In terms of the story of media bullying and robbery and how I am increasingly left behind, I have no idea which part of it is true anyway – I mean they are a people that will never stop getting killed over their need for wickedness, to handle others physically to the effect of their own ends and damage of other peoples possessions for example and it is not my fault I can catch them all either way; Politicians and Industry alike, Media and Popular culture in equal measure. We see their Politicians here in the UK speak of controlling migration from Europe and they do love to make out it is some kind of salvation when we all know they created the problem in the first place; this was a single market issue and was supposed to have been determined and managed by the market as well all together i.e. my little secret is travelling to the UK to live and work there and another will say yeah right, you should see what I got from Germany and then it will never be settled unless on the basis of what they achieved but the Politicians and their big mouth means the same old problem with consultation comes to roost and the more noise they make about migration is the more of a self fulfilling prophesy it becomes and so the more we hear it the more the migrants turn up because they think the Politicians are hiding something when the Politicians want them to believe the structures are strained. It is much the same with the economy in general, when they say the British are Lazy and David Cameron’s Party is the most notorious for destroying people’s property in the first place and doing some Germanic nonsense that helps trouble makers in Germany wreck British economy in order to have spin – so when we look back at all these problems they speak of that cannot be explained we fall back on the assumption that Politicians want to feel that respect from the general public is guaranteed and on a beck and call basis for them and then we will live like British the way we used to some ten years ago but when asked to stay off the personal life is when we hear the tales of the future of their Politics which I always say we will never get to the bottom of and need to look into the facts once again yet as it were. In terms of the European story, their spin has gotten to another level, where the fat insolent Tory boys now know where peoples penis and anus is for the Industries and like to pretend they are friends of Germany and enemies of the UK in terms of economy until they have what they want and that everybody likes cat figures like them more so thereof those who do want to express it all the time. So we get back to the case Europeans make about lazy British which can only be settled when you make analogies such as Qatar being one of the smallest in the Middle East but one of the most successful states which we would be if we were Middle Eastern Country i.e. we are doing what is in our size and capacity to do and by the way that Intellectual Property pillaging game that Germans are very good at along with Socialists and fat boys in the Tory party, those things do not come by when people are lazy, we were ahead and still are since they are now complaining about laziness which means we have come full circle. It’s the case of Germans suddenly realising they can manufacture goods and services to serve purchasing power and not market the way Americans do but what the Americans have is the American market that is so vast it kills companies and hence the formulae they adopt is man power + time + consistency = business and the result becomes the reality of the small innovators taking advantage of the huge market that exists due to their oversights to make their own millions which is what this fight with nasty talentless insolent Tory boys is all about over my book sales and earnings, the question then becomes what exactly Germany has got that is remotely like that save the European Union itself? As for the case of talking into me because their insolent fools believe they can touch people to make their dreams come true I have only one thing to say to all of them right up to the Prime Minister; shut it – you clown and keep going it’s all possible.

I am not living a useless existence they claim is an example of the reasons they do what they do, they simply think they want my company and my refusal will cost me dear with that big mouth that will get them into mortal trouble at some Tory point and as for the Labour Party, their playfulness is costing them jobs as well so we do have an understanding of what is likely to become a trend and I bet they have opinions about Polish Migrants too. It’s the same old story as an understanding with the Germans being pervaded by them to ensure Germany damages UK economy – the Royal Estate is okay, the Books are okay, the products are there, the Company is there, it even has a website, how difficult can it be to make yourself financially successful to avoid the wrath of the Tories? I mean you can do a door to door, you can pay somebody to do it for you, there are many more still – except these idiots think they must damage it with government office to get your attention and touch you all the time in the most defiling way if they want your attention with regards to what their rich friends want to do with you and hence this is all a process of making you suffer for not complying with their demands and they think they have that footing that supports that their big mouth I have to put up with all the time along with their stupid friends from Africa as well and my point is that they don’t and some Tory boys will die yet over my anus and penis before the situation improves too and as for Labour they will not get off my academic work and we are putting where it is heading to the test as well – so their Politicians should not get to talk into me since they are aware these things are going on otherwise we will put to the test what it is exactly they can do very soon enough too. I mean if you are a big company who wants the book sale business of a Royal Prince you can ask Mr Cameron so he can talk to me the way we know he talks to his bone head children thereof.

