them, can become very intolerant as a result of it but the bit they cannot stand is all these lies that I set out the problems of the lower classes and carpet solutions for it top to bottom when the lower classes would never do it for me caught dead whereas that is not actually what I have done and the reality is beginning to show up too.

The Politicians say I need to justify my position to the general public and it does not make any sense whatsoever, just a really big sense of one of the most twisted and violent demagogues they pass around the streets f Britain getting it from the source when they take advantage of the soft touch individuals that have a lot of things they can lose to others – so all that right hand side and left hand side gestures they think they have deployed on media against me for days without end which is supposed to determine where I am supposed to be to make them comfortable that their social idiots who think their very nature is to provoke people have picked up as well will get very rowdy in a short period of time if they meet me in person; so that is me, next is their turn to talk, whatever on earth they mean by justifying my position to the general public because this behaviour as a means of getting by considering the pain it causes me that they are better expressing at their own families so they don’t have to complain about civil rights is going to lead down the path of very serious problems very soon to secure some respect around here from them my way or theirs. Apparently it is something they do to open me up and make me hysterical so they can chase my anus and penis because they don’t believe success and wealth lies anywhere else and it gets to a point as well and they will soon be complaining about the right to have alternative lifestyles and a problem others have with their freedom of association. Where I was born and where I grew up and where I am going is none of their Political business and I am pretty sure they can have conversations without handling it – everybody has a limit and I don’t want to see that stupid culture and or society otherwise I will cut it up again because it is the basis for a conversation that allows them to do it again every time I have made a complain and then they use that conversation every single time they have that need to do it again and make up excuses people really cannot understand but causes them to try and find out what is going on towards a fools errand and of course as I said everybody has a limit and this is mine; I mean they think I should be chasing my mates over these things and I don’t think so anyway, we all know my mates can bring the strength they stole from me and get really clever at beating me up with it any time they want but they are the ones I will get it from for my part because I have no idea what is so important about complex conversation that distract people so you can chase somebody’s anus and penis and why people have those kinds of desires no matter the level of distress it causes the victims anyway – they think I am stupid and therefore likely to chase my mates over it so they might never have to deal with conditions where conflicts happen and people shoot scum like them that are ever older than others and like to occupy government offices for it. So this is how it works – how the older ones extract my beauty and keep me cash strapped and exasperated because they are chasing their wealth and importance, while the younger ones are extracting my strength and will deploy it to beat me up with a big mouth as there isn’t a chance they will turn up here and hand it back as it were. They will do this every single second of their time and yet get a few celebrities to make pop songs soldiers can play at them to make psychological warfare while they shoot them as well and the process of taking over the pop industry will have become a major preoccupation at government buildings while they cannot seem to keep their eyes off the treasury. I mean this is a fall out of a tale they tell on media be it true or not of Americans feeling I am a security risk that need to be put down and I feel I don’t want these idiots and their niggers anywhere on planet to mess me up any further, mess up my head and my chest and my tummy and my anus and my penis and so on and of course they day I know they are going to turn up to kill me, they can turn up on that day as well if they wanted. I am not going to be made to live by the perspectives of these idiots on account there was an original provocation that is to twisted and so evil it cannot be addressed after all they have not paid for the damages they have done to my academic work and business to make that operable yet, they seek trappings of power and cannot shut their mouths so far and it is not a new story, after all I am not necessarily in their list of things they hold dear and it is not hurting badly enough yet over that stupid western perspective and joys of naivety based insults – they think they don’t know things and that nothing is their responsibility and I think they think wrong and they will soon have a tyrant they cannot handle especially the Americans and then it will get better. I don’t like it when they are naive and they can carry on to see what I am going to do with that too; freedom my back side, its been a decade now and I have had enough considering I was the victim all along in the first place with that big mouth – as usual its clearly back to civil and criminal disobedience again to secure a clear and preserved perspective on the left with a big mouth – I mean or else what?

It’s enough threatening my people to a point where I cannot sell my books but threatening me as well is another kettle of fish all together; I mean I was Royalty before Mr Obama was President and the entire world can see it shows, so nobody really can work out what the problem with their nigger sense of respect really is 7 years on a daily basis and counting so far. I have no idea why it is such an ideal for the world’s biggest democracy to become the biggest problem and the biggest threat that somebody who puts up his possessions somewhere to seek securitisation of Industrial property for those that have worked for their money and have no energy left for social wickedness and violence and to keep people from being circumstantial homosexuals in that respect too just so they might trade and make enough to employ families, I have no idea why it should be the same for seeking security for women bearing in mind when their problems burn it will burn all of us as well – they are the world’s biggest democracy that cannot stay off my books and finances and stop messing up my body and have a big mouth to threaten me with as well not hurting badly enough and their condition will certainly get worse for it too. I started for me when I one day realised I was not vulnerable to that case of men moving into my right hand with their society and lodging themselves there permanently, so  I could never understand why being accountable for your actions would cost you everything and why there was so much gain made from that and so much to gain from attacking it as well, so I still cannot understand the big nigger mouth blown off around here all the time why the way I live would make me a target for the world’s biggest democracy.

So they will say I like to boast that I am not vulnerable to it but I actually am which is utter nonsense; I mean it’s a case of the working class wickedness especially around money and how to get the latest lifestyle and particularly when that lifestyle is lucrative too on one hand and on the other me serving the Church and doing my Christianity – so I have always lived with them no matter how much I am attacked and tried but it seems they specifically want to bully me with it which is why their Politicians hold me up at the benefit system and spend money on them so that while their modernity applies to my Christian believes not being applicable to those who are not interested it does not apply to their culture wickedness and trappings of power anymore with respect to me, then turn out in public to talk nonsense about how I must be accountable to the public and fail to explain when they mean when I ask along the lines of messing up perspective leading to serious problems. I don’t think it is a problem, there is a corner of my life where they all end up and I can get into that zone if I want to, so they are the ones who need to explain what chasing my anus and penis and making out it is amusing while telling me I need to be accountable to the general public means and what they are trying to say – they cannot explain now anymore as it were, only that big mouth and the stupid threats to ensure they do it anyway. They do say the part about my inability to stay out of people’s homes have not been settled but it’s the story about their wives and the fact I am good looking as it were and I do enjoy punishing the sexual context abuses too for my part, they however need to put their money where their mouth is. They do say I jeopardise friends in the US over my position on their President – utter nonsense of course since the reality is as I mentioned before; is wickedness and evil and psychological war with these idiots 24/7, when you set out a few celebrities to make songs, then they claim it is something soldiers and secret service will use on them at a later date and set about replacing your celebrities with their own but as soon as they feel they have done that the war moves over to include a financial one as well.