They do say I expect the Monarchy to come through for me on this matter but I don’t think so – I mean the insults of their stupid women who need to have communities of paedophiles and abused children alongside the men whose lives they have completely wrecked in a bid to get rich and do whatever they like, while having me on the other as the Christian that continues to exist in a way that means those things they hate about people can continue is what we are talking about – and so are we the every idiots that have been buying shares in companies large over the last decade in order to have access to me and handle and dominate me for their sense of pleasure and privilege with those stupid mature businesses they have no plans to look into starting with that stupid attitude is what we are talking about and the next time their Prime Minister leader of mature business idiots with an attitude who have a need to work on people instead of things to get rich and hence along with their African idiots know where my anus and penis is to conform what is their need to confiscate my writing empire talks into me, I feel so strongly about it I am convinced he will never get the chance again unless he is doing it with his bone head children – they need to stay off my books and loutish idiots buy the products that have been put out for them at the markets. It’s been 6 years since these idiots turned up to seek my literary empire that existed under the shadow of their various companies that have not been aptly compensated with a big mouth and the whole issue shows no signs of abating and I am not saying I am not itching for the next Politicians that will talk into me and kick of a real fight here either – I mean they ought to know the Empire and its Royal Estate cannot run out as well as it were. I mean top civil servant v EU Migrants, it stinks apparently – when we all know they can never be pleased with anything and that these guys simply spot an opportunity they want to do nothing else with except destroy; so that the reason the civil service is always against discrimination is the same old case of the fact jobs are out there looking for people and it prevents a process where the jobs find the people and the jobs get done. The whole of society is now split along the lines of average size people like me who are having the best sex and tall people that cannot enjoy sex anymore who need to exchange places in life and some have homes that are big and good enough for confiscation and I bet this is what they mean having me beaten up as well of which they can move into my right hand and live there again so we can find out what will happen thereof; I have mentioned before when they are using their own to do what they do or say what they say then we are okay otherwise we have a problem and they know it, the African idiots and their Tory fat boys know it. I mean they are popular culture and industries selling some while claiming I am being discriminatory myself with that big mouth – looking for trouble and then getting all over the place when they find it.


I understand it is said I try to make profit from my insanity by bothering the life out of others but this is not true I am not the one with such a motive, they are the ones that have power riches at the back of their plans pushing it along, they are the ones especially media that are out to make profit with their insanity the one where they do it over and over and over and the reasons the outcome is different is because when people check the atmosphere the meaning is that I am scared of them, so it does not do more so to hear them get on that media to talk even more rubbish. I have created a website for my Office and it seems to be impossible for those who read what I write on it to settle on what they have read because somebody is bullying them with media to such an effect and it is the same treatment for my books as well for good measure and it is not the first occasion I have been at the receiving end of their stupidity as the first one that continues to encourage their stupid children to create problems for the generation leaders of their age range that they created for the previous generation in a condition where they are the dominant power was the idea of earning some money to build a home for young people whom I will teach the gospel because it appeared each and every one that got involved with my way of doing things was going to be homeless as a teenager and later on troubled for the rest of their lives – they say it is how love distracts young people and prevents them from achieving their goals that makes them feel like responding to my actions which have nothing to do with them in a violent way, so I am only testing this story of me profiting from my insanity because I want to locate if they are finding it amusing so I can string their own as well otherwise we have an understanding here. The story of trying to attack celebrities is very well understood, what I have done here is surround myself with celebrities at the Royal Estate, some of them work for it and others don’t, what is clear of which is that all want to anyway – the reason being that they can carry on my legacy if anything happens to me and if not I will have kids and they will need a community to grow up in; if I am too busy to pick up important matters about my life and they do it for me as a celebrity service I will accept it and if I needed one I will ask them; what these trouble makers are supposed to do is get the same thing from their own celebrities not seen handling my office and its local and International precincts to get rich and famous every single day – I am mentioning it to make it clear when I have enough I know exactly what to break as it were, so they don’t tell me it is all amazing. As for the story of the wicked things the women do to me – the same old case applies that their stupid children cannot seem to listen to anybody that warns them about consequences associated with picking up my public work and then there are those of them that are really powerful that these women do forbidden fruit routine with which they tend to fall for every single time with their boneheads. The story of where black people fit into the picture is supposed to have been the end of the matter of making profit from my insanity of course i.e. I don’t have a family among black people and they have no plans to keep their distance yet so far until it leads to more serious outcomes, for now they are riding on abuses and intimidation that works on the gamble of what antidiscrimination laws can afford like that was their possession as well. They do speak of the damages I have done to them of course which I cannot work out anyway – the damages that have to do with how Obama built the new world trade centre which means black people created the modern world and must have the same things white people used to have beginning with special relationship British – I mean you hear that while they complain about the complete decimation of their world where they get out of bed to mess people up and secure servitude for big business, so I am not in any way of the opinion I have done that much damage.

I mean we do hear the story that my Royal position is becoming a mockery such is the manner of things that interest them; the reality of course is that Royalty matters where it does and does not where it does not and if they think it does not matter to them that is fine by me but it does not mean I must be insulted and abused to add to the damage they have done to my finances and public persona as a result in order to have their fun in the first place due to the reality it seems they cannot run out of an ability to destroy things which forges facts around those arguments that Monarchy is evil that have a momentum of credibility behind them which applies only to the mind of a fool as it were. All these things would have happened anyway one way or the other should One had been a celebrity only – the difference here is that I am a celebrity that is required to get stuck somewhere and worry about the state of human rights in the world and there is a big name attached aka Royalty and that is all there is to it – I mean if their need to interfere with my friends and Court was not so intense we would not be in this position in the first place but their insults are always far reaching enough to determine what women fit peoples size in a colloquial manner as a society which builds up a very abusive state of affairs that costs earnings and a livelihood while they turn up on media and Politics to bend my hand into helping up to even more means of making money – so we know their sense of right and wrong is flawed and that they can think of nothing but themselves, which is why they have not seen the last of me in terms of reasons to complain yet so far, bottom line being that they are always seen making slight comments about my work that cost me an income when they can get on without me if I am not so relevant and their Industry rich and celebrated trolls behave in the same way too looking for trouble all the time. All they really care about is whether or not they are guaranteed huge numbers of people standing around them to recognise them as leaders when they appear at the back of pulpits obviously but as I mentioned, Royalty does not matter but that does not mean people must be abused and insulted either – we have not actually talked about it in this way therefore they have continued to believe they can do and undo especially when it comes to the needs and activities of really stupid halfwit African leaders. With the females more interested in seeing me beaten up by men that are more than I am than any other stupid thing their foolish minds are interested in and I am running out of tolerance for their sense of disposition when it comes to addressing me when nobody is asking them around here, right down to what they and their idiots suppose they know about the size of my penis – I mean we hear less and less of those stupid international community and charitable wickedness nonsense these days and it can get a lot worse than that is a short period of time too – I am running out of tolerance.

I mean I have never been vulnerable to their games, about which their need to handle my books will be their undoing too as it were – the great old story now told in light of a public position standoff between Politicians and people such as myself, the reality being the same as ever that one party refuses to do what is right because it thinks it is in the Political ideology of another party to do it, so that when that party does work hard enough to win elections it might be used as a means of seeking out they who are believers in God and make vagabonds out of them because of their comfort within their personal lives as a result of it, while their idiots have a new found desire to attend Church that has never worked an illusion on me either – just another occasion where I will be told at some stage to hand over that my faith so somebody can keep it under lock and key because it is a lot of trouble which is usually why they are twisted and evil and their children regularly show anti-Semitic tendencies but they are Christians as well if none white but racist and Christians as well if white and this Country will burn again somewhere. It’s the same as the case I don’t pay attention to the plight of young people, when there are those of them who mark you out for making the offering and sit around being helped by Politicians and evil idiots like these to stalk you and wreck your finances until they are there when you are at your prime and are likely to get married and settled and no longer likely to change and then they will want to move into your right hand and live there and hold you to an offering you made which is why they cannot leave people alone and getting shot by the Police is racism: I don’t think it is a serious matter it’s just that when they work with their Politicians to set out those who have made an offering of help to young people in trouble and them follow it on for years wrecking everything in order to reach the point where people are married and settled so they can be made to fulfil that offering which leads to serious problems the Police has to deal with and then an occasion arises where an officer asks them a question and their behaviour results in their deaths which then has to do with me which I bet it does too – why on earth are we seeing them flood into Church these days anyway, so I can only imagine the result will be another occasion where my faith gets into people’s eyes and they need to be where it is happening so they can curb it which will end very well too yet again like it did before. I always get told it is a much deeper issue than I give my time for but it isn’t – the reality is that the blacks especially are always in a clique and in that Clique they are women of a certain age that can punish young men and have other bigger men that can do it for them if resisted which is deployed as the answer for everything around their need for civil and criminal disobedience around peoples possessions; it has been 14 years of enlisting everything from Politicians to international community in order to punish me like I am one of their bone head children or something and is coming to head as well; Christians do not want to be defiled like that – anus and penis and tummy and chest and everything filthy over absolutely every single move I make because of the presence of God around me which is now being systematically interpreted as something else by them all together using strange noises; I am sure they had read the Bible and know anus and penis play is not the kind of things you want forced on you every single second from neighbourhoods every time you have finished praying that then gets to a point where it needs to happen 24/7 and get really, really violent as well to ensure you are weaned off the prayer all together, while the personal life God blessed you with is being used by the same idiots to build a Popular culture that affords them their beauty sleep which they will squander and return for more in a condition where you no longer have the faith to give it to them so they can do what it is they are doing at present in a condition where you have allowed them take your faith away from you as well – so I always get told I take things completely out of hand but I don’t want to be defiled by them, it’s as simple as that and every occasion it happens will be punished until the temperaments are satisfied too and the sense there is an argument there for the powers of wickedness at my expense is dead – this is why I take this out of hand all the time and never give it up until I have my way with them too and they feel like my need to rip up that culture every time I see it must be further met with a need to touch my anus and penis and continue to get more and more violent when they do so every day as well, rather than leave me alone. Of course we do hear they need their thick skin especially the journalists who show examples of journalists being captured and imprisoned and even killed around the world and on but it has been 14 years of them as well and how a newly commissioned Royalty would be a plaything for Media and journalism depending on how much power they want: it’s been 14 years of sleeping with peoples wives, it’s been 14 years of being the guy who is responsible for putting them in such bad mood they withdrew money they wanted to give to some charity, it’s been fourteen years of all sorts as prerogatives for Politicians or Industry idiots who want to show their money will not run out on somebody that has little tolerance for it while they live off processes by which they extract an income from my Royal work, it’s been 14 years of them and their Media around here and yes they do need their thick skin, I hear what they say but it seldom makes sense to me, since it is something they always knew they needed all along – the Scottish independence heartland is something they support now in order to rebuild these means by which to ensure when they are a threat to me it is not a joke – so I can understand as it were. I mean why is it impossible for them to brew their wickedness and power thing that will make people fear them some other place but this Office anyway? They say I am concerned because they have power over me, I say this is not the 70s or the 80s or the 80s, they can always turn up for more and complain about their need for their thick skin later on; I am only saying it is an evil that never rests and likes to target me all the time and wants to develop its own version of my faith first to serve God how they like before it is at peace and I too have found a way around the stories Politicians tell that kicking them as well is a freedom and democracy taboo – it’s all up for grabs now and they can turn up and cleave their power off me. It is never true I am some kind of last hurrah for the growth of the Monarchy – I am the way I am because of challenges they throw up about how they must collect bits of me and lay them up somewhere so that social conditions and breeding might eventually produce people that can become Royals in the future from their part of life and society and I am saying they have not got it as well unless they are making sure I do not get to see it because I can guarantee a condition where it vanishes every time I do; it’s the 21st century after all and newly commissioned Royals will be vulnerable to the media so they have nothing to worry about. I mean everything that constitutes small gangs that can beat up those who mess with them has been broken to bits by me and they are still after it never the less, they even want Scottish Nationalism as replacement so we can see they have played their hand and need to keep blabbing too. My view of them is that they are people I must take an active role in ruling but some will say that is intrusive but it depends on whether or not I have a government office people can mess with in order to brew power for themselves; I mean they are the original bad company except that I am one of those things that have a lot to lose in a condition where I am helpless and they have much to inflict more so supported by the last few US Presidents and UK Politicians and so I need to have an intrusive method of Administrative leadership that will suit them as well. There are things from a government office that a playboy can deploy to protect himself while he does what he likes and gets away with it because he has those kinds of things, like arguments or procedure or even Royal Property and so on, so they will get it off me no matter what, that big mouth says by games or by force and this is what they are putting to the test in my view – before I got into their case for their thick skin in their line of work we were talking about something else. I am regularly told my approach to them does not reflect their true evil nature as well but it does not have to – I mean you have to think about a case where they want to deploy your office to have things playboys need to do what they like and get away with it for example and when you do not give it to them, your friends in the same trade must be the choice the boss has to make at work, which is how they have found a way to work their spin into all I do right up to my livelihood, so I am aware of how evil they are, it’s simply a matter of how they can go from there to the effrontery to tell me they need their thick skin due to their line of work. I mean for me it’s a case of the fact if I want to rough them up whatever gang protects them will be asleep the day I do it, so  can understand the story of their thick skin thing of course – they need to keep off my books and stay away from me and the Royal Estate, stop thinking civil rights and social equality is a good enough excuse for a wickedness I am very, very familiar with since I am not a novice at what I do and am a Half Priest Government Operative; I understand the story of deviant Royals of course but that does not bother me at all – I mean the deviant parts of society want to get involved with me and cannot do without a corruption of involvement they can claim to be a new updated freedom that dominates my religion, then the deviant Royalty want to get involved with them more intensely than ever; it is either I am a genius or I couldn’t have had it any better. As I said it does not dent me in anyway – I mean their view of me is that of something inferior to them but this case of playing with every woman they train a camera on until we play and blow off the media roof so they can want their thick skin is an example of their superiority, so it’s a question of whether or not they have so far gotten the boss to chose between them and my Court yet as it were. We hear those tales that I never believe people when they report an issue but of course that is never what they do, what they do is weaken me against an enemy or problem and then turn up to secure servitude for criminals and organised criminals, Industries and Politicians, and pretend to manipulate me into dealing with the problems; it can be ignored but it’s the mannerisms and the threats that big mouth has never once backed up as well that seems to be the problem